Little Girl’s Room Revamped to Bright and Bold Tween Room


Tween bedroom revamp. The Creativity Exchange


Girl's bright and bold bedroom revamp.  Several fun DIY projects.  The Creativity Exchange
Girl's bedroom revamp with a lot of fun DIY projects.  The Creativity Exchange


Girl's room revamp project. Several fun DIY projects. The Creativity Exchange

I am so excited to finally be able to show you guys my daughter Bella’s room revamp project. We have been working on it for over a month and it was my goal to have it finished by Bella’s 10th birthday. Her birthday was a week ago and I finished the room the night before her birthday.

Spending the last month transforming her room from a sweet little shabby chic girl’s room into a fun and bright tween space has been so much fun for the both of us.  I just love her colors and we just couldn’t stop with all of the fun projects!

My goal for this room revamp was to try and use everything that she had and transform all of it with paint.  Before I jump into some of the project details, let me just show you around:


Tween bedroom revamp. The Creativity Exchange


Girl's room revamp project. Several fun DIY projects. The Creativity Exchange


DIY dog silhouette.  The Creativity Exchange



Dresser painted in the color Glamorous from Velvet Finishes.  The Creativity Exchange



Organized children's desk nook.  The Creativity Exchange


My girl picked all of the colors and patterns for her new room.  She wanted bold bright and fun and layered patterns.  Ten is interesting age in that they go back and forth between little girl and teenager.  I guess that’s why they call it tween.  There is little girl mixed with big girl in her new room but the most important thing for me since the day she was born is to surround her with creativity and art.

Bella’s art is framed throughout the room to remind her that she can create anything she wants for her environment:


Girl's bedroom revamp project with tons of DIY ideas. The Creativity Exchange



Girl's room revamp projects. The Creativity Exchange


creative ways to incorporate a child's artwork into their room.  The Creativity Exchange


As we began planning Bella’s room revamp, I gave her the Pottery Barn Teen catalog to look through and she immediately went to this geometric sea foam green duvet cover and sheets:


Tween bedroom revamp. The Creativity Exchange


After the bedding came in, I asked her what other colors she wanted in the space and I wasn’t surprised to hear that she wanted hot pink.  Although, I was surprised by all of the pattern mixing that she wanted.

After we figured out her colors, we went to town revamping her old Pottery Barn little girl furniture.  We wanted to use what we had furniture-wise and get creative with paint and fun patterns.  All of the painted pieces that you see (everything including the bed), was done with the new Velvet Finishes paint line that I am completely obsessed with. The colors of this paint are so incredibly highly pigmented and the finish is unbelievable.

I have already posted tutorials of two of the furniture paint projects a few weeks ago here:


Tutorial for creatively painting children's furniture. Dresser painted with Velvet Finishes in the color Glamourous {The Creativity Exchange


Tutorial for creatively painting children's furniture. Nightstand painted with Velvet Finishes Paint {The Creativity Exchange}

We also transformed my daughter’s old junk toy box into a chic upholstered bench.  It was such an easy and quick transformation because we used a faux fabric panel trick.


Tutorial for turning a basic storage bench into a chic storage bench. The Creativity Exchange



If you’re interested in the toy box tutorial that I shared last week, you can find that here.

We also revamped this chair and I’ll be sharing that tutorial next week:

DIY dog silhouette. The Creativity Exchange


By the way, the dog silhouette is a piece that Bella and I did several years ago of our sweet dog Ava.  It was such a fun project for us.  You can find that tutorial here.

Bella also wanted hanging paper party lanterns somewhere and we just hung a few over her hutch in the corner.  We just hammered a nail into the ceiling with the string tied to the nail:


Bright and fun girl's room revamp project.  The Creativity Exchange


We added a much needed Ikea Billy Bookcase to help keep my girl organized:


Girl's room revamp project. Several fun DIY projects. The Creativity Exchange

We added cookie/candy jars from Target to the top shelves to help with organizing the little stuff:

Cookie jars with spray painted lids for organizing for a girl's room.  The Creativity Exchange


We love how pretty the chandelier turned out and how it pulls the room together.  We were inspired by a very high end chandy and we painted an inexpensive piece from Lowe’s:

Tutorial for painting a Lowes $79.00 empire chandelier {The Creativity Exchange}


In case you missed it, I shared a tutorial for the chandelier a few weeks ago here:

The last thing that went in to the room were two large art pieces that I painted.   Bella ask me at the beginning of the room project to paint her the largest heart that I could and I surprised her with it on her birthday:

Gold leaf heart custom canvas from The Creativity Exchange


and because I just couldn’t stop painting and adding even more fun stuff for my girl, I painted this fun “B” in a colorful circus monogram for her other blank wall:

Hand painted circus monogram canvas from The Creativity Exchange


This has been such a fun project and I love that we transformed the space using mainly the pieces we already had in the room.  I have several little projects to still share tutorials for in this room and those will be coming up.  Bella is so excited about her new room and I’m so glad that she wanted to be so involved in choosing everything.


Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you Bella for letting me share your room project on the blog.  Happy Birthday sweet girl! xoxo



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71 Responses to Little Girl’s Room Revamped to Bright and Bold Tween Room

  1. Khaki says:

    This is a fabulous room! You outdid yourself on this project. <3

  2. Stephanie says:

    This room turned out stunning! I bet your daughter absolutely adores her new room!

  3. that is gorgeous! i love the color combo, the jars from target, and that desk area!

  4. I love, love, love this. What a fun and delightful room. The colors are fantastic. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon. Party goes live at 3 PM. Hope to see you there.

  5. Lindsay says:

    This belongs in a magazine. I absolutely love it! Wish I had a room this fun when I was a tween!

  6. What an amazing room! I would have loved a room like this when I was little…heck I’d love it even now. 🙂 That chandelier and the painted furniture I think are my favorite parts. Hope Bella had a wonderful birthday! You are an awesome mom, Cyndy.

  7. Laura J says:

    Love that dog silhouette. I can’t believe I missed it the first time around. I don’t have any little girls, so I miss out on all the fun pink decorating, but my 15 year old son would definitely appreciate that as artwork for his room. In blue, of course. It’s definitely on the to-do list.

    Great job, Cyndy. I hope your daughter appreciates all your hard work and creativity!

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you so much Laura! Yes, a dog silhouette is such a fun project to do! It would be so fun in navy or a indigo color for a boys room! If you guys do it, I would love to see a pic of your finished canvas. Thank you so much Laura for your kind words!

  8. Beth C. says:

    What a wonderful project to share with your daughter! Every detail is amazing. Bella has inherited her mother’s creativity and style! Best, Beth C.

  9. Jill says:

    Wow! Love how bright and colorful that is! I love the wall of gold dots!

  10. Amanda Eck says:

    I bet she doesn’t want to leave her room! I know I wouldn’t! Love it

  11. CD Loken says:

    A perfect little/big girl room! I love everything, especially Bella’s framed art work! Awesome mother/daughter team work on the design!

  12. Cyndy! Bella’s room came out so fabulously!! I love all the creative touches the two of you did together. The polka dot wall, art, painted side table and dresser, bench and both chairs all look so great, especially against the white backdrop. And of course that light – it just might be my favorite thing on earth. I just posted today about transitioning my daughter’s room from tween to teen. It is in a similar color scheme. We last did it when she was ten and now it’s time for another revamp… you get a few years off until the next room tweaking for Bella 🙂

  13. You earned a break after all that hard work!! Thanks for sharing all your fabulous ideas! I’m so inspired!

  14. Kellie Smith says:

    Bravo!!! This looks amazing! So happy Velvet Finishes helped make Bella’s room special!

  15. Jessi says:

    ADORABLE! I love the colors and the polka dot wall. Your daughter is a very lucky gal! (I am coming from the AtoZ linky party and have happy to have found your blog!)

  16. Bella is one lucky girl! I love her open bookcase/storage, it’s so glam and girlie!

  17. LOVE this room. I recently painted my daughter’s room so I know what you just went through. Great idea on the candy jars. Might have to try that! Sharing!

  18. debbie says:

    Bella’s room is the bomb. The colors are fantastic. Y’all did a terrific job !!!!

  19. Maureen says:

    What a labour of love! It turned out fabulous! Rivals Teen rooms shown in Home Dec magazines! Be proud of your accomplishment! Your daughter is a lucky girl!

  20. REbecca says:

    Are the dots on the wall painted on or are they stickers?

  21. Lisa says:

    It looks great, well done to you both 🙂

  22. Kim says:

    This is so so cute, Cyndy. My favorite is the dog painting.

  23. michelle says:

    I am actually looking to make a big painted heart for my little girls room just like that one. So when I saw a picture of it on pinterest I came to check it out. You didn’t say how you did the heart, did you just trace the heart as best as possible?

  24. Jenny says:

    Wow Cyndy! This looks fabulous! I would have loved this room when I was growing up.

