DIY Multi-Colored Chevron Canvas Art with Printable Stencil…

DIY Chevron Canvas Art with Free Printable Stencil {The Creativity Exchange}


DIY Chevron Canvas Art {The Creativity Exchange}


In case you missed it on Monday, I shared tons of images on how the chevron pattern is evolving and showed some of the fabulous multi-colored chevron accessories and fabrics coming out for spring.  As I also mentioned, I wanted to do one post for inspiration, to give you guys tons of ideas and then another post today for this DIY project tutorial.  I didn’t want to overload us with a super long post.  So, this is the DIY project- multi-colored chevron wall art…

I know there have been tons of tutorials around blogland for chevron wall art.  We’ve seen it on walls, canvases, wood signs, etc… Most of the tutorials I have seen have pretty much been the two-toned basic standard pattern and design.  I wanted to do a project to focus more on the multi-colored chevron pattern and show how it’s the perfect wall art for pulling colors into space.  More importantly, I wanted to show you how this is a great and easy way to update and I have made it even easier by sharing a free printable stencil to get you started!

So you saw the larger canvas that I did at the beginning of the post but I did two more smaller bolder canvases as well.  We did a smaller one for a side wall in our master bedroom:


DIY Multi-Colored Chevron Wall Art with Free Printable Templates {The Creativity Exchange}


I also did a smaller canvas for my daughter’s room:


DIY Multi-Colored Chevron Wall Art {The Creativity Exchange}


Anyone can do this project and its easy with a template and good painters tape.  The best part of all is that I used left over wall paint for my pattern on the navy canvases, so I will be sure that all the colors coordinate with the colors of the room perfectly!  For my daughter’s canvas, we used acrylics.

So let’s jump right into the instructions:

Step 1) Decide on a base coat for your canvas.  If you are using acrylic paints, you’ll want to skip this step.  If you are using wall paint and you are not going to be using white, you’ll need to start by painting your canvas in your desired color.

Step 2) Decide on your pattern.  For the small canvases, I used these fabulous free printable templates from the fun blog Billie Monster here.  Billie Monster has four different sizes of small templates and I printed them out on thick card stock for my stencils.  The larger stencil printable that I created is below.

Draw your pattern on your canvas with pencil.


DIY Chevron Wall Art


For my large canvas, I created a larger chevron stencil with a yardstick on poster board and I am sharing a free printable stencil for you to download and print to help you get started. Just click on the blue hyperlink “Free Printable Chevron Stencil” directly below:

Free Large Printable Chevron Stencil/Template {The Creativity Exchange}

The stencil download is two pages and will look like this when you print the download:


Free Printable Large Chevron Stencil {The Creativity Exchange}


You will need to cut out the two patterns along the thick black line and then tape the two dagger looking thingies to the triangle thingie like this:


Free Printable Chevron Stencil Template {The Creativity Exchange}


Trace your paper stencil onto a small piece of poster board or card stock so its thick for tracing.  Next, measure out poster board the exact same width as your canvas.  Position the top point of the stencil in the center top (where the point is precisely at the top edge) and trace:


chevron stencil 025


Because I just wanted a quick picture to show you, I didn’t have enough room on my poster board.  With this large stencil, if you want three complete peaks, you will need a canvas width of 30 inches, which means you will need to tape two poster boards together.  If you want two peaks, you will need a canvas with the width of 20 inches.  One complete peak is 10 inches.

Step 3) Decide on your colors and what colors are going to go where.  You can go to my post on Monday here for all kinds of inspiration and color combinations to help you with your design/layout. Use your stencil to trace your pattern onto the canvas with pencil:


DIY Chevron Canvas Art with Free Printable Stencil


DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art with Free Printable Stencil {The Creativity Exchange}


Step 4) For my daughter’s canvas, I used acrylic paints. I just used a variety of brands and colors that I had on hand:


DIY Chevron Canvas Art {The Creativity Exchange}


For the large canvases in my master bedroom, I used wall paint that I had left over from my room revamp, which means that the colors in the canvas were the exact colors throughout the room!


