Organized Coffee Cabinet with Printable Labels

Organized coffee cabinet with free printable labels.


Sources and free printable labels for organizing a coffee cabinet.

A couple weeks ago, Jo from Zuer Designs and I collaborated on over 45 free printable hand lettered pantry labels.  The labels have been a big hit and Jo and I are thrilled that so many of you have been printing them and organizing your panty. If you missed that post along with my baking cabinet, you can find it here.

Free Printable Pantry Labels hand lettered by Zuer Designs. Print on clear sticker paper

By the way, next week, we will be adding more pantry labels to that post. We had so many requests for a few more additional pantry items that we are adding more.  🙂

I mentioned in the label post that I would be doing more organizing around my kitchen and sharing more creative ways to maximize space and use these fun labels.  Today, I’m sharing our coffee cabinet that I just re-organized with the labels.  The printable labels for organizing a coffee cabinet are at the end of the post and they are a little bigger than the original ones we shared here.

Organizing a coffee cabinet with free printable labels.


Organized coffee cabinet with free printable labels.

We created a coffee/hot beverage cabinet a couple years ago in the upper cabinet above our coffee maker that sits on the counter.  We just wanted to keep the counter clutter-free and this cabinet is the perfect spot. This last week, I reorganized it and added the labels.

As you can see, we are big coffee/hot beverage drinkers and use both ground coffee and k-cups, so we really needed this cabinet to be better organized. I also needed a little tray that I could pull out and put on the counter with our sugar, cream and napkins, so I created a spot within the cabinet to slip the tray when we’re done.

Organized coffee cabinet with free printable labels.


Organized coffee cabinet with free printable labels

I found these AWESOME plastic candy bins with lids on Amazon here (affiliate link) for $9.00 that are perfect for storing K-Cups.

Awesome plastic candy bins with lids that are perfect for organizing around the house. $9.00 on Amazon.


Free printable pantry labels.

I loved these plastic storage bins so much when they arrived, I ordered a dozen more for organizing throughout the house (baths, crafts, etc..).  If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know I use candy/cookie jars a lot for organizing and up until now, I had no clue that someone makes a light weight plastic. Game-changer for sure!

I have searched high and low for metal tin white canisters to be able to give you guys a source for them but I could not find any.  I purchased the set I used in my coffee cabinet years ago and pulled them out to organize.  If any of you happen to run across a set, please let me know.  In the meantime, the only think I could find that was even remotely similar is this on Amazon here (affiliate link)

Set of three metal pantry canisters from Amazon

I know this set already has labeling but until I can track down the plain set like mine, I wanted to give you guys some source.

I can’t give you original sources on everything I used in the cabinet because I used some things I already had and could not locate.  So I’m sharing the sources of what I do have and some fun additions that I think would be great alternatives to include that are listed below by number.

Sources and free printable labels for organizing a coffee cabinet



Below are the images to print all of the labels (and a few more) for organizing a coffee cabinet.  If you happen to need a slightly smaller size, if you go to the original label post here, there are some of the same items/labels in those sets that are little smaller.


The Labels
We have found that it’s the best to print these labels onto Silhouette clear sticker sheets  (amazon affiliate link). You don’t have to have a silhouette machine to use these sheets and will work on standard printers.   These silhouette clear sheets can also be found at all craft stores.

Free printable hand lettered pantry labels. The Creativity Exchange

Free printable hand lettered pantry labels. The Creativity Exchange

 It’s important to note that when printing on these clear sheets, you’ll need to carefully follow the instructions below to get the best and boldest possible quality labels.  

These free printables are for personal use only and may not be resold, or for commercial use.  


We have found that formatting the labels into a pdf file (which is normally done for free printables) reduces the strength and boldness of the black.  So instead, follow these instructions below to strongest quality.

  1. Right click and save the image of the sheet of labels below that you want and save it to your “pictures” file on your hard drive.  If you have a Mac, you’ll hit control and right click to save to your pictures.
  2. Go into your pictures file/photo editing software and open up the image file just like you would normally go to print a photo from your computer.
  3. Load your clear sticker sheets into the printer but be sure and do a test run first on paper (make sure you have more than 50% ink).
  4. After you hit the print or print preview button, go into your advanced printer settings/image quality or printer set up and choose the “Best” or “High Quality” print quality.  This is very important and will make big difference on the level of ink used on the sticker sheets. All printers “conserve” ink and by default, printers are set to use the minimum amount of ink.  Because we are printing bold black ink on slick paper, if the best quality setting is not used, the font will come out faint on this particular type clear slick sticker paper.

This is what the “media & Quality” setting looks like on a Mac:

Media Quality


In Windows, the setting is under “paper & quality” and you will want to

Right click > open with > Photos

Right click > print > more settings

Under more settings, set the output quality to ‘High Quality’


If you have absolutely no clue, just do a test run on paper and see at which point in the printing process you are given the option for advanced settings or settings for image/media quality.

5. Print the image “full size”

6. Print only one clear sticker sheet at a time (to prevent smearing) and let ink dry at least 15 minutes.

7. Cut around the lettering and attach to your storage container.

Here are the two images for you to save and print of the two coffee cabinet sets of labels we’re offering. 

Free printable labels for organizing a coffee cabinet.

Free printable labels for organizing a coffee cabinet.

Again, if you want to see all the pantry labels that we have so far (we’re adding more next week), you can find them on this post here.

Thank you again so much to Jo at Zuer Designs for doing all of the custom lettering and be sure and check out her website and other work here.

If you want to receive post updates and notifications of new posts when we add the additional labels, you can subscribe to my blog here and receive a post notification via email in your inbox.

Thanks for stopping by today!



**This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which are noted and identified in the post.




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  1. Debbie says:

    Just in case you were wondering how many folks read your last post about the printable labels, Amazon and a few other sites were sold out of the stock labels!!!! Job well done

    • Cyndy says:

      That’s crazy Debbie! LOL! I have been receiving emails from people telling me and I sure hope its because everyone wants to do the labels! 🙂 Although, I hate that they’re sold out! I know that Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and JoAnn’s all keep Silhouette clear sticker paper in stock if that helps anyone. Thanks so much for your fun note! 🙂

  2. Emmy says:

    Hi! I just wanted to check on when you will be adding more labels to the original post (as mentioned above). “Next week” was last week, but i cant find them! Thank you!!

  3. Kim says:

    I so need to do these as my kitchen cabinets are a nightmare. Things are always falling out when you open them.

  4. Beca Pangan says:

    Great organization tips!

  5. Binaebi says:

    Where did you get the silver metal shelf that’s hanging off the top shelf, holding your mugs?

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