DIY Dresser Transformation {Claire Brody Designs}

Dresser Painted with Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral

Inexpensive Walmart dresser transformed with new hardware and paint into a gorgeous campaign dresser.


Hey guys! It’s Claire from Claire Brody Designs back with another project.

I’m sitting here wondering how it’s already the middle of March?! Is that even possible? It’s been a month since I’ve shared a project with you, and today I’m sharing one of my favorites to date.

I recently gave my little sister’s teen room a makeover. Her request for pops of color made for a really fun room makeover. Because she is my little sister, the project turned into a labor of love. The room had several DIY projects that I completed to give the space a high-end look on a low-end budget.

Her bedroom is very large in size (larger than the master!), so she has plenty of space to say the least. I went with 3 drawer dressers as nightstands so they wouldn’t get lost in the space. I love all of the campaign dressers we are seeing but couldn’t find one in the budget. You know what that means…. A good ole DIY project that turned into this!


diy campaign dresser


This dresser actually started out as this:

diy campaign dresser

Here are the supplies I used to transform it:

Dresser // Pulls //Corner Braces //Legs // Paint

First I sanded the dresser several times. I recommend using a sander over sand paper for this dresser because it unfortunately has a laminate coat that needs to be sanded off. A better (and cheaper) dresser option would be this IKEA Rast Dresser. I ordered the Walmart dresser online and didn’t realize it had the laminate coat which isn’t the easiest to work with. The IKEA option doesn’t have the laminate coat and looks almost identical.

After sanding the piece, I removed the hardware and patched the existing holes. I used Patch-N-Paint to fill the holes then sanded them down. Next I painted the dresser in Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral. It was the perfect coral color. I painted several coats of paint.

If you clicked on the hardware link, you can see that it has a pewter link. I spray painted them gold with Rust-Oleum’s Metallic Gold spray paint which is the best gold spray paint out there in my opinion. After allowing the paint to dry for 24 hours, I drilled new holes for the campaign hardware. It is important to measure where you place the new hardware! I measured the to the center of each drawer and then cut that in half for each drawer pull. The corner pieces were just drilled on each corner of each drawer.

After the new hardware was installed, I turned the dresser over and glued the legs to the bottom. Some might prefer drilling the legs in, but glue did the job for this project.

I was really happy with how the dressers and room came together!

Dresser Painted with Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral

diy campaign dresser

Thanks for stopping by and if you would like to see more of my projects, you can find me on my blog here.

Until next time,


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11 Responses to DIY Dresser Transformation {Claire Brody Designs}

  1. I just love this makeover! The colour is beautiful and the hardware just gives it that touch of personality to make it special. Beautiful room!

  2. Beautiful job! That is a great color.

  3. Jody says:

    Love the color !

  4. Angela says:

    What a great job! The dresser turned out beautifully. One question once you took off the laminate, was there solid wood or composite under there? My daughter has a composite nightstand and I am wondering if there is any hope for it.

  5. Love sweet Claire and her fabulous diy!! Have a wonderful weekend, ladies!

  6. Pat says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the color and the hardware is just perfect. Her room looks like a professional was there!


  7. Meghan says:

    Love this! Gorgeous color! I have just the piece for this project. Thank you for the post and easy DIY.

  8. Laura says:

    Love these colors against the gray, it’s a fresh yet soothing room! Can you tell me where there patterned curtains are from?

  9. Mallory says:

    The before and after for this dresser are amazing – I never think to actually move the hardware by puttying over the holes, but it’s a great way to totally revamp the look. I love the way this room turned out!

  10. Ann R says:

    You mentioned IKEA dressers as an option. The specifics on the dresser on their website says item needs to be attached to the wall or floor to be secure. Have you worked with an IKEA dresser before, is this necessary?

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