Most Popular Cabinet Paint Colors

Popular and versatile cabinet paint colors for kitchen, bath and built ins. The Creativity Exchange


Popular and versatile cabinet paint colors for kitchen, bath and built-ins. The Creativity Exchange


This post has really been a long time coming. It’s been a couple of years since I last shared a post on some of the most popular cabinet paint colors.  A lot has changed and some new gorgeous all-star cabinet colors have emerged. I wanted to highlight and update these colors today to be sure and get them on your radar (if they’re not on there already). By the way, all of these colors are great interior door colors as well!


Cabinet color is River Reflections Benjamin Moore. Chelsea Construction

via Chelsea Construction Corporation


Vanity painted with Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore. Elements of Style.
Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore via Elements of Style

I’m grouping both kitchen, bathroom and built-in cabinet colors together this time because these colors really do work well universally for all spaces. There are more colors I really wanted to include but I narrowed down the list to those that are not only the most popular cabinet colors, but also the most versatile (mix of warm and cool tones). Versatile/transitional colors work more consistently in different lighting situations and most of them could work with warmer wood tones or cooler marble/tiles. In other words, they are a little more dependable.

Cabinetry painted in Smoke Embers Benjamin Moore.
Smoke Embers Benjamin Moore via John K. Anderson Design

Choosing cabinetry paint colors is one of the trickiest colors to choose for a home because there are just so many variables to consider like; lighting, other undertones in the space, flooring tones, wall colors, etc.. Because of this, trying out a color that has a good track record and is a best seller is such a great place to start zoning in on just the right color.  When it comes to cabinetry colors, the best colors get used over and over by designers and home builders because they just consistently work well.

I’m going to go through these colors on the palette from lightest to darkest. So if you’re looking for a dark color, go to the end of the post.  Also, I’m pointing out some trend details as well throughout.


We’re still seeing a lot of white painted cabinetry right now and of course, you guys all know, all whites are not created equal.  If you’re looking for a true white, with virtually no undertone at all, Decorators White from Benjamin Moore is one of the most popular whites out there.


Cabinet Paint Color is Decorator's White from Benjamin Moore
Decorator’s White Benjamin Moore via Bradford Design


Sherwin Williams Pure White is another popular white with very little undertone (very slight warmth).


Cabinets Painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White
Pure White Sherwin Williams via Linda McDougald Design


Cabinet paint color is Pure White Sherwin Williams.
Pure White Sherwin Williams via Linda McDougald Design


At the top of the list, Simply White by Benjamin Moore (2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year), is one of the most popular cabinet colors out there today.


Cabinets painted with Simply White Benjamin Moore. Studio McGee Design.
Simply White Benjamin Moore via Studio McGee


Lighter Warm Grays and Tans

Warm grays are still going strong and currently the biggest color trend right now.  However, the undertones today are more perfectly balanced (warm and cool tones) than they were in the cooler gray trends of the last two years, which is consistent with all of the 2016 paint color forecasts that came out late fall.

Gray Owl from Benjamin Moore has quickly becoming one of the most popular wall colors today but it’s also a new big trend for cabinetry because of that near perfect balanced undertone. It’s a very slight warm gray that has just the right amount of warmth to keep the gray from looking to sterile and cold.


Cabinets Painted in Gray Owl Benjamin Moore. Jill Frey Design
Gray Owl Benjamin Moore via Jill Frey Design


Cabinets painted with Gray Owl Benjamin Moore
Gray Owl Benjamin Moore via Jill Frey Design

Smoke Embers from Benjamin Moore is another lighter but slightly warmer gray.

Cabinetry painted in Smoke Embers Benjamin Moore.
Smoke Embers Benjamin Moore via John K. Anderson Design


Cabinet painted with Smoke Embers from Benjamin Moore. Becki Owens Design.
Smoke Embers Benjamin Moore via Becki Owens


Coventry Gray from Benjamin Moore has been very popular for many years as a wall color and it’s also become one of the most popular cabinet colors as well. It’s important to know that it Coventry is a little cooler and has less warmth in the undertone.


Cabinet painted in Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore. Studio McGee Design.
Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore via Studio McGee


Cabinets painted in Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore.
Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore via Design Manifest


Mid-toned Colors

Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular mid-toned warm grays when it comes to cabinet colors.  It’s such a versatile color because of that mix of warm and cool in the base.  I use it everywhere throughout my home on all my cabinetry including my office/craft room below.


Cabinets painted with Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams.
Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams via The Creativity Exchange


Bookshelves painted with Mindful Gray Benjamin Moore.
Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams via AGK Design Studio

Fieldstone from Benjamin Moore is very similar (almost identical to Mindful Gray) and it’s a rockstar cabinet color because it’s been very popular for 4-5 years now because it always looks amazing.

