The Most Delicious Chicken Pasta Salad

Chicken pasta salad with grapes and blanched asparagus {The Creativity Exchange}

I may be a little bold in making the title of this post “The Most Delicious” but trust me, this chicken pasta salad recipe is really out of this world. The grapes, dill weed, blanched asparagus and shredded fresh parmesan take this salad to a whole new level of pasta salad wonderful-ness.

I can’t take full credit for the recipe.  It was inspired by a D’Amico Brothers restaurant that use to be in downtown Minneapolis called “Toulouse” that served this amazing pasta salad. Sadly {and yes, oddly}, I ate this pasta salad almost daily for close to five years when I use to work downtown with the goal of trying to copy figure out this recipe. After a couple years of tweaking and trying to guess each ingredient and seasonings, I finally got the recipe to my satisfaction.  Of course, it’s not identical to the original recipe but it sure tastes pretty darn close!

So let’s jump right in to the recipe!!


Chicken Pasta Salad- Pasta Salad- Best Pasta Salad


Toulouse Chicken Pasta Salad

Serves; 6 (double if you are making for a larger group and want some extra for yourself)


Chicken Pasta Salad- Pasta Salad- Recipe

2 1/2(two and a half) Cups of uncooked Penne Pasta
Small store bought rotisserie chicken shredded into small pieces (Makes all of the
difference using a rotisserie chicken because of the flavoring) Or 3 boiled and shredded chicken breasts.
Half of a bundle of asparagus
2 cups of sliced purple seedless grapes (slice in half)
6 oz of Shredded Parmesan Cheese (I usually pick up pre-shredded, not grated)
1 Cup Mayo (Real Mayonnaise) *** I like my pasta salad really creamy with a lot of dressing. Reduce Mayo to 3/4th cup or even 1/2 cup if you do not care for a lot of dressing
1/2 Cup Sour Cream
3 teaspoons of dill weed seasoning
1 teaspoons salt (taste at the end and add more to your liking)
2 teaspoons lemon pepper (taste at the end and add more to your liking)
1 teaspoon garlic salt
Ground pepper to taste

Keep in mind that you can adjust this recipe and seasonings to your taste. I love a lot of salt in my pasta salad, so I add more at the end. Also, Toulouse served this recipe with finely diced purple onions but I felt like the onions were too much but if you love onions, you would probably love it.


1) Boil the pasta al dente and drain- I add a teaspoon of olive oil to my water and it helps to keep the pasta from sticking together when it’s drained and cooled ***Hint** Run cold water over your pasta and toss with ice cubes in the colander to get the pasta cold and it won’t take as long to “chill” your salad to eat.

2) I pat dry my pasta with a paper towel after I have drained it because the pasta is creamier when the pasta is completely dry:


Chicken Pasta Salad- Recipe-

3) Add the Mayo, sour cream and all seasonings and mix well. I use a large wooden spoon to mix the salad.

4) Add the shredded chicken and 2/3rds of the the Parmesan and mix (save the rest for the top pf the salad).

5) Cut the bottom ends of the asparagus off (about an inch off of the ends and toss) and then cut the rest into bit size pieces. Blanch (boil for exactly two minutes) and then drain and immediately submerge pieces into a ice water bath and let sit for two minutes. This makes the asparagus crispy. Pat dry the blanched asparagus and mix into the salad.

6) Add the sliced grapes and finish mixing.

7) Taste and add any additional salt, pepper or dill to your liking

8) Chill for at least 2-3 hours and serve by adding the rest of the Parmesan to the top of the salad.

This recipe is a great basic chicken pasta salad as well.  You can easily add or take away ingredients.  The salad is good for several days but I always freshen it up by adding a little more Mayo before we eat it a day or two later.

I created a printable of the recipe to make it easier to print and you can go to the printable file by clicking directly below:

Printable Recipe- Toulouse Chicken Pasta Salad

I hope you have a wonderful week and I’ll be back for Friday Favorites.  If you missed last week’s Friday Favorites “Great Ideas for Getting Organized” you can go to it by clicking the picture below:





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19 Responses to The Most Delicious Chicken Pasta Salad

  1. I ran out to the store to get the ingred. for this. Then I made an oopsy and added double the garlic salt that it called for! Yikes! Now I’m off to boil more noodles to drowned out the taste of too much garlic. I can’t wait to eat this for supper. It’s really good despite my accident.

    • Cyndy says:

      Oh no! I’ve done that before! Adding extra penne should make all of the difference! I would love to hear how you like it after you dilute the garlic. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. I added an extra cup (uncooked) of penne and an extra scoop of mayo. It turned out perfect. Delish! My four yr old even likes it and that’s saying something! Thanks for the recipe!

    • Cyndy says:

      Oh good! So glad that it turned out!! Yes, I should have mentioned that! Kid’s LOVE it! My daughter begs for it and its the only way I can get her to eat asparagus. Enjoy!

  3. Wow, that does look good. I’m going to pin this and try it as soon as a buy a rotisserie chicken!

    If you ever feel like linking up to another party my Say G’Day party is on now and I would be thrilled if you could join in!

    Take care and best wishes for a happy Wednesday!
    Natasha in Oz

  4. This looks wonderful and I am buying the ingredients tomorrow…can’t wait, and thanks for making a printable copy, so nice of you!!! hugs…cleo

    • Cyndy says:

      You are so welcome Cleo! Please come back and tell me what you think and if you made any adjustments or anything! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. louise says:

    This does look delicious! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it myself. Came from Savvy Southern Style and new to your blog and I will be back.


  7. Karla says:

    Oh this does sound seriously delicious. Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  8. this looks wonderful! Found it on Shabby Creek Cottage

  9. Alana says:

    This sounds delicious!

  10. kelly says:

    wow, this sounds fabulous!

  11. Mary Anne says:

    This is absolutely the best chicken pasta salad I have ever had!! My entire family could not get enough- we licked the bowl clean!

  12. Kimberly says:

    Made this salad for Our Memorial Day cook out to taste test it before taking it to a wedding shower later this week.
    It was a huge hit. I did not add the asparagus.
    However next time I’ll use a little less dill.

  13. Nancy Z says:

    I love D’Amico and was excited to find a recipe based on one of their recipes. Just made it and it’s in the fridge for a bridal shower tomorrow. Made one significant change–used plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo to shave some calories. Initial taste of the dressing was yummy; hoping it’s a big hit. Thanks for the recipe!

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