Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray: Color Spotlight


Cabinet Paint Color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.


Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. Verstile Neutral Paint Color.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Color Spotlight and there are so many color that I want to focus and highlight that I’m going to get back to doing the feature regularly. Today, I wanted to to a highlight one of the most versatile paint colors out there, Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray.

Mindful Gray is a near perfect greige color with a beautiful mix of warm gray that is about is neutral as you can get.  There are no strong undertones whatsoever like mauve, peach or green as you often see with similar colors.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

In my book, there is hands down, no better cabinetry paint color than Mindful Gray because it’s a dark enough shade for contrast, the color is absolutely stunning and it will work beautifully with any color combination because of it’s transitional (warm/cool) base.

Cabinetry Color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

via Tatum Brown Custom Homes 

Paint Color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

via Mawr Design

I use Mindful Gray on all my cabinetry throughout my home and I also recommend it more than any other cabinet color for my clients because it always looks amazing and it’s really the most dependable cabinetry color out there.

I used Mindful Gray on all the cabinetry and built-ins in my craft room (Repose Gray is on the wall).

Cabinet Paint Color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

Cabinet color is Mindful Gray Sherwin Williams

I also used Mindful Gray on my built-in buffet in my dining room.

Cobblestone moss balls in champagne bucket in dining room.

We used it also on our built-in bar, also in the dining room.

Cabinet Paint Color is Mindful Gray.


If Mindful Gray looks familiar to a lot of you, it’s because it’s one shade down on the same paint color card as Repose Gray. In fact, this whole color card is probably the best card when it comes to paint because all of the colors are near perfection and include rock star colors like; Sherwin-Williams Eider White, Repose Gray, Mindful Gray, Dorian Gray, Gauntlet Gray and Black Fox. 

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Mindful Gray.

The Sherwin-Williams color strip number is 244.

Sherwin Williams Color Strip. Eider White, Repose Gray and Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray is also an all-around great color on walls, exterior homes and trim work. However, on walls, it is a rich darker color. Not super dark but if you want a rich greige, Mindful Gray is for sure a color to sample. Let me show you some examples.

In spaces with a lot of natural light, Mindful Gray does not appear as dark and it’s just a true beautiful warm gray:


Wall color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Grayvia Mark Williams Design Assoc. 

In spaces with less natural light, you can see, Mindful Gray is a more den-like rich color. Of course, it’s still a perfect warm gray but just a little darker.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

via Carl Mattison Design

Wall color is Mindful Gray from Sherwin Williams. Summit Signature Homes

via Summit Signature Homes

At evening or dusk, with no natural light, Mindful Gray will look like this.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

via Pulte Homes

If you’re looking for a wall color that is just a little lighter, Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray is the next color up on the color card and it’s one of the best colors out there and you can see my Color Spotlight here highlighting Repose Gray.

Here’s Repose Gray, so you can see the difference:

Paint color is Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams.

Wall color is Repose Gray and Cabinets are Mindful Gray. Both Sherwin Williams colors. The Creativity Exchange

Wall color is Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams. Light warm gray beautiful color.

As with all paint colors, it’s always best to paint a poster board in the color and tape it to the wall (or cabinetry) to see how it looks and it it’s perfect for your space.  You’ll love both Sherwin-Williams Mindful an Repose Grays!

If you want to look back at some of my past color spotlights, you can find them here.

What colors have you guys been loving lately? I would love to know and maybe feature on upcoming Color Spotlights!

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19 Responses to Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray: Color Spotlight

  1. Trish says:

    I wish you would do a similar post on wall to wall carpeting. Other than the walls the floor is the next biggest space for those of us without wood or tile floors. Carpeting is expensive so we will live with our choice for many years as you can’t change it like paint!

    • Cyndy says:

      I think that’s a great idea Trish and thanks for the suggestion! I have a client project coming up with carpet and I will do a post on our research and favorites! Great idea! Thanks for your note and stopping by! 🙂

  2. Terry says:

    Love these grays as well. What trim color do you think works best with this color card?