Cabinets painted in Fieldstone Benjamin Moore
Fieldstone Benjamin Moore via Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn


Another gorgeous mid-toned warm gray that’s popular with cabinetry is River Reflections from Benjamin Moore.


Cabinets painted with River Reflections from Benjamin Moore.
River Reflections Benjamin Moore via Charmean Neithart Interiors


Gettysburg Gray from Benjamin Moore is an all-star mid-toned taupe/warm gray cabinet color. It’s been one of the most popular cabinetry colors for at least 3-4 years because it leans warmer than most traditional warm grays. Really, I would classify this color more as a taupe because of the slight green in the warm gray base.


Cabinets painted with Gettysburg Gray Benjamin Moore. Fitzgerald Construction.
Gettysburg Gray Benjamin Moore via Fitzgerald Construction


Next to Simply White, Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore is probably one of the most popular cabinet colors trending today.  It’s a rock star color on cabinets because it’s the perfect compliment to marble, it has that perfect warm/cool undertone balance, so it works with both chrome and gold fixtures and hardware.


Vanity painted with Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore. Elements of Style.
Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore via Elements of Style


Vanity painted in Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore.
Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore via Anna Braund


Cabinetry painted in Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore. Martha O'Hara Interiors.
Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore via Martha O’Hara Interiors


Darker Colors


Deep Silver from Benjamin Moore is a newer color that I have seen popping up a lot lately with designers and it’s a stunning darker gray that has a slight blue in the color. I’m obsessed with this color because its rich in depth but still a neutral.  I included it in the list because I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this color in the coming year.  I think in the next 2-3 years, we’ll be trending darker and richer on our cabinetry colors.


Cabinets painted in Deep Silver Benjamin Moore
Deep Silver Benjamin Moore via Gerry Smith Architects


Cabinet paint color is Deep Silver Benjamin Moore. Gerry Smith.
Deep Silver Benjamin Moore via Gerry Smith Architects

If Deep Silver is a little too dark but you love the color, take a look at Thunder Cloud Gray from Benjamin Moore, which is one shade lighter than Deep Silver.

Thunder Cloud Gray Benjamin Moore.


Another up and coming cabinet color that is really gaining popularity is Eclipse from Benjamin Moore. A darker warm blue/gray that is dreamy in the bathroom.


Vanity painted in Eclipse from Benjamin Moore.
Eclipse Benjamin Moore via Cory Connor


As far as dark navy goes, there is one navy that surpasses all other navy colors in popularity and color and that’s Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore. Really, it doesn’t get any better than this navy because it’s really perfection when it comes to cabinetry.
Island painted with Hale Navy Benjamin Moore. Sealy Design.
Hale Navy Benjamin Moore via Sealy Design

Although below is a custom color mix, as you can see, it’s nearly identical to Hale Navy. So beautiful mixed with the brass hardware.

Navy vanity similar in color to Hale Navy. Holst Brothers Construction.

via Holst Brothers


Vanity painted in Hale Navy Benjamin Moore. Studio McGee
Hale Navy Benjamin Moore via Studio McGee
Raccoon Fur from Benjamin Moore is very dark gray that leans blue in natural light and it’s also a nice alternative to navy if you’re looking for more of a dark gray/blue.


Cabinets painted in Racoon Fur from Benjamin Moore.
Racoon Fur Benjamin Moore via Andrew Howard
Black cabinets are making a big comeback and Benjamin Moore traditional “Black” is an all-star black when it comes to cabinetry. It’s perfect because it has that warm/cool undertone with an ever so slight hint of gray to help diffuse the harshness. It’s really the best black out there and it’s also the most popular.


Cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Black.
Black Benjamin Moore via Urrutia Design


Sliding barn door painted in black Benjamin Moore.
Door Painted in Black Benjamin Moore via Urrutia Design

A great trick if you want black cabinets or interior doors is to use Dragon’s Breath from Benjamin Moore.  It’s a muddy black with a warm gray base that diffuses the harshness of the black.

Dragon's Breath from Benjamin Moore one of the most popular interior door colors.

Dragon’s Breath Benjamin Moore via Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees

Dragon’s Breath is one of the most popular interior door colors right now.

Lastly, another beautiful way to diffuse harsh black is to use a stain vs. paint like these dark almost black ebony stained cabinets. 

Black ebony stained kitchen cabinets.

via Maxine Schnitzer Photography

Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, they were so many more colors I wanted to include but I narrowed down the list as best I could to really give you the all-stars.  If you want to see more great colors, there is a lot more cabinet color inspiration pinned on my “Pick a Paint Color Board” and a new board I just started “Cabinet Paint Colors” on Pinterest.

