Creative Landscape Ideas with Big Impact

Lavenders and Greens

While enjoying last weekend’s warmer weather, I walked around our yard, making a mental wish list of landscaping updates, including rethinking our front foundation plantings. I’d love to replace the yews that have been there since we built the house, but I’m not sure what to replace them with for the most curb appeal. Today we’re sharing some creative landscaping ideas and inspiration that might have you rethinking your yard, too.

Gorgeous Curb Appeal

Landscaping can make or break a home’s curb appeal. Here are some impressive landscape designs that definitely make the entries to these homes welcoming and inviting.

The large flat rocks used as steps leading to this entry are stunning by themselves, but the combination of colors, sizes, and shapes of shrubs surrounding them is equally beautiful.

Large Stone Steps

via One Kings Lane

Cherry laurels and boxwoods line this stately entryway. Porch planters and low flowerbeds lining the sidewalk to complete the look.

Cherry Laurels and Boxwoods

via Castle Homes

This lovely cottage-inspired landscape contains multiple types of conifer and deciduous bushes and shrubs.

Boxwood and Other Greens

via My Soulful Home

This elegant entryway has loads of curb appeal. Swirled junipers bookend the front door, while boxwood, caladiums, liriope grass, and knock-out roses fill in the foundation plantings.

Junipers, Roses, Liriope, Caladiums, Boxwoods

via Simple Landscaping Ideas

Eye-catching caladiums are sandwiched between greenery and low shrubs surrounding this pretty and welcoming porch.

Caladiums, Low Shrubs, Greenery

via Southern Living

Lovely Paths

Transitional areas like paths can get overlooked when it comes to landscaping, but they’re a great spot to get creative with flowers and shrubs.

Lavender and other purple and green flowers and shrubs line this stunning stone path.

Lavenders and Greens

via Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design

Sculpted boxwoods and low- and medium-growing grasses soften the straight lines of the pavers in this modern path design.

Shrub Path

via Laara Copley-Smith Garden and Landscape Design

Smooth stones, a mix of flowering plants and bushes, and larger shrubs line this “inverse path” of grass.

Stone-Lined Beds

via Garden Lovin

Flat stones, ferns, and hydrangeas transform this potentially boring side yard space into a pretty path.

Stone Garden Path

via Home Epiphany

Stunning Shrubs and Beds

With all the shrubs and flowers available in local nurseries, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re shopping for new plants. Here are a few ideas to show you what’s possible.

Catmint and crepe myrtle make a lovely match in this bed.

Catmint and Crepe Myrtle

via StandUp Magazine

Imagine how fragrant these dwarf Korean lilac bushes are when they’re in bloom!

Dwarf Korean Lilac

via Perennial Gardens

This loropetalum purple prince offers a splash of gorgeous color.

Loropetalum Purple Prince

via Christi Caldwell

Versatile lavender can be used in beds, along paths, and just about anywhere.


via Better Homes and Gardens

Texas lantana offers a warm pop of color against the dwarf maiden grass in this bed.

Dwarf Maiden Grass and Lantana

via Monrovia

Compact dwarf myrtle is a great accent shrub along a sidewalk or walkway.

Dwarf Myrtle

via Garden Lo

Hostas, alliums, dogwood shrub, and other low-growing plants line a bed of river rock that reroutes water from this yard.

Drainage Planting

via Houzz

This border bed in and among trees is planted with a stunning combination of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures.

Planting Under Trees

via Lushome

Red geraniums, pink cyclamen, and white alyssum make such a pretty, colorful border bed.

Mixed Florals Bed

via Worthminer

This is a fantastic idea: if you have a chain-link fence around your yard, or if your neighbors have one, here’s a great guide for disguising it with plants.

Chain-Link Fence Concealmentvia Lowe’s

This handy cheat sheet offers the names and photos of several low-growing drought-tolerant flowering shrubs you might want to try in your yard.

Drought-Tolerant Flowering Shrubs

via North Park Nursery

The flowers and shrubs (and trees) you plant in your yard can make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal and how much you enjoy your outdoor space. These creative landscaping ideas and inspiration might get you eager to get outside and make something beautiful in your own yard.

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