Creative Pantry Organizing Ideas and Solutions

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When we built our current house, I was thrilled we could fit in a larger pantry than we’d ever had before. But how could I organize it so it would hold everything I wanted to include without looking cluttered? That was a challenge I enjoyed tackling, and today, I open the pantry door and smile, knowing everything I need is at my fingertips—and looks pretty, too! If your pantry isn’t everything you want it to be, you’re in luck: today we’re sharing some creative pantry organizing ideas and solutions you might be able to implement in your own pantry.

Dream Pantries

I love browsing through photos of pantries for ideas I can use to improve my pantry. I’m finding lots to like in the following gorgeous spaces including ideas to incorporate into my own space.

This butler’s pantry is stunning and features so many great elements, from the adjustable open shelving, to the wine fridge and other easily accessible appliances, to the gorgeous finishes. Beautiful!

Butler’s Pantry

via Deborah Loves

This lovely pantry offers tons of shelving and workspace topped with a beautiful soapstone counter—even a window!

Open Pantry Shelving

via Better Homes and Gardens

I love how clean and crisp this pantry is. The uniform shelves lined with great see-through storage containers pair perfectly with the built-in cabinetry.

Walk In Pantry

via Better Homes and Gardens

Built-In Beauties

Following closely on the heels of dream pantries are some of these built-in pantries that also feature great elements such as pull-out shelving.

This brightly painted pocket door shows a hint of the built-in shelving and cabinetry of the pantry behind it.

Pocket Door Pantry

via Better Homes and Gardens

Tucked in a corner, this gorgeous pantry really makes the most of the square footage available.

Corner Pantry

via The House That A-M Built

This lovely walk-in pantry and storage space is almost too nice to be hidden behind cabinet doors.

Hidden Walk In Pantry

via DecorPad

Deep sliding shelves replace some of the traditional fixed shelves in this pantry space and allow for tons of storage.

Built In Pantry with Roll Out Drawers

via Better Homes and Gardens

These sturdy sliding shelves offer space for food storage as well as spots for appliances and cooking equipment.

Pull Out Pantry Drawers

via The Home Depot

These sliding shelves, tucked behind frosted glass sliding doors, help maximize the space in this tall kitchen. (I wonder if the dog treats are kept on the lower shelves!)

Pull Out Shelving

via Apartment Therapy

This pantry is rather compact, but with so many sliding shelves, everything is within easy reach.

Pull Out Pantry Shelves

via Shelf Genie

Easy Pantry Solutions

You don’t have to have a large, professionally designed and built pantry to have a space that’s organized, easy to use, and pretty! Here are some lovely pantries with great organization options.

I would love to walk into this basket-filled pantry every day. Using different-size baskets, readily available online or in home stores, gives everything a home and easily corrals clutter.

Basket Pantry Organization

via Eleven Gables

You don’t have to stick with one type of container, as this beautifully organized pantry filled with wicker and wire baskets, glass jars, and wood and wire drawers shows.

Beautifully Organized Pantry

via Nina Hendrick

With lots of open shelving, sliders, baskets, and even space for wine bottles and glasses, this pantry has a place for everything.

Organized Pantry

via Laura Trevey

This petite pantry utilizes every possible square inch, thanks to floor-to-ceiling shelves, stacking bins, and extra storage on the back of the door.

Small Pantry Organization

via I Heart Organizing

In this small pantry, the shelving is adjustable so it can be customized to fit whatever is needed. Back-of-the-door shelves boost the available storage.

Pantry with Moveable Storage

via Better Homes and Gardens

This is so smart: install standard wire shelves upside down and at an angle for great canned food storage.

Inverted Wire Shelf Can Storage

via Posh Home

If you don’t have a built-in pantry space, a freestanding pantry might be a viable option. Custom freestanding pantries are available, or you can repurpose an unused entertainment center, armoire, or wardrobe.

Freestanding Pantry

via Decoholic

When organizing your pantry, the containers you use are key. Use bins, baskets, and clear containers that enable you to see the contents. Choose matching or contrasting containers as you like.

Wire Basket Pantry Organization

via Better Homes and Gardens

With clear storage options, you can see what you have and what you need more of. The uniform containers look nice, too!

Pretty Pantry Organization

via The Kitchn

In her baking pantry, Cyndy uses clear containers labeled with hand-lettered printable labels designed by Zuer Designs for The Creativity Exchange. Click through to get all 45 labels for your own pantry!

Printable Pantry Labels

via The Creativity Exchange

Whether you have a large or small space, you can design and organize your pantry to make it fit your needs—and be a joy to look at!

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