Creative Kitchen Organizing Solutions

Under Stove Spice Drawer

Last week we looked at great ways to organize your pantry. Today, we’re still in the kitchen, but this time, we’re exploring creative kitchen organizing solutions for your your countertops, cabinets, drawers, and more.

Clutter-Free Countertops

It’s so easy for countertops to get messy, leaving you less room for meal prep. Here are some creative ways to control countertop clutter.

As we’ve learned elsewhere on the blog, urns are so versatile. These two urns make pretty work of organizing kitchen utensils.

Urn Utensil Storage

via Bloglovin’

I love the idea of this wooden box organizer. It’s wide enough to hold quite a few items but shallow enough to not take up a ton of counter space.

Wooden Countertop Box

via The House Sjöljus

Baskets can solve so many problems. Here, one corrals utensils, seasonings, and more in a relatively small footprint.

Countertop Basket Organization

via DIY and Home

Ginger jars are perfect for containing utensils and other kitchen tools. Tuck one or two in a tray with other countertop items for pretty, organized storage.

Ginger Jar Utensil Storage

via Simple Details

Creative Cabinets and Drawers

Sometimes it’s more convenient to shove something in a cabinet, close the door, and forget about it. But you don’t have to go that route. Here are some great ideas for combatting cabinet chaos once and for all.

Organize drawers with drawer dividers, stacking them for twice the storage if you have the room. Wallpaper makes a lovely drawer liner, too.

Wallpaper Drawer Liners

via Good Housekeeping

The unused end of a row of upper cabinets is a great spot for a smart, space-saving spice rack. Get the tutorial here.

Cabinet End Spice Rack

via White Tulip Designs

Transform the usually unused space below a cooktop into a handy spice drawer so all your seasonings are right at your fingertips as you cook.

Under Stove Spice Drawer

via Anne Hepfer

Instead of a standard cabinet, take advantage of the space under the sink with deep drawers. They might be just what you need to get under-sink storage under control.

Deep Under Sink Drawers

via Lindsay Michaely

This is so smart: a pull-out cutting board that contains a hole through which you can scrape vegetable peels and other scraps into the trash bin below.

Drawer Cutting Board

via Segreto Finishes

Another fantastic example of maximizing every available inch, this narrow drawer is ideal for holding baking sheets and pizza trays.

False Cabinet Front Storage

via Better Homes and Gardens

This storage solution holds all your commonly used utensils, pans, and seasonings in a narrow space. Check out the great false front on the drawer, too.

Pull Out Hanging Utensil Drawer

via Amazing Interior Design

A pull-out snack bin drawer among the lower cabinets is perfect for providing snacks to little ones who can’t reach the upper pantry shelves.

Pull Out Snack Bins

via House Beautiful

This tidy pull-out storage rack hangs your pots and pans for easy access.

Pull Out Pan Storage

via The Hardware Hut

The space at the bottom of cabinets, the toe kick, can provide a surprising amount of additional kitchen storage.

Toe Kick Drawers

via I Wash … You Dry

This pull-out dish storage enables you to stack dishes all the way to the back of the shelf and still have easy access to everything.

Pull Out Dish Storage

via Top Inspired

Hanging bins inside a lower cabinet offer optimal storage for vegetables, along with lots of space for air circulation around the veggies to prevent spoilage.

Vegetable Storage

via Decoist

Here’s another good idea for storing produce: basket drawers. They’re deep and hold lots of fruits or vegetables and air can still get in and around the contents.

Basket Drawers

via Closets Plus

Tension rods are handy for more than just hanging curtains. Here they’re used vertically to separate and organize cutting boards, platters, and trays.

Tension Rod Dividers

via Martha Stewart

For vertical storage that’s more built-in, you can create a tray divider like this one in the small cabinet above your refrigerator.

Above Fridge Tray Divider

via Remodelando la Casa

If you’re a big coffee lover, you can transform an unused cabinet into a fantastic open coffee bar.

Built In Coffee Bar

via Crazy Mary Revista

Other Great Ideas

There are many ways to get organized in the kitchen. Here are a few more ideas.

A wall-mounted roll organizer like this can hold aluminum foil, plastic wrap, waxed paper, paper towels, and more in a compact space.

Wall Mount Kitchen Roll Organizer

via Houzz

Clear, stackable bins, readily available at home stores or online, make organizing your refrigerator super simple.

Clear Refrigerator Bins

via Good Housekeeping

Your kitchen is home to lots of things—pots, pans, utensils, specialty equipment, even food—and it’s easy for all those items to get out of control. With some creative kitchen organizing ideas, you can keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

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