Outdoor Entertaining and Decorating: Favorite Tricks

Creative outdoor ideas for entertaining and decorating.  The Creativity Exchange

August is one of my favorite times of the year in East Texas; says no one ever…  Even though I have lived in East Texas for almost 20 years, I still seriously struggle with getting through the insane August heat and humidity here. I’m a Minnesota girl, my body is better equipped for frozen tundra.

August is when we start thinking about the cooler temperatures that will (hopefully) soon be here.  Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite outdoor entertaining and decorating ideas that I have used over the years.  Hopefully there is something here that you can use on your patio or porch.

A couple of years ago, I shared an inexpensive potting bench that I turned into an outdoor bar.  This is probably my favorite outdoor project because we have used it so much and it’s the perfect set up:

Inexpensive potting bench turned into an outdoor bar and beverage station for entertaining.  The Creativity Exchange


For the details on how we transformed the bench by adding bar hardware, you can find that post here.

Another easy trick for serving drinks is to use a garden planter as a beverage chiller:

Use a garden planter as a beverage chiller for outdoor entertaining.  Favorite outdoor entertaining tricks from The Creativity Exchange


I turn a small tupperware storage container upside down and slip it into the urn, so the water melted from the ice goes to the bottom and the ice itself is still at the top.  I have used large oversized urns for bottles of wine.  It’s such an easy (and pretty) way to chill and serve drinks.

One of the best pieces of outdoor furniture that I picked up years ago is this side table console from World Market.  A console table is a great way to set up a buffet when entertaining and using tiered serving stands helps to maximize the space:

Outdoor Side Table Turned Buffet {The Creativity Exchange}

Now is a great time to look for end of seasons sales for an outdoor side table if you can use this idea.  For more details on this project, you can find that post here.

A great way to create a little extra lighting ambiance when entertaining is to slip in solar lights into your plants like this:

For outdoor entertaining, slip solar lights into plants.  Favorite outdoor entertaining ideas from The Creativity Exchange


Slip solar lights into plants for pretty patio lighting in the evening.  The Creativity Exchange


A quick and easy way to make an instant arrangement for outdoor parties is by filling a large ceramic vase with water and add flower and plant clippings from plants around the yard:

Create an instant arrangement for outdoor get togethers by filling a ceramic vase with plant and flower clippings from around the yard.  Favorite outdoor entertaining ideas from The Creativity Exchange



I also love to use a large oversized low bowl planter on my main table that I fill with a large hanging basket mixed plants.  Because low bowl planters have more room at the top, you can fill with 3-4 smaller plants on angle or an oversized hanging basket plant for a gorgeous instant table arrangement:

Fill an oversized low bowl planter with a hanging mixed plant basket for a gorgeous outdoor table arrangement.  The Creativity Exchange.



By the way, I love to use hanging mixed plant baskets around my back patio and I just remove the hanging part and slip into pretty urns and planters.  The hanging baskets are always larger than traditional plants and they are usually about the same price.  After a few weeks, they really take off and look gorgeous.

I hope there is an idea here you can use.  I would love to hear any outdoor entertaining/decorating tricks that you use on your porch or patio.  I am so ready for things to cool down so we can spend more time outdoors and not sweat like wildebeests!

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2 Responses to Outdoor Entertaining and Decorating: Favorite Tricks

  1. What an amazing outdoor space! I love the bar you’ve created. I always think about purchasing that potting bench since you’ve shared it. It’s a great idea.

  2. Barb says:

    What a beautiful patio area for entertaining! What do you do with the potting bench/bar when it’s not in use as a bar? Do you have a picture?

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