Craigslist Console Instantly Transformed with Paint {Claire Brody Designs}

Craigslist console side table transformation with paint.

Hi Creativity Exchange Readers! It’s Claire from Claire Brody Designs back with another monthly contributor post this time I’m sharing a fun paint project.

Cyndy is the paint guru and is always inspiring me to tackle paint projects. When it comes to painting wood furniture, I can be a skeptic as I really love natural wood tones and how they instantly warm a space. This is not always the case, as sometimes a wood stain is outdated, or in bad shape and in this case, painting a piece of wood furniture can actually save it.

I found this gem of a piece on Craigslist for barely nothing and knew it could be something great.



What really drew me to the piece was the brass campaign corners.




The wood was in good shape except for what appeared to be water damage in the left corner of the top surface.




I was confident I could sand it out and re-stain for a no-hassle project. I really had no intention of painting this piece as I thought it was beautiful in its natural state.

…Unfortunately, the water damage (or whatever it was) was too deep and I couldn’t sand it out.



It wasn’t in a spot that I could hide with books, SO a paint job it would get.

Choosing a paint color is often the most difficult (and time consuming) part of a paint project. This piece has gorgeous detail (hello bamboo wrapped detail and campaign corners), so I wanted to choose a color that was rich and would highlight what the table had to offer.

Let me introduce to you my newest, most favorite color………. Benjamin Moore Bavarian Forrest.


Bavarian Forest from Benjamin Moore


It’s deep, rich and very luxe feeling. Just what I wanted.

Since I had already sanded the piece in hopes of removing the water damage, I didn’t sand before painting. After sanding it’s very important to wipe away any dust with a damp cloth. Ensure that the furniture is completely dry before priming/painting.

There were two options for me for prepping for painting.  I could use a stain blocking primer like Kilz (to block water damage) before I paint or I could double my efforts and make the process even easier by using a fantastic combination paint and primer all in one.

Of course, I opted for the quick and easy route and used Benjamin Moore’s “Ben” combo (paint and primer) paint:


Benjamin Moore paint and primer all in one



On my first coat, I used a long, smooth brush stroke.

long brush strokes


For the first coat I didn’t worry about completely covering the piece. I mainly wanted to just get the first layer on the piece of furniture. I knew the second coat would take care of the smooth, glossy finish.

For the campaign corners, I used painter’s tape to cover the brass. Luckily, the paint scratched right off when I did some paint on the brass.

painter's tape over corners


After the first coat had completely dried, I gave it one more smooth coat of Bavarian Forrest.

second coat


I was so happy with how the color turned out!




Console painted in Benjamin Moore Bavarian Forest






It’s amazing what you can find on Craigslist and the paint possibilities are endless!

To see more of my furniture transformations and DIY projects, you can see what else I have been up to on my blog here.

Until next month,



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4 Responses to Craigslist Console Instantly Transformed with Paint {Claire Brody Designs}

  1. Angela says:

    I love the color you chose, just beautiful!

  2. Lynn says:

    Beautiful! I just love that color.

  3. That table and color are fantastic. I was looking for a similar hue for a small front hall chest.

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