New Spray Paint Products to Try and Project Ideas


Cool spray paint products to try to transform your home.

Spray paint is incredibly versatile. Available in a rainbow of colors and a multitude of special finishes, spray paint provides a quick and easy way to update or completely change the look of a variety of items. Today we’re sharing some of the cool new spray paint products to try along with some easy project ideas to inspire you to get out your paint and see what you can transform!

The new Krylon Chalky Paint in a Spray Can.

via KAStyles

Cool Spray Paints to Try

Thank goodness spray paint manufacturers are as innovative as they are. Here are some other unique spray paints you might want to check out.

I think sea glass is so pretty. You can re-create the look with Krylon’s Sea Glass spray paint Learn how with Liz Marie’s post.

Krylon's Sea Glass Paint

via Liz Marie Blog

Krylon has just come out with a two-part crackle spray paint that looks amazing!

Step 1 is the crackle base coat:

Krylon's New Spray Crackle Base Coat

Step 2 is the crackle top coat where the magic happens:

Krylon's New Crackle Spray Paint Finish

My grandmothers had milk glass, and when I see it now, I’m instantly transported back to their homes. With Valspar’s Milk Glass spray paint, you, too, can get the look of vintage milk glass.

Valspar Milk Glass Paint

via Lowe’s

Chalk paint can totally revamp a project and give it a brand-new look. Did you know it’s now available in spray versions? Check out Cyndy’s post on Krylon’s Chalky Finish spray paint here.

Krylon Chalk Paint

via The Creativity Exchange

This is the amazing finish you can get with the Krylon Chalky Paint finish.

New Krylon Chalk Paint Finish in Spray Paint. Chalky Finish.via The Creativity Exchange

Krylon has also just come out with a Krylon that turns any surface into a dry-erase writable surface!  Imagine the possibilities! 

Krylon dry erase spray paint. Write on surface

Cool Projects to Spray Paint

Before you recycle or toss out baskets, boxes, trays, planters, vases, etc., consider giving them new life with spray paint. With the advances in spray paint technology, you can even repaint plastics to dramatically change their look.

How many random baskets do you have in your home or do you see in thrift shops? Give them a coat or two of spray paint so they coordinate with your décor, and use them to decorate and organize your home.

Wicker Baskets

via Better Life Bags

Transform a plain wicker laundry basket into a lovely French-inspired gray willow basket with Debbie’s easy instructions.

French Laundry Basket

via Confessions of a Plate Addict

Krylon Metallic Silver was used to give this blah basket some bling.

Wicker Basket

via Two Delighted

A trash can is kind of a basket, so you can fix it up with spray paint, too!

Painted Trash Can

via Crab and Fish

Love the look of mercury glass? Have extra vases loitering around your closets and cabinets? With Amanda’s instructions, you can use Rust-Oleum’s Mirror Effect spray paint to mimic the look of mercury glass.

Mercury Glass Vase

via Amanda Katherine

Here’s another great project to make over a plain glass vase. Simply tape off a portion of the vase and cover the rest with metallic spray paint for an instant upgrade.

Gold Dipped Vase

via Two Twenty-One

This one is so fun: take plastic toys, attach bolts to the back, spray paint the toys, and use them as drawer pulls in your child’s room—or your own!

Plastic Toy Drawer Pulls

via Apartment Therapy


Cyndy spray painted animals in gold and added magnets for her daughter’s magnetic board.

Diy Large Magnetic Board with Spray Painted Toys for Magnets

The Creativity Exchange

Want to make easy chalkboard labels in seconds, try Cyndy’s tutorial for spraying painters tape with flat black paint for instant labels!

Make your own chalkboard labels by spray painting painters tape in flat black paint.

Spray paint can transform so many items in so many wonderful ways. These creative spray paint projects are just the start of what you can do!  If you’re interested in some of the newer paint products that have just come out on the market, be sure and check out Cyndy’s post here.

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  1. Grandyjoan says:

    We have 4 Cracker Barrel rockers that we want to paint to match our front door, B-M Wythe Blue. Should we purchase a paint sprayer? (I don’t have the patience to paint them with a brush) or should we just send them out to be done professionally? I appreciate any suggestions.

    • Cyndy says:

      You could rent a sprayer but it takes awhile to perfect technique. I would HIGHLY recommend just having a local professional painter do them in your color. So much easier and you’ll get a beautiful smooth finish. 🙂

      • Grandyjoan says:

        Thank you. Read your reply to hubby, may tip the scales to have them done professionally! Again, thanks!

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