Round Up of Velvet Finishes Furniture Revamps: Paint It Monday

Round up of furniture revamps with the new awesome paint line Velvet Finishes.  The Creativity Exchange


I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and Easter! Welcome to another Paint It Monday!

Over the last couple of months, I have received a lot emails and questions about the new fabulous Velvet Finishes paint line for furniture that I have been using.  Some of you guys may remember that post back in February where I talked about how blown away I was with this new paint that Interior Designer Kellie Smith recently developed:


Velvet Finishes- Favorite Furniture Paint Line {The Creativity Exchange}

Source: Velvet Finishes


Revolutionary new paint line for furniture called Velvet Finishes. Tutorial from The Creativity Exchange


In that post, I shared my cheap bookshelf in my kitchen that I tried out the Velvet Finishes line and was really excited with the finish and colors:


Bookshelf painted with Velvet Finishes. A new paint line for furniture. Tutorial from The Creativity Exchange


Today, I thought I would answer some of the questions that I have been receiving and also share a round-up of Velvet Finishes projects from readers, other bloggers and Kellie Smith herself to give you a better idea of the paint that I have fallen in love with.

Ever since Kellie sent me all of the Velvet Finishes colors to try out, I have been painting almost everything I can get my hands on (furniture, lamps, baskets, frames, etc..).  The paint has a higher pigmentation, which makes this paint extraordinary.

Here is what the colors and paint sticks looked like that Kellie sent me back in February:


New one step paint line for furniture called Velvet Finishes. {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange


I have already shared several projects that I have done so far using Velvet Finishes including a couple pieces from my daughter’s room revamp project ( I will be sharing the room reveal later on this week).

We painted my daughter’s old Pottery Barn dresser and nightstand:

Tutorial for creatively painting children's furniture. Dresser painted with Velvet Finishes in the color Glamourous {The Creativity ExchangeVelvet Finishes in the colors Glamorous and Minimalist


Tutorial for creatively painting children's furniture. Nightstand painted with Velvet Finishes Paint {The Creativity Exchange}Velvet Finishes in custom mix (2 parts Boheme and 1 part Baroque)

Kellie has been keeping me well supplied in paint and all of the colors to play with and the more I use it, the more impressed I am with how easy it is.  For most projects, 2-3 coats (no priming or sanding) and I’m done and the finish is stunning.

By the way, I have had a lot of questions about prepping furniture pieces like Pottery Barn furniture for Velvet Finishes.  Normally, you do not have to prime or sand with Velvet Finishes for prep.  However, with furniture pieces from stores like Pottery Barn, ZGallerie, World Market, etc.., because they have a very heavy top/sealant coat to ensure that they are durable, pieces like this will need to be very lightly sanded and primed. You can also use Kellie’s “Ready” product that prepares surfaces like heavy factory finishes for Velvet Finishes:

Ready from Velvet Finishes.  It prepapes surfaces for Velvet Finishes paint. The Creativity Exchange.


I used Ready on all of my daughter’s Pottery Barn pieces and it was perfect!  If the surface doesn’t have a sheen or factory finish, you do not need to prime with Velvet Finishes and I have truly put that to test with my projects.

Kellie loves to paint herself, which is why she developed the paint and her collection of projects are so beautiful.  You can find these projects and the colors that she used in her project gallery on her Velvet Finishes website here.  She recently completed a couple new projects that she shared with me including this incredible piece that Kellie painted in the color Bold:

Dresser highboy painted in the color Bold from Velvet Finishes.  The Creativity Exchange

Oh I just LOVE that yellow!

I also love this pieces that Kellie also recently finished.  She used Luxurious, which is the black as base and inside and top glaze is done in the color Soulful:


Armoire painted with the new Velvet Finishes paint line. The Creativity Exchange

Source: Velvet Finishes

Velvet Finishes paint in the color Luxurious (base) and the color Soulful


Here is a closeup of Kellie’s piece so you can really see how incredible this finish is:


Dresser painted with the awesome new paint line Velvet Finishes.


Some other common questions that I have received are people asking for more details about the finish itself.  Let me just say this, the paint is not a chalk paint.  I think there are so many chalky type paints on the market right now that people tend to assume it’s a chalk paint.

Velvet Finishes is more of a velvet type finish when you run your hand over it and when it dries, the finish looks like it’s been buffed and waxed over and over.  It’s very difficult to describe the finish because it’s really unlike anything that we have seen before.   Kellie truly developed something new and amazing and she did it because the paint that she wanted for her design business simply did not exist.

If you look at closely at this image again, you can really get a better feel for the finish.


Dresser painted with the awesome new paint line Velvet Finishes.

It’s the easiest paint I have ever worked with and in two coats (without priming or sanding), you can get a finish that looks like many layers and waxed and buffed.

