Turn Yard and Plant Clippings Into an Easy Summer Arrangement

Mix different sizes of vases for yard clippings for a pretty summer arrangement.  The Creativity Exchange


Use glass vases and candle holders in various sizes for summer clippings.  The Creativity Exchange
Summer is the best time of year to really take advantage of all of the great stuff growing around your yard.  You may not think you have the right stuff growing to pull together a summer arrangement but really anything that’s growing can work beautifully by mixing and matching various sizes of glass vases.

My yard is so lush right now from all of the rain we have had that I decided to take advantage of the overgrowth and make a large summer arrangement on my dining table.  I really don’t have anything exotic (I have a black thumb..); a couple caladium leaves from my front bed, an elephant ear cutting, asparagus fern and a few clippings from my neighbor’s gorgeous crepe myrtle trees.  It really doesn’t take much.

It’s about as simple as it looks, I just pulled out a few glass vases and glass candle holders and spread them out on this oversized tray (I’m sharing the DIY on Thursday):


Mix various sizes of glass vases and candle holders for turning yard clippings into a summer arrangement.  The Creativity Exchange



Mix and match various sizes of glass vases for summer yard cuttings.  Together, it makes a beautiful table arrangement.  The Creativity Exchange



Mix and match different size vases and candle holders for summer yard clippings. The Creativity Exchange



If you do not have any flower plants, you can mix in a store bought inexpensive arrangement with your leaves and other yard clippings.  Even shrub clippings, tree branches with berries or long spiky indian hawthorne worked in will work.  Take advantage of the summer growth around your yard because as you can see, anything will work.

By the way, I made the oversized long tray so I could easily remove all of the vases off of the table for when we have a full table.  I can’t wait to show you guys on Thursday just how super easy this tray is to make.

Easy summer table center piece by mixing different size vases.  The Creativity Exchange

Happy summer friends and thank you so much for stopping by!



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5 Responses to Turn Yard and Plant Clippings Into an Easy Summer Arrangement

  1. Mary Ruth says:

    LOVE this arrangement! Clever and creative! Love the colors!

  2. So creative of you! It turned out absolutely gorgeous!

  3. It’s such a pretty arrangement and I especially love how simple it is to create! My crepe myrtles are all in full bloom too. I really should go and take a few cuttings!

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  5. Judith says:

    Hi CIndy, this table decoration is just wonderful, love it very much! thanks for sharing your inspiration 🙂

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