Weekend Mix: Fall Color Trends

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I love seeing all the colors coming out in fashion for fall.  I look forward to seeing what colors are going to be big in fashion each season because it gives me a better feel for where we are heading in color trends in design/home decor/paint. Of course, what translates into design is more muted versions but it’s always a pretty good indicator.

This fall, there are a lot of purples, violets, plums mixed with shades of green/chartreuse. That contrasting mix of deep rich color with citrus green really is a gorgeous mix and I’m so excited to see this. I came across this gorgeous flower arrangement and image from the blog Ella Bella Floral and Wedding Design that really encompasses all the various shades of purple and green that we’re seeing in fall fashion trends:


Shades of purple and green for fall.

Via Ella Bella



I came across this beautiful Ashira Purple Sugilite Necklace with the gold that I found on the Etsy shop Ashira Jewelry that I love for fall.  Love the gold in the mix too:



Ashira Purple Sugilite Necklace with gold. Ashira Jewelry.  Weekend Mix.

via: Ashira Jewelry

If you’re wondering what colors are going to be popular this fall in nail polish (I know, world issues here), Luci from the gorgeous blog Luci’s Morsels has pulled together a fantastic fall fashion guide for nail polishes including purples, grays, reds (more plum shades) and metallics.

Here is a snapshot of the purples she highlighted:

Fall nail polish trends. Luci's Morsels.  Weekend Mix.

via: Luci’s Morsels

To see all of the other fall shades, you can find Luci’s guide here.

I have to throw in a little food and drink in the weekend mix and I was so excited to come across the U.S. Blueberry Council’s website, which is FULL of amazing blueberry recipes.  I could eat my weight in blueberries and loved going through all of their recipes.

I can’t wait to try their recipe for blueberry margarita’s:

Blueberry Margarita.  Weekend Mix

via: U.S. Blueberry Council


I love their salad recipe section and I can’t believe all of the unique ways to incorporate blueberries into a salad. There is a recipe for blueberry salsa and this recipe for blueberry and goat cheese salad with balsamic sounds wonderful:

Blueberry and Goat Cheese Salad. Blueberry Council.  Weekend Mix

via: Blueberry Council

If you want to check out all of their recipes, you can find that section here.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!



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2 Responses to Weekend Mix: Fall Color Trends

  1. debbie says:

    Hi Cyndy,

    Thanks for all the great info. Can’t wait to try some of the blueberry recipes, I love all berries. I’m so glad that something that is so delish is good for us too. The etsy site is also wonderful, jewelry is a weakness for me. I’m sure my husband will be sorry you told me about this one.

    In our former home, I had green/purple/lavender/cream colors in one of our guest bedrooms and bath. I think they are beautiful together.

    Take care

  2. LinOne says:

    Great news (and a great blog). I LOVE these colors. That amethyst necklace is so beautiful.

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