12 Creative Projects and Uses for Hand Dyed and Marbleized Papers

12 Creative Ways to use Hand Dyed and Marble Paper and Where to Order Them.   The Creativity Exchange



I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!!

So last week, I shared a post about using gorgeous hand dyed and marbleized papers for framable art.  Just to give you a little background, I recently stumbled across these insanely vivid and beautiful papers while at an art supply store in Houston. These papers are huge sheets and really thick:


inexpensive and dyed and marbleized papers that are perfect for framing. The Creativity Exchange


inexpensive and dyed and marbleized papers that are perfect for framing. The Creativity Exchange


I wanted to do a “Part 2” post today, to show you all the creative uses I have found for these papers. There are some really creative ways people have come up with to use these beauties.

To give you a better idea how pretty these papers are, here are some closeups of some of my favorite papers (click on the source below each image to go to the source link):


Creative uses for marbleized and hand dyed papers.

source: Dick Blick


Creative uses for hand dyed and marble papers.

source: Paper Mojo





Also, here is the source list again from last week’s post for all of the different types of papers and the source links are directly below the main image:
Inexpensive hand dyed and marbleized papers that are beautiful framed.  The Creativity Exchange




So now that you have seen the papers and where to get them, hopefully your mind is churning with possibilities and below are some great ideas and projects to show you some creative ways to use these papers. To go to the project/and or tutorials, click on the source link at the bottom of each image:

1) Use as Wallpaper


2) Cover Boxes


3) Line the inside of boxes



4) Frame as Art



5) Use as wrapping paper

Marbled wrapping paper.  Sources and other creative uses.  The Creativity Exchange


6) Cover lamp shades or pendant lighting


7) Have papers laminated at Office Depot and turn into table runners or placemats


Have marbled papers laminated at office depot and turn into table runners or placemats.

Source: Ruffled


8) Laminate papers and use as tray inserts for dressing up trays


Have marbleized papers laminated at office depot and turn into tray or drawer liners.  The Creativity Exchange

The Creativity Exchange


9) Decoupage a clip board


10)  Laminate large sheets at Office Depot to get multiple drawer liners ( I did this in my office):
Turn hand dyed and marbelized papers into gorgeous drawer liners.


11) Spray gift tags with adhesive, attach papers and cut to make chic tags for gifts


Spray gift tags with adhesive and attach marble paper for chic and colorful gift tags.  The Creativity Exchange

12) Create gorgeous envelopes, note cards and stationary sets


I don’t know about you but I am in serious overload with all of the possibilities. There are still even more ideas like lining the back of bookshelves, decopage possibilities on furniture or tables and covering glass candle holders.

Ok, so hopefully you are inspired and there is something here that you would love to do.  I know since I brought home over 30 of these papers that I picked up at Texas Art Supply, I can’t stop doing fun stuff with them.

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10 Responses to 12 Creative Projects and Uses for Hand Dyed and Marbleized Papers

  1. Robbie says:

    Brilliant again, Cyndy!
    I can’t wait to try one or some of these!

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you sweet Robbie! So glad you’re inspired! Next time you’re in Houston, you can go by Texas Art Supply on Montrose and look through all of their incredible papers! They are only about $2-$5.00 a sheet! You will not believe them. Thanks for your note! xo

  2. Claire Brody says:

    Love this! That clipboard is all kinds of fab.

  3. Look so amazing. Love all.

  4. Patricia says:

    Cyndy, your creativity knows no bounds!

  5. WANT IT ALL! So gorgeous and what a lovely round-up!

  6. Kelly says:


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