Easy Decorating with Palm Fronds, Branches and Greenery

Magnolia Leaves in a Jug

There are so many quick and easy ways for decorating with palm fronds, branches and greenery and you may be surprised by greenery treasures hiding in your own yard.  Today, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks for vase and container ideas that I hope will inspire you to look around your own yard for great greenery potential that would make instant (and easy) beautiful displays.

One of the easiest ways to create a greenery arrangement is with glass jugs.  Glass jugs have a narrow opening that holds greenery, leaves and branches in place better than a traditional vase.  You can either group of set of jugs together with greenery or simply use one.

I love all the colored glass jugs that are out right now and I found this beautiful set of three on Amazon.

Set of three glass jugs for displaying tall leaves, palms and greenery. Amazon

via Amazon (affiliate link)

In my own home, I use glass jugs throughout my home for philodendron and palmetto leaves and other branches and greenery from my yard.

Creative ways to display leaves, branches and greenery from your yard.

Even if you don’t have access to tropical type leaves like philodendrons,palmettos or palms, consider good silk/artificial leaves.  Pottery Barn has come out with some fantastic artificial tropical leaves this spring that are very real looking like this super tall 49″ palmetto palm branch.

Artificial tall palmetto palm branch from Pottery Barn.

via Pottery Barn

Tall dried stems like eucalyptus or pussy willow is another option if you don’t have access to fresh greenery.

Tall faux pussy willows in glass jug

via Cox and Cox

Faux leaves in glass jug.

via Elements of Style

Look around your yard at trees and even shrubs and just by snipping a branch or two that’s loaded with leaves (like this magnolia below) is another easy way to create a pretty display in a glass or ceramic jug.

Magnolia Leaves in a Jug

Removing the lid off a ginger jar is another option for displaying greenery.

Palmetto leaves

Palmetto leaves in ginger jars.

Philodendron leaves in a ginger jar.

via Queensland Homes



I’m not sure what these greenery clippings are but again, any type of clippings from the yard and shrubs can add that pop of green.

Greenery clippings in blue and white ginger jars.

via Verandah House


Greenery displayed in garden planters

If you don’t have any blue and white ceramic jars, I found this tall 18″ blue and white ginger jar from Amazon that is a great size and pattern combination.

Blue and White tall ginger jar.

via Amazon (affiliate link)

Extra tall ginger jars or garden urns are perfect for displaying palm and banana tree cuttings or large silk stems.

Tall urn for palm leaves.

If you want to use a glass vase, the tall cylinder vases are really the best for holding tall stems like these elephant ear clippings below.

Elephant Ears in tall Cylinder case.

via The Decorista

Philodendron leaves in tall cylinder vase.

Leaves in tall cylinder vase.

Smaller traditional glass vases are great for smaller clippings

Glass Vase with palm fronds

via Homemade in Queensland

So many pretty possibilities and you may be surprised what you have in your yard that could add the perfect pop of green and nature.

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2 Responses to Easy Decorating with Palm Fronds, Branches and Greenery

  1. Allison H. says:

    Love all these ideas Cyndy! I have recently jumped on the faux (but the real good faux) greenery bandwagon. I never thought I would say that but I love the look it brings and the super LOW MAINTENANCE!

  2. Hello Cyndy,
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article. I like your tips and ideas and I will sure try at my home.

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