2017 Paint Color Forecasts and Trends

2017 Paint Color Forecast Recap.

Well…, I am sorry that I’m so late on doing my annual recap of the 2017 paint color forecasts and trend reports that came out last fall.  For those of you new to my blog, years ago, I started a tradition on the blog by sharing my favorite colors that I pulled from various paint companies annual color forecasts for the coming year. To go back and look at my forecast posts from past years, you can find them here

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Misty via Elegant Home Builders

Sherwin-Williams Misty via Houzz/Elegant Home Builders

More than any other design/color type forecast/prediction that comes out, I  look forward to the paint manufacturers forecasts because I think they are by far the most reliable because they are based on current paint color sales indicators.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams High Reflective White via Martha O'Hara Interiors.

Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White via Houzz/Martha O’Hara Interiors

This year, after devouring all of the various 2017 paint manufacturers forecast reports (Benjamin Moore, Dunn-Edwards, Sherwin-Williams and Behr), the common thread I have found is we are heading into rich, den-like deep colors. While I was really surprised by this, I have to say I have been seeing this transition with consumers (especially in the last 6 months) but I just never put my finger on it until I saw the 2017 forecasts. 

Wall color is Benjamin Moore Windy City via Dalia Canora

Benjamin Moore Windy City via Houzz/Dalia Canora 

 This year, I’m doing something a little different. While I’m sharing some of the exact colors mentioned in the various 2017 paint color forecasts, I’m also sharing images of very similar colors that are trending on Houzz, Pinterest and other resources. I really wanted to show you the best examples of colors painted in spaces that will be popular and trend through 2017.

Ceiling color Gray Timberwolf Benjamin Moore via Rinfret LTD.

Benjamin Moore Gray Timberwolf via Houzz/Rinfret Ltd. 

The various paint manufacturers base their forecast reports on what consumers are actually buying and painting on their walls. The best part of this is that the paint companies have programs to track even the slightest changes in undertones as we buy paint color and they can see slight movement as we move as a whole from one undertone into another.

Honestly, these reports are really like Paris Fashion Week, where colors in the forecasts may not be something we would ultimately paint on our walls but it’s more about undertones, hues and where we are heading. So I pulled all of my favorite colors below from all the different paint manufacturers 2017 forecasts that I think we would actually use today on our walls, cabinetry and furniture.

2017 Paint Color Forecast Recap.

Just to give you an even better picture, my favorite of all the forecasts is the Sherwin-Williams 2017 Color Mix Report.  I always love how Sherwin-Williams breaks down the colors into four different color groups;


The Noir palette is rich with vineripe fruits, Nordic blues, moody neutrals and golden yellows.  This is a great example of those deep rich (den-like) colors with multiple undertones. Just look at these amazing rich colors.

The Noir Color Palette from the 2017 Sherwin Williams Color Forecast.

via Sherwin-Williams 

Of course, Sherwin-Williams recently announced that Poised Taupe is their 2017 Color of the year.

2017 Sherwin Williams Color of the Year. Poised Taupe

via Sherwin-Williams 

I love all of the rich colors in the Noir Palette and of course, I think everyone here knows that we have really seen a huge surge of rich navy trending the last couple of years.

Front door color is Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh via City Farmhouse

Sherwin-Williams Anchors Aweigh via City Farmhouse

Another common color that I found across all the various forecasts for 2017 was the huge presence of rich blacks.  Of course, black walls (and other rich darker) have really been trending lately and I agree, I think they will continue to be popular into 2017.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Caviar via Kathleen Ramsey Design.

Sherwin-Williams Caviar via Houzz/Kathleen Ramsey



The Holistic color palette from Sherwin-Williams forecast is a palette of calm and soothing retreat-like colors.  Again, even though this palette is a lot lighter than the Noir palette, notice that the colors are still rich with multiple undertones.  

The Holistic Color Palette from the Sherwin Williams 2017 Color Forecast.

via Sherwin-Williams 

I wanted to point out that the blue gray shades like Mountain Air and Stardew above in the Holistic palette are two common colors found across all the various color forecasts and also two of the most popular shades of blues right now when it comes to paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Mountain Air and Stardew

Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue is (by far) one of the most popular shades of this blue/gray.

Wall Color is Yarmouth Blue via H2 Designs

Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue via Houzz/H2Design Studio

Here you can see Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue looks amazing on this ceiling:

Yarmouth Blue from Benjamin Moore on Ceiling via Kenowa Builders.

Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue via Houzz/Kenowa Builders

One other thing I wanted to mention that stood out in all of the forecasts was that the whites and grays for forecasted to warm up even more from 2016.  This was no surprise as all the paint manufactures have been telling us about this trend for a couple of years now. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster continues to be a trending warmer white.

Wall color is Sherwin Wiliams Alabaster via Beth Webb Designs

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster via Houzz/Beth Webb Interiors


Benjamin Moore Clay Beige by Chalet

Benjamin Moore Clay Beige via Houzz/Chalet



The Unbounded color palette from Sherwin-Williams for 2017 is really a beautiful global palette full of fun colors. This really translates boho chic to me that really took off this last year and is starting strong in 2017. While I agree these colors are surging, I think we’ll see more of these colors in fabrics, accents and even painted furniture more so than on walls. 

Sherwin Williams Unbounded Color Palette from the Sherwin Williams 2017 Color Forecast.


Darker teal, similar to Adriatic Sea in the above palette has been trending this last year and I am seeing it a lot on the walls. I think it will be one of the most popular bolder colors in 2017.  

Wall color is Benjamin Moore Newburg Green via Sheep + Stone

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green via Houzz/Sheep + Stone



The last of the four color palettes from the Sherwin-Williams Color Forecast is Intrepid. Again, this palette is all about color, energy and fiery tones.

Intrepid color palette from the 2017 Sherwin Williams Color Forecast

via Sherwin-Williams 

To me, the Intrepid color palette is really about where we are going in color 2-3 years down the line because from every color indicator that I have read and trend info, we continue to be heading into yellow and purples. 

Also, it’s so interesting that High Reflective White (Sherwin-Williams) is in the above palette because this is a white that has really taken off and become so popular with designers and consumers all of the sudden.  Its been around forever and it’s one of those truer whites with very little undertones.

Cabinetry Color is High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams. Martha Ohara Interiors.

Sherwin-Williams High Reflective White via Houzz/Martha O’hara Interiors

It’s such an interesting time when it comes to color and really, it’s a free for all more than any time that I can remember. While I think I’ll always be drawn to neutral and calmer colors, I can appreciate the bolder tones.

So what do you think? What’s your favorite color from the forecasts?  My favorite is Sherwin-Williams Mountain Air. I just can’t get enough of that serene light blue gray.

If you want even more color inspiration, I recently pulled together the 2016 bestselling Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors that you can read about by clicking the images below.

Benjamin Moore 2016 Best Selling paint colors.


Most popular and best selling 2016 Sherwin Williams paint colors.

Thanks for stopping by today friends! Be sure and check out all my paint boards over on Pinterest here for more great colors.



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