If you need a little more help in how to narrow down your color choices and how to zone in on the perfect color for your cabinets, I have a little trick that I shared for nailing the perfect paint color for a space. You can get to that post by clicking the image directly below.

Tips & Tricks to Choosing the Perfect Paint Color {Friday Favorites} The Creativity Exchange}

So what do you think about these colors?  Do you have any of them in your home or are any of them calling your name?  I would love to know in the comment section below.

I’m also over at Remodelaholic today with another monthly paint color post. I’m doing a color spotlight on another great black Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore here.

Thanks so much for stopping by!





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34 Responses to Most Popular Cabinet Paint Colors

  1. Holly Rigby says:

    Although I have BM White Dove cabinets here in the South, I wanted something totally different in our new build in New England. i went with black cabinets in our galley style lake house kitchen…and they are wonderful. I may change the counters eventually from Formica FX 180 to Quartz, but I will never change the color of the cabinets…it just grounds the space…great colors here….

    • Sandra says:

      Hi, I’m getting ready to paint our kitchen cabinets. I’ve wanted a creamy white but my husband feels it will get too dirty with the kids. So now I’m looking a taupe but he wants black. Could you post a picture if possible of your kitchen?

  2. MK says:

    Great post on ontrend paint colors. A few questions please. (1) I am not seeing much of the antiquing look (where you rub on and then rub off glaze). Is that something you would stay away from if painting cabinets now? And (2) what paint do you recommend for great self-leveling, going on smoothly w/out brush strokes showing, and at the same time durable enough for kitchen cabinets? THANK YOU!

    • Cyndy says:

      I am still seeing a lot of the custom cabinetry companies doing the light glazing but instead of the heavy glaze distressed look that we saw in past years, the glazing is very subtile and blended. It’s just enough to add a hint of dark or light in a corner and add depth. I am not a big fan of glazing cabinets because it does add another (uneven) layer to the top coat of the finish, which can be a problem years later if the homeowner ever wants to repaint and get a smooth matte finish.

      2) I HIGHLY recommend using the extender/additive Floetrol to latex paint for cabinets. Floetrol is a hardener and it also helps to level the paint. I have used Floetrol on all my cabinets and in my kitchen (which was painted over 10 years ago), the finish looks like it was painted last week and it’s extremely durable. If you’re hiring a painter, insist that they add the Floetrol. You won’t be sorry and the finish is like butter 🙂

      • MK says:

        Thanks for your quick reply! I will definitely add the Floetrol. I will be painting myself–trying to help my 80-yr-old mother b/c she is longing to have something done to her faded oak cabinets. When she hired a painter for her bathroom & living room, both times he left paint drips and it looked like a 7th grader did it. She doesn’t see or notice it herself so she pays them & they go on their way, but I do not want her to let these yahoos ruin her kitchen cabinets for resale. I live 13 hours away so I can’t babysit painters for her plus they don’t always show up, so it is better for me to take a week or so and just go there and paint myself. Plus I work for free (for my mom, that is). Any particular brand or sheen you recommend for durability? Thank you again!

  3. Barb V. says:

    I recently had my cabinets painted SW Alabaster on uppers, and BM Chelsea Gray on lowers and love it! Everyone comments how great it looks. So glad I didn’t go with all white, as I originally planned.

  4. Whitney says:

    Thank you, thank you for this post! We’re getting ready to build, and this will be so handy. The worst part will be choosing one — I love them all. 🙂 What’s your opinion on the gray trend? Is it here to stay? I love gray cabinets but we need something that will last for a long time. Will gray look dated in a few years? Should we stick with a classic white instead?

    • Cyndy says:

      You are so welcome and I’m so glad that you can use this list as you build. You ask a really good question about the gray trend and where we’re heading. The color forecasters are saying we’ll move into much warmer colors like creamy whites, very light yellows and moving out of grays and into tans. However, I’m not sure I totally agree that we’ll see that in the next 2-3 years. I see that we are moving into warmer transitional grays (instead of cool grays) but I think as consumers, we’ll be slow to move all that quickly into warm tans because balanced warm grays work with everything and consumers are learning (and appreciating) just what a balanced color base can do in a home. I also think that darker richer colors like navy, black and warm dark gray are going to start being a very big color trend for cabinetry (I’m already starting to see that). If I were building a home, I would probably go with something along the lines of gray owl (maybe with an added 25% -50% more white) to 1) keep the cabinetry light 2) to hit both warm/cool tones, so the color would work with everything and 3) to still have an updated color in case we have have to relocate and sell.

