Moody Monday: Entryway Decor Options

Transitional Versatile Entry Way. The Creativity Exchange

It’s been awhile since I have done a Moody Monday and today I’m making up for it! I’m sharing three different entryway mood/design boards loaded with beautiful entryway decor options. I also have some gorgeous paint colors to tempt you and a couple entryway “quick tips” for choosing colors/creating a color palette for a space.

So let’s jump in!


Transitional Versatile Entry Way. The Creativity Exchange

Quick Tip#1

Choose your entryway color palette by finding a rug, art or chair fabric that you love first and base your room design on the colors. 

I think everyone knows the trick to create a room color palette from a rug, fabric or art, but deciding how to layer all those colors can be a little trickier.  

An easy way to create color balance in a space and help layer pieces with your color palette is to choose a main grounding color from your rug, art, etc.. For example, if my inspiration piece is a rug and it’s a lighter rug, I would pull out the darkest color in the rug as my main grounding color. However, if my rug is darker, I pull out and make the lightest color my main color.

You’ll see in this color palette below with the lighter rug, I would make the dark blue my main color for the space.

How to create a color palette for a space from a rug.

If I were using the darker rug in my space, the lightest color I would use as my main color. 

Tips for choosing a color palette for a space.

Your main grounding color is the easiest place to begin layering the colors in a space. In an entryway, I would look to have 2-3 pieces spread out in this solid main color or dominate in a pattern. Things like lamps, door color, chair, vases and trays for the console table are a great place to do this main color. But again, you’ll want to spread this color out in the space to balance and once you get that main color nailed in the space, you can easily accent with the other colors.

Below the image are all the product links (affiliate) for the transitional mood board:

Layering an entryway.


**On a side note, today I’m using paint colors for today’s Moody Monday from the new PPG Timeless paint line that just came out.  I am so obsessed with the finish of this paint and the colors. If you want to learn more about it, you can read my post here.



Modern Farmhouse Entryway Design Board.

Quick Tip #2

Find your perfect entryway wall color by looking to a rug, fabric or art in the space.

The entryway is the first space in your home where your guests get the first glimpse of your home and style. It’s also a great place to either make a statement with a bold color or play it safe and keep things cohesive and by choosing a complimentary color. 

If you’re stuck on choosing a wall color for your entryway and need inspiration, I encourage you to again choose either your entryway rug, fabric or art in the space to help guide you. 

Below you will see the four main colors found in the inspiration rug from the farmhouse entry mood board. 

Tips for choosing entryway wall color using rug for inspiration.

If you want to play it safe and keep things subtile and neutral, look to your lightest color in the rug/art/fabric for wall color inspiration. If you want a hint of color on your wall, look to your second lightest color.  Of course, this boldness will depend on what you’re using for inspiration and will vary depending on your mix of colors. However, if the second lightest color is too bold/strong, look at choosing a lighter shade of that same color. 

If you’re looking for drama, look to the two darkest colors in your rug.  Again, you can always choose lighter shades of the color if it’s too much for you. Also keep in mind, you could always simply paint one accent wall and do the rest of the space in the lightest color.

The product links for the modern farmhouse entryway mood board are below the image:

Modern Farmhouse Entryway Accessories




Modern Entryway Design Board

Quick Tip #3

Don’t forget that finishes are colors too!

One of the things that I always remind my clients of is that finishes are colors too. Finishes would be the metal finishes found on light fixtures, furniture, lamp bases, nail heads, metal frames and even wood. But for this point I’m trying to make, I’m referring to metal finishes. 

This may surprise you but I’m old school in that I very rarely mix metal finishes. However, it’s not because I don’t think mixing metals looks good (it can) but more so because of the beautiful color power they have together when one finish is carried through cohesively.

Just look at this board again and notice that most of the finishes are gold that I carried through the design.

Modern Entryway Design Board

Imagine this entryway with all these pops of gold spread out throughout the space and how together, it would make a beautiful big color impact. I do the same thing when working with chrome, bronze and other finishes. I like to keep it the same because of that statement/drama. 

I’m not OCD about keeping the metals the same. If the perfect lamp had a chrome base (like the one in my mood board) or the perfect chair for the space had silver nail heads, it doesn’t bother me. I’m just a big fan of power in numbers and making that color finish impact.

The product links for the modern entryway mood board are below the image:

Modern Entryway Design Board Accessories


Just to show you how to create a color palette from art, here is the color palette that I matched for the space above using the painting as the main inspiration.  By the way, if you don’t have a paint color fan deck, you should get one from your favorite paint company! You can order them online and it helps SO much when trying to layer colors.

Choosing a scheme using art for inspiration.

I hope something here inspired or helped you today when it comes to your entryway.  If you want to check out some of my past Moody Mondays, you can find them here.

Thanks for stopping by today!



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3 Responses to Moody Monday: Entryway Decor Options

  1. Janet says:

    Thanks for providing the details, Cyndy! Is the grounding color necessarily the wall color (i.e. the most heavily used color) or is it an accent color? I just finished painting our entry a light neutral color, and want to make sure I get the proportions right as I add art and design or to the area.

    • Cyndy says:

      It absolutely can be a wall color. If it is, you won’t need as much spread out of the color. If it’s on the wall and in the rug, that will be all you need. If it’s not your wall color, I would say have at least 3 things in that main grounding color. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. cammy atkinson says:

    That was one of the best I’ve seen for layering colors. Just one question, what if your rug is only one color? How do you apply the rules? Do you just do a lighter/darker version of the rug colour?


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