DIY Chevron Canvas Art Tutorial with Free Printable Stencil {The Creativity Exchange}


Step 4) Most of the chevron tutorials out there recommend taping lines with frog tape or 3M Blue Tape for perfect lines but I traced my stencil with pencil and then taped along the pencil lines for my large canvas.  However,  I used a small edge brush for acrylics  without tape and carefully painted my lines on my smaller canvases:


DIY Chevron Canvas Art


DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art with Free Printable Stencil {The Creativity Exchange}


Step 5) Paint your canvas:


DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art with Free Printable Stencil {The Creativity Exchange}


The acrylic paint only required one coat but the larger canvas that I used with wall paint too two coats.

Step 6) Allow paint to completely dry and remove tape if you used tape.  Touch ups can easily be done with a narrow paint brush and then you’re done!


DIY Chevron Canvas Art with Free Printable Stencil {The Creativity Exchange}


DIY Chevron Canvas Art {The Creativity Exchange}


There are so many possibilities with this easy project and again, it’s such a fantastic way to pull out certain colors from a room. If you need help with color or pattern combinations, don’t forget about all of the pictures I shared on Monday here.


Inspiration Exchange... Evolving Chevron Pattern
I wish that these tutorial pictures were a little brighter but we have had such dark and raining weather that its been so difficult for me to get the images just right. I hope you guys are inspired by this project and will give it a try. I promise you, it is so easy and is worth giving it a try!

I will be back on Friday for Friday Favorites and if you missed last week’s Favorite Paint Color Trends for 2013, you can get to it by clicking the image below:


Favorite Paint Color Trends for 2013 {Friday Favorites} The Creativity Exchange



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17 Responses to DIY Multi-Colored Chevron Canvas Art with Printable Stencil…

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for having such a great site. Everything is always presented so nicely. It’s really appreciated.

  2. Cyndy, these are gorgeous!!! What a fabulous inspiration for adding some great artwork and injecting color in a fresh way into our homes! I love this!

  3. Love the multicolor chevron. You’ve updated the trend, for sure.
    Who knew Charlie Brown’s shirt would be so stylish? 🙂

  4. Fotoviva says:

    Fab tutorial Cyndy, thanks so much – really loving chevron patterns/art at the moment. Your end products look amazing!

  5. This is awesome, thanks for the print out! I just pinned it!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  6. Love the different colors and the twist on regular o’ chevron. I just did nursery curtains with a chevron variation, too, so I like seeing it other places.

  7. Mandy says:

    I love this and the color combo. The minute I saw it I had to create one for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Kelly says:

    Love it! It is so my colors. I also want that pillow on your bed. Did you make it?

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you Kelly! Yes, I made the pillow. The fabric is the same fabric that I used to upholster the chair that you also see in the image. I cut out along the lines of the chain pattern and attached heat and bond to the back side and ironed it on. I then went around the edges with the sewing machine. Hmmm… Maybe I should do a post on that project? Thank you so much for stopping by Kelly!

  9. Hi Cyndy. I always love DIY art. Thanks for sharing DIY canvas art in a detailed way. Liked the art that you have shared. Your efforts are really appreciated.

  10. Fran says:

    Great idea – loving the end result – thanks for the detailed walkthrough, will certainly be trying this for a few rooms in our home. x

  11. saima says:

    Hi Cyndy, I really love this project and colours of your bedroom. Can you please share the paint colour? thanks

  12. stacy says:

    Yeah! i have get the thing what i was looking for. I was searching any attractive thing for my living room which brings more attraction on empty wall, you have shred and easy DIY canvas project, i wan to try it shortly. Many thanks for sharing.

    how many artistic prints you want to buy

  13. laura says:

    Hi, did you make the panels over your window? If so, do you have a tutorial for them? Thanks for sharing all you amazing ideas!!

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