      I hope that helps Whitney! Thank you for your note and stopping by. You’ll have to keep me posted on what you decide. 🙂

      • Whitney says:

        Thank you! I do really like the gray; actually, I like differing shades on top and bottom cabinets in the kitchen best. And that island in Hale Navy… swoon! I’m terrified of doing something I’ll hate in a few years, but I guess I can cross that bridge when I come to it, right? 😉 We have ZERO plans to relocate (we’ll have to die in this house, lol!) so I don’t think that will be an issue.

  5. Pj says:

    Is this paint for painting kitchen cabinets? Any prep first, do the come in a kit?

  6. Rieca says:

    Loved this post! Thank-you!
    I have some questions because I am in the midst of redoing my kitchen. I have painted my upper cabinets, and fridge surround in Timid White. My walls in my eating area and the little bit that shows in the kitchen. I have a large kitchen with generous 10 ft ceiling in most areas and a tray ceiling 12ft above the island. My floors are teak. My inherited granite is close to Kashmir gold with a bit more warm grey but still the gold seems to dominate. I am not a fan of yellow. I need a color to paint my island and lower cabinets. I have been looking at Chelsea, and kendall charcoal? I see the deep silver and now I wonder if that is too cool? I adore hale navy. Is that an option?
    Finally the tray ceiling I have been looking at blue grays quite deep Normandy, Winterlake and smoke stack.
    Am I on the right track?

  7. Karen says:

    I am so glad I found your blog. I really need your professional opinion.

    I am remodeling my master bathroom. My original plan was to include BLACK custom cabinets. The floors, shower, tub and shower wall are going to be Carrara marble. I was planning on painting the walls a blue/gray. I am still working on the exact colors.

    Now I am concerned because my master bedroom is primarily beige colors. The furniture is all a medium wood and the bed has a tan leather headboard, sideboards and footboard. I also have a built in shelving cabinet that is white in the bedroom. I can change the drapery and wall color but not the furniture.

    Is the black cabinetry in the very closely adjoining master bathroom too much of a change both in color and style? Am I better off choosing a white cabinet? I had not considered a colored cabinet because I thought it might be too limiting.

    My husband is rushing me to make a decision and I seem to change my mind daily. I am going crazy looking at Houzz pictures.

    Please help!

  8. Stacy says:

    How do you think gray owl cabinets would look with repose gray on the walls? I know you mentioned using mindful gray on your built ins with the repose in the walls. Would you do all 3 together? Repose on the walls, mindful for built ins and owl for cabinets? Think kitchen open to den that has a fireplace and built in shelves in either side.

  9. Tess says:

    This post is SO helpful!

    We just bought a place that has lovely tan / peach / black / gray / white granite and dark brown cabinets, which just look so heavy. We want to keep the counter (which is also the backsplash) and paint cabinets. Any suggestions for colors on uppers / lowers?

    Also, are there any best practices for testing out colors before committing? Seems like such a huge decision.

    Big thanks!

  10. Linda James says:

    I need some input on my color choices. I have a very small, dark kitchen with a dark brownish gray wood floor. (Not very much natural light). My wall color is BM Revere Pewter, and my trim and baseboards are BM China White. Not sure what color to paint the cabinets. Since there are so few cabinets, should I keep uppers and lower cabinets the same color?

  11. Nancy says:

    Is there a latte or caramel color for kitchen cabinets that you recommend?
    I loved the depth of color of Gettysburg Gray, but need warmer tone.

  12. Trish says:

    Love your colors. Going painting my kitchen cabinets but can’t decide on colour. My floor tiles are going from a reddish colour to terracotta with a black vein going through them so I am limited with paint colours. Would love to try a grey on bottom cabinets and a lighter shade of grey on top or else a warm cream. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  13. Natalie says:

    What do you think of Geddy Gray by Benjamin Moore for kitchen cabinets? I really liked Chelsea Gray but it didn’t seem to go with our 90’s maple hardwood floors. Also what light gray wall color would look good with Geddy Gray. Thoughts? Help?

    • Cyndy says:

      Oh I really like Geddy Gray! That’s a new one for me and I just looked it up and love it! I think it would be perfect with maple because it shares the same undertones. I think Gray Owl would be stunning with it and your floors! Try a sample just to be sure but something near Gray Owl would be absolutely beautiful. Keep me posted Natalie on how it all comes together! 🙂

  14. Kara Robey says:

    I love white kitchen cabinets. I also have all white appliances. Which color goes best with the white appliances?