  25. Nancy says:

    Love this tween room! Just a little adjustment put the two euro shams in back ,then sleeping pillows, then the standard decorative shams, fold down the duvet just a quarter down, viola! P.s. Basically make beds for a living 🙂

  26. ellen says:

    I LOVE this room! This is exactly how I want to do my daughter’s room in our new house.Can you tell me where you found the gold dots? I have only seen larger ones online and I love this size. Thank you!!!

  27. Jackie says:

    Love this and it came just at the right time as we are in the early stages of re-doing my 9 1/2 yr. olds room. Did you paint the gold dot wall?

  28. Isabella says:

    Very beautiful room!!!!! We’re did you get the sheets and quilt?

  29. Isabella says:

    I forgot to ask you, we’re did you get the side bookshelf were her lab top is sitting?

  30. Isabella says:

    Also I forgot to ask,were did you get the corner bookshelf?

  31. Ann says:

    Love the room! The Pottery Barn pool color is a great color. QUestion. Does anyone have a suggestion for a wall color to go nicely with the pool? My 10 year daughter wants a similiar PB bedding in pool and is leaning toward a matching tourquise /pool color and that to me is going to make a small room even smaller! Suggestions anyone?

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  33. eugenia says:

    Hi I love the gold dot wallpaper, may i ask where you got that?

  34. suzanne says:

    This is truly inspiring!

  35. Christina says:

    I love the heart painting! Would you mind telling me how you made it would you? 🙂

  36. Pingback: Large DIY Magnetic Board {Painted or Fabric Covered}The Creativity Exchange

  37. Emlyn says:

    How much would you charge to paint one of those fabulous hearts :)? Thanks!

  38. Rachel says:

    Love the room! I’m curious how you painted the heart and kept it so clean?!

  39. Lacie says:

    Love this room! I’m wondering how big the gold dot decals are? Are they 1 inch and how far did you space them apart? So perfect!

  40. nicky says:

    Does anyone know what color of paint would match the pool pottery barn stuff? I have seen SW 6486 (reflecting pool) but I just don’t know?

  41. Rachel says:

    Me again! Still wondering about that heart print! Maybe you could do a tutorial?

  42. Shelly says:

    We love this room! I am doing my daughter’s room in similar colors! Where did you get the paper lanterns? I cannot find the different variations you have and they are just adorable!

  43. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry Becky!!! I was really nervous at the time. I kept searching and found it finally! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I have one littel favor… could you delete my clumsy comments. …

  44. Hannah Reid says:

    Love the hanging poofs and lanterns! I’m planning this in my daughter’s room, so I enjoy seeing how others have done them…thanks!

  45. Heather Frank says:

    Love, love, love this room. Would you ever make and sale that heart painting? And what color is the ceiling? Thank so much . 🙂

  46. Linda says:

    What size canvas did you use for the heart painting? ?

  47. Tricia G. says:

    Would you mind sharing or emailing the colors you used and sizing for your heart painting? It is beautiful! Thank you!

  48. Sara says:

    First off, your daughters room turned out amazing! Did you use a stencil for the gold polka dots? If so, where did you get it from? Thank you!

  49. Karen says:

    Love the Billy shelf. Would be perfect for my child’s room. What are the doors you used on this? Thanks for the idea ?

  50. Chrissy says:

    Love the heart canvas too! Which size canvas and did you free hand the heart??

  51. Hillary Stull says:

    What size are the paper lanterns?

  52. Carie Gaglio says:

    Where did you find the chair that sits in the corner next to her bed. I love this chair.

  53. Melissa says:

    Is the desk in the corner a DIY project or did you buy it?? We are looking to do something like that in our office !!

  54. Liesel says:

    Would you consider making/selling me a dog silhouette exactly like the pink one?

    • Cyndy says:

      Hi Liesel. I’m sorry but I don’t make them for people. I don’t have the time. The process is very easy if you follow my tutorial. Thanks for your note!

  55. Mhara says:

    Hi, lovely space! I was just wondering where the corner hutch/bookshelf is from? Thank you in advance – Mhara

    • Cyndy says:

      Hi Mhara! The corner hutch was from Pottery Barn kids about 11 years ago. Not sure if they still sell it but I would check there first. You can also search “Corner white hutch” in Google shopping to see if you can find a similar one if PBKids no longer sells. Good luck! 🙂

  56. Kristin says:

    Where did you get that hutch?!

  57. Ciera says:

    Cute room!! Where did you get that hutch?

  58. Amanda says:


    How big are your gold circles and how far did you put them apart? Thank you

    Designed challenged

  59. Andrea says:

    Hi! Can you please tell me about the wall behind the bed? Is that wallpaper? If so, can you please share the manufacturer and pattern? Thanks!

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