Master Bedroom Makeover: The Plan

Master Bedroom Makeover Plan

I’m so excited about today’s post because I have teamed up with Stearns & Foster to makeover my master bedroom. Halleluja! It’s been more than five years since we updated or done anything to our bedroom and as you’re about to see, our bedroom is pretty outdated and in desperate need of a makeover. I’ll be transforming our space from dark and drab into a serene sanctuary!

So today, I’m sharing our plan for the room makeover with before shots and next week, I’ll be sharing the room reveal and how we pulled everything together.  I’ll also be posting progress shots of our transformation on Instagram and Facebook throughout this next week if you’d like to follow along. 

Before I jump into what we have planned for the makeover, let me show you the “before” shots of our space. Sorry that these images are not that great. I took them in 2012 when I was just learning photography {cringe}.

Master Bedroom Before Remodel


I’m not sure why I went with such a dark wall color years ago but over the years, the color  really bothered me. I was going for a den-like feel but really, it just felt too dark and depressing. 

My goal for our makeover is to create a serene, beautiful and relaxing sanctuary.  Honestly, over the years, we were just so focused on other big projects in our home that our bedroom was last on the list. Isn’t that sad that so many of us do that when in reality, it should be the most important space to focus on because we spend so much time in our bedrooms. It’s where we need to re-charge.

What’s also sad is that we never gave much thought in the past when it came to our bedroom and the pieces in the bedroom like our mattress, furniture pieces, window treatments, etc.. I always just bought what was on sale and didn’t really think about function or comfort. This time, comfort, function and zen is the number one priority for our new bedroom. 

Let me show you what our plan is for the makeover. I created a design board to help me envision all of the elements together; colors, art and products that I’m considering for the room makeover:

Master Bedroom Makeover Plan.1\2\3\4\5\6\7\8\9\10\11\12

Whenever I begin designing a space, I always start with the most important element first. For us, the mattress and bed are the most important pieces because that’s really going to be the key for us to create this relaxing and serene space that we’ve dreamed about. 

Our new mattress is the Stearns & Foster Reserve No. 1 Luxury Ultra Plush Hybrid Pillowtop.  This is seriously the ultimate bed! It really doesn’t get more comfortable than this.

Stearns & Foster Reserve No. 1 Luxury Ultra Plush Hybrid Pillowtop Queen Mattress

Stearns & Foster makes such an amazing mattress that feels like pure heaven.  You can tell immediately that this is no ordinary bed because of all the details, the gel pillowtop and the thickness of the mattress. I knew instantly when I laid down on the bed that this mattress is the ultimate mattress and exactly what we needed for our dream bedroom makeover.

The Stearns & Foster Reserve No. 1 mattress has layers of technology built-in this dream mattress and what’s really interesting is that my husband and I both agree that it’s so comfortable. We have never agreed on past mattresses (I like soft and hubby likes firm) but this mattress is really the perfect combination for us. You can feel that great support but the gel pillowtop makes it so soft and heavenly.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the Stearns & Foster Reserve No.1  here. Also, if you want to test the mattress, you can find a retailer here.

The mattress has already been delivered and we’ve already slept on it! It’s absolutely incredible and has everything and more on our list for our new mattress!

Stearns and Foster Reserve No. 1 Mattress


For our new bedding, we love crisp white sheets and a white duvet cover. We prefer these because they are so comfortable and relaxing. Plus, it’s so easy to wash a white duvet cover versus traditional bedding that has to be dry cleaned. They also make deep pocket sheets that perfect fit our new mattress.

Hotel Collection Bedding from Macy's

via Macy’s

As far as the rest of the bedroom makeover, we’re really changing up our color scheme in our space as well and the new wall color is Sherwin Williams Window Pane, which is a light blue/green that is so soothing.

Sherwin Williams Window Pane

The colors has already gone up on the walls and you can really see how dramatic the difference is going to be in this shot we took when we started painting.


For all the accents, fabrics and accessories, this is our new color scheme.

Master bedroom remodel color scheme


One of the biggest issues that we have with our bedroom is that our nightstands have very little storage. We really need more drawer space and these barrel nightstands just won’t cut it.

Pelmet cornice box.

We decided that we’re going to incorporate a dresser type chest as nightstands on each side of the bed. We also love the mirrored furniture look that will add a touch of modern glam to the space as well. 

Element+Mirror+3+Drawer+Nightstand (1)

We’re also incorporating some beautiful fabrics for window treatments and pillows for our bed. Here’s the fabric we are using for our window treatments. The colors and pattern are just perfect and the colors are so serene.

Madcap Cottage Reef Fabric in Pool

Art is a great way to help convey a feeling in a space, while at the same time pull colors together. My husband and I love abstract seascapes because they remind us of the beach and water and of course, pretty much where we would love to be at all times. It’s so relaxing and incorporating some beautiful seascape paintings will complete our makeover into a serene sanctuary. 

Abstract Seascape

I especially love this piece and pieces like this that will take me to the water along these lines will be perfect! 

So we have our plan and we have already started pulling it all together and I can’t wait to share the makeover reveal next week! We’re so excited that we’re finally creating the most comfortable and relaxing bedroom that we could dream of.

A big thank you to Stearns & Foster for partner with me on this project!By the way, be sure and put your name in the Stearns & Foster Ultimate Bedroom Sweepstakes over on HGTV for a chance to win a queen sized Stearns & Foster Reserve mattress + $1,000!! 

Thanks for stopping by today!




This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Stearns & Foster. The opinions and text are all mine.


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