  15. Diane Drouillard says:

    What a great post on colour! I love them all! After much debate and about 50 sample pots, we painted the cabinets in our very large kitchen BM Simply White. It turned out to be the perfect white that is warm and not stark at all. We didn’t want the room to feel like a hospital and it doesn’t in the least. We are on the Pacific West Coast where quite orangey-red Arbutus wood floors are prevalent and Simply White worked wonderfully with them. We are now building a new home and I think we will try one of your darker colour choices for cabinets. We just completed a new barn and boldly chose CIL Mica Black with Ralph Lauren Egret trim and it makes quite a statement. We came very close to choosing RL Polo Blue, which might have been a bit much on a huge barn! The entire barn interior is RL Egret, which is my new fav white!

  16. Paul says:

    I’m thinking about painting my new unfinished bathroom cabinets Hale Navy. What would you recommend for the wall color to go with this?

  17. Lois Brown says:

    HI, I have been agonizing over what color to paint my kitchen oak cabinets. The painters are coming next week and so I must keep a decision. I would really appreciate your input. I have BMW muslin walls, almond colored tile back splash, sage green Coriander counters and a laminated floor with shades of tan and sage. The consultant at the paint Store suggested Deep in Thought for the cabinets, but I’m not sure if that is enough on trust to the walls. What do youthink?

  18. Danielle says:

    Any suggestions for a deep grey blue color to paint my cabinets?i will have Carrera marble for countertops and I will most likely paint my walls Revere Pewter. I just cant decide! We have an open concept home and I am just agonizing over every color decision.
    Many Thanks,

  19. Reyna says:

    What finishing do you recommend for cabinets?

    • Cyndy says:

      I like to use oil-based satin on cabinetry for durability. Not everyone likes oil-based but I love the matte satin finish and how durable the finish is. 🙂

  20. Cate says:

    Hi! We often see cabinets on pinterest, etc. that look
    creamy/taupe/gray/greige (with possibly a green undertone) and not sure what colour they would be close to. (possibly similar to but lighter than BM Ranchwood and similar to Any suggestions? Your colour choices are so great, thought we would ask! Thank you!

  21. Amanda says:

    Hi there! Maybe I’m just missing it, but is the very first kitchen photo also in Chelsea grey?

  22. Lizette Warren says:

    Redoing my master bathroom. Calacatta Gold 6/12 herringbone on floor. Calacatta Gold counters. Lots of cabinets including 2 tall towers. Revere Pewter on walls. Love this color. I’m really struggling with cabinet color. Have to know in few days. Please help. I have bough a zillion samples. I do not want dark like Chelsea Gray. BM Gray Owl, while people rave seems little cool – so hard to picture final result from small painted area. I want a warm feeling. I feel there’s so much going on with floor I don’t want too much contrast with cabinets. Also tried BM Classic Gray. Seemed too blah.

  23. Diane Higginbotham says:

    Love the dark Benjamin Moore paint options. Can you clarify the exact paint product that is best and most durable for cabinets? Do you recommend a specific cabinet paint or range of paint products that is not the typical latex? That doesn’t seem durable enough.

  24. Diana says:

    ABLONE is calling my name!!!
    I wish we had Benjamin more in Australia. I found Sherwin Williams in a Dulux shop here thank goodness, so I might go with SW pure white cabinets /ceiling /skirting /doors / frames …… it’s just I’m stuck on wall colour and I know I should pick the wall colour before I decide on a white but an Australian colour consultant that I used mentioned a white and grey from Dulux that’s literally all that everyone uses here but they don’t excite me, they did offer me a stoney greyish called “Whitsunday island “ from dulux for walls and “lexicon qtr” or vivid white or white on white which all very different the pure whites is such a crisp white. My painter just suggested to go plain white but what they he’ll is plain white he sais like ceiling white so I’m even more confused. There are absolutely more then 50 so called whites in Australia by dulux it’s completely frustrating.

    I’m obsessed with your SW pure white on the pic of the cabinets . They do sell Sherwin Williams here so I’m going to get a sample pot of pure white but is there SW wall colour similar to Whitsunday island by Dulux in high LRV that you could be so kind to let me know . You could google both lexicon qtr and Whitsunday islands by dulux so you can see what type of contemporary interior home I’m trying to achieve.

    Do you have any sample pics of ABLONE ?

  25. Dawn Scott says:

    I could use some suggestions on the remodel of a 70’s bathroom. I want to do the cabinets hale navy. I don’t want to replace the marble tops because eventually we want to gut this room. I just need an update until then. My issue is wall color. As much I love the white walls that you see with most of the hale navy cabinet my marble counters are off whiteish with tan in them. I afraid that they will just look dirty with white walls. Any suggestions?

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