    • Cyndy says:

      Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White is what I always recommend for my clients. It’s especially beautiful with the colors on this strip. Thanks for your note Terry!

  3. Joanne says:

    That’s my favorite strip! My kitchen cabs are Eider White and I have various colors from that strip around our home. 🙂

    • Cyndy says:

      That’s awesome Joanne! I think it is the best color strip out there, honestly. It’s about as neutral as you can get without any strange undertones and each one of these colors is so stunning! I bet your Eider White cabinets are beautiful! 🙂

  4. Amy Czuba says:

    My home has all wood trim, in a mid tone wood stain. Would these colors work well against wood, not painted, trim?

    • Cyndy says:

      Yes, this color strip is perfect with wood trim because of the balanced warm/cool undertones. However, since it’s a mid-tone stain, I would point you up the color card to either Repose or Eider White to give you more contrast. Mindful Gray would be too close your trim shade. I hope that helps! 🙂

  5. Jennifer wheeler says:

    Love all your posts! I painted my house repose gray and just bought a gallon of chantilly lace for trim and cabinetry. Do you think it will go well with repose gray? I do not have a ton of natural light. I only have 1-2 small windows in each room and they are all tinted. Thank you!!

  6. Bet Kapsalis says:

    Yes, mindful one of my favorites!!! Truly a beautiful, airy neutral!!! Love it. Makes decorating a no brainer!

  7. Cecily says:

    What are your thoughts on pairing Mindful Gray or Repose Gray with BM White Dove? I am loving these neutral grays, but would like a more warm white on my cabinets and trim. Thanks so much for any and all advice, your website has been an invaluable in building and designing our new home!

  8. Carol T says:

    How would Mindful Gray work as a wall color with taupe/tan countertops?

  9. Jill says:

    I’m definitely challenged when it comes to seeing subtle differences in similar colors. We are about to start building a house and I’ve already chosen white cabinets (the white is similar to Sherwin Williams Greek Villa and Pure White) and Viscon White granite for the kitchen which is in an open space with the dining room and great room. The floor will be vinyl plank in a medium oak shade. I’ve looked at Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray, Requisite Gray, Anew Gray, Mindful Gray, and Versatile Gray. I want to be able to use some of my current accessories that are similar to Sherwin Williams Artichoke (6179), Oakmoss (6180), Stolen Kiss (7586), Salute (7582), and Wild Currant (7583). Which gray would you suggest? And should my trim match the white cabinets or would you suggest another shade?

    Please help! Thanks!

  10. petline says:

    Hello! Will like to know what ceiling paint works best with this paint(mindful gray)? thanks!

  11. Rachel Collier says:

    Great article !! Due to limited funds I painted my kitchen cabinets 17 years ago. I love the results and they have held up beautifuly but it is time for a change in color scheme. I have been researching greys. I have stainless appliances and an earthy black matte counter top. I don’t want the risk of it looking too modern. I love earthy shades. The flooring is going to be black stone wood planks which encompasses taupe hues , grey and black. My dilemma is 1- not pulling pink/blue or green undertones and 2 – without a lot of natural light would it be too dark with the flooring. I am also adding white subway tiles as a backsplash. I would love your input.

  12. Veronica says:

    I am painting my cabinets mindful grey and need assistance picking out wall and ceiling trim color. What white paints coordinate with mindful grey?

  13. Carol T says:

    I’ve tested several grays for my sunroon and decided I really can’t live with anything lighter than SW Dovetail. I already have room painted BM’s Kendall Charcoal, Chelsea Gray and Amherst. I have tried pale walls in the past but always went back to the dark side.

  14. Brinda says:

    What do you think about these colors together?
    Cabinets-Mindful Gray
    Walls-Repose Gray

    THANKS!! Love your posts!!

  15. Briteny says:

    In the pulse homes what is the light color on trim?!? I don’t know what color to match mindful gray walls!!!

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