2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: Simply White

2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year Simply White.


The 2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year just came out and {**drum roll**}…., and the paint color is Simply White.

2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is Simply White.                                                             via Benjamin Moore


At the same time Benjamin Moore announced the Color of the Year, they also released their 2016 color trends and forecast:


2016 Benjamin Moore Color Trends and Forecast                                                           via Benjamin Moore


Ok, I know everyone is like “What”?!  I know those of you who are paint color geeks out there are thinking that the same paint company that introduced us to gorgeous colors in past Colors of the Year like; Breath of Fresh Air and Guilford Green, is now giving us plain old white? Simply White?

2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year


Hold on and stick with me on this… You know I have analyzed this! 😉

I actually think it was a brilliant choice because Simply White is not just any old white. Trust me, it’s an absolutely stunning white for several reasons. In fact, I have used it many times in my own home and I have featured it a lot on the blog for a very good reason;  1) it’s very rich in depth and a complex white, 2) it’s probably the most versatile white out there and 3) it’s absolutely stunning anywhere you paint it.

Before I go into more reasons, just look at Simply White in action:



Mudroom wall color is Simply White from Benjamin Moore. Studio Mcgee                                                     via Studio McGee



Walls Simply White and Trim Decorators White Benjamin Moore


Simply White Benjamin Moore

Cabinet color is Simply White from Benjamin Moore. Shea McGeevia Studio McGee


All of the paint company “color analyzers” have been saying that we are slowing moving into yellow (I’m not quite ready for yellow yet).  I personally consider Simply White a transition color (a mix of warm and cool tones) and it does have an ever so slight yellow undertone. So, Benjamin Moore choosing Simply White (with that slight yellow base) as the Color of the Year, is consistent with that prediction of that slow move into yellow.

There is one more thing about Simply White that I think is what really makes the color so versatile and probably the most perfect white out there is that there is also a very slight gray hint in the undertone as well. So the gray is calming or neutralizing the yellow but we still get that warmth.

So in spaces with a lot of natural light, the white will look like a true white without any crazy undertones like this (gray and yellow are balancing each other out):

Cabinet color is Simply White from Benjamin Moore. Shea McGeevia Studio McGee


but in spaces with artificial light or combination light, Simply White will look more like a very light perfectly balanced warm gray like this:


Walls Simply White and Trim Decorators White Benjamin Moore

FYI, Simply White can also lean a slight white/cream in certain darker mixed with artificial lighting situations.  Also, type of paint finish can impact the color as well.

Here are more gorgeous examples of Simply White:



Island Painted in Willow and Cabinets Painted in Simply White Benjamin Moore

Cabinets Painted in Simply White and Wall Color is Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore


Cabinets Painted in Simply White


By the way, Simply White is also one of the best trim colors out there because of the balanced undertones. Here a couple of examples


Linen White on Walls and Simply White on Trim Benjamin Moore


Trim is Painted with Simply White and Walls are Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore


Benjamin Moore really went into great detail here about why they picked this color- because it can enhance architecture and colors and Simply White is versatile enough to layer with other whites.I think it’s refreshing that Benjamin Moore went this route- can you imagine the corporate discussions?! Umm, ok ya’ll, we’re going with white…

It’s pretty cool that that Ben Moore picked a color that is one of the most versatile colors out there because it really can enhance design, architectural elements and color. In fact, there is a great reason why crazy talented architects and designers like Shea McGee use this color a lot (just look at her design work here, Simply White is on almost every wall) because it enhances the lines, design work and bones of a home.

If you’re looking to see more of my favorite colors from the recent paint companies 2016 color forecasts, you can get to that post by clicking the image below.

Favorite colors from the paint companies' 2016 color forecasts and trend reports. The Creativity Exchange


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7 Responses to 2016 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: Simply White

  1. After living in apartments for many years white was always No Way for me when we moved into our house. But, after 11 years of painted walls in earth tones I’m ready for a change especially in my sewing room and kitchen. Simply White would be perfect, both rooms would be bright again with a crisp clean look.

  2. Jilljb says:

    Thanks for your paint expertise! It has helped me a lot in picking out the colors for recent pain projects. Just curious tho is there is a sherwin Williams white that you would compare to BM simply white. I don’t have BM in my neighborhood and SW is just around the corner so I use them for convenience and also their paint is excellent as well. Thanks again!

    • Cyndy says:

      Hi Jill! Sherwin Williams has the exact paint formulas for all Ben Moore colors. Just tell them the color and they’ll look it up on their computer. I do it all of the time and colors are exact! 🙂

  3. Val Bratcher says:

    Benjamin Moore does make some nice paints and this is not a harsh white, but one with some slight warm undertones. I am a home builder and I’ve Benjamin Moore Dragon’s Breath in a recent home build and it was paired with an off white paint, but I thought it came out nice for the client.


  4. Chrs says:

    Is ‘Simply White’ a paint you would suggest for ceilings as well as walls and trim? What sheen would you suggest?

  5. Rosemary says:

    What other colours will go with simply white? I have a large home to paint. Kitchen that has dark cabinetry, Living room, family room, foyer with high ceilings. Don’t want to do all white, although, I am tempted.

  6. Nancy says:

    My cabinets r simply white tile is warm off white
    Looking for a white to go with
    That looks white but has warmth

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