Another great piece that you can really get a feel for the finish is this gorgeous piece that Jenna from the blog Wife In Progress recently shared.  She painted the dresser using Velvet Finishes in the color “Handsome”:

Dresser paint with Velvet Finishes in the color Handsome
Velvet Finishes Handsome


Dresser painted with Velvet Finishes in the color Handsome. From Wife in Progress

Source: Wife in Progress


Jenna just did a couple coats of Handsome on this old dresser and it looks like it’s been waxed and buffed.  You can check out Jenna’s tutorial (and video) here.


I was really excited to see that Mandie, the super talented furniture painter from Altar’d tried Velvet Finishes on these gorgeous pieces that are now available in her shop in Houston:


Dresser painted with Velvet Finishes in the color Oppulent. From Altar'd

source: Altar’d

Velvet Finishes paint in the color Opulent with Velvet Finishes Glaze


Just look at these gorgeous nightstands that Mandie also did:


dressers painted with Velvet Finishes from Altar'd

source: Altar’d

Velvet Finishes in Opulent

Mandie did an incredible job on all of these pieces and I can’t wait to see what she does next with Velvet Finishes!. I have followed Mandie for years on Facebook here and the girl is so talented and pops out furniture revamps with the speed of light! One of these days, I’m going to stop in at her Houston shop.

Maria, a reader who tried out Velvet Finishes, sent me these pictures of this beautiful credenza that she painted in the color Boheme and lightly glazed with Luxurious:

Credenza painted with Velvet Finishes paint in the color Boheme.

Velvet Finishes in Boheme 

Bee from the blog Windgate Lane, painted this old dresser recently with Velvet Finishes in one of my favorite colors Baroque:


Dresser painted with Velvet Finishes in the color Baroque from Windgate Lane

Source: Windgate Lane

Velvet Finishes Baroque with Gold Detailing


Kellie has all kinds of glazes and has recently developed a line of jelly (similar to a glaze but different) that I am getting ready to try on an old wardrobe in my guest room.  I can’t wait to catch up on all my projects so I can really roll up my sleeves and try some different techniques with this paint. I’ll keep you guys posted.

The paint is only available online on the Velvet Finishes.  Kellie is adding new paint retailers everyday.  The paint comes in two sizes (8 oz and 32 oz) and you can find out more information about the paint and see the gorgeous color selection on the Velvet Finishes website here.

I have fallen in love with this paint and I think it is so exciting that someone actually invented a furniture paint that is not complex and requires layer after layer and buffing. If you do try out the paint, please send me a picture of your finished project!

Thanks for stopping by today and I’ll be back later on this week with all of the details and pics from my girl’s room revamp.





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18 Responses to Round Up of Velvet Finishes Furniture Revamps: Paint It Monday

  1. marcia weilbacher says:

    I live in Millstadt, Il. Where is the closest location to purchase this product.
    And, how does it compare to Annie Sloan’s products in price?
    Thanks for your time!

    • Cyndy says:

      I’m not aware of retailer in Illinois yet Marcia. Kellie’s working on adding more retailers but you can order paint directly from the Velvet Finishes website here: You can also see all of the color choices.

      As far as pricing, the Velvet Finishes costs about the same but I use so much less than ASCP. Keep in mind, Velvet Finishes is not a chalk paint and the finish has a higher pigmentation and its more like matte velvet. You can also add water to thin. I have been amazed at how very little I need to cover a piece.

      Hope that helps Marcia!

  2. I got my sample size to try out on a small end table. I cannot wait to find the time to use it. 🙂 I love your pieces, Cyndy.

  3. Maria Gillespie says:

    Thanks so much for showing off my table! I plan to paint a buffet soon, I;ll post pictures on instagram!

  4. Vicki says:

    We are wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets, do you think this paint will be good for that type of job? Do you think it would stand up to that kind of wear? Thanks in advance !

    • Cyndy says:

      Yes Vicki, I think this would be an excellent paint for cabinets. It would be important to add a top coat like Velvet Finishes “Protect” because cabinets are such high traffic. If you’re interested, Kelli from Velvet Finishes can help you figure out how much paint you’ll need.

  5. Thanks again for sharing this amazing paint and even more beautiful projects! It’s still on my list of paints to try – I’m just stuck on trying to figure out which beautiful color to choose! I have a desk that is crying out for new life and this paint would be perfect.

  6. The color selection seems great! Do you really not need to use wax? I’ve worked with AS Chalk Paint and that definitely needed the wax I felt like! I’ll have to keep this in mind!

  7. All of the pieces look amazing! I’m very interested in trying this paint! The finish sounds divine and I have to say that waxing is the step I really hate with chalk painted pieces so if I can bypass that step and get the waxed look all the better!!

  8. Tammy Brown says:

    I recently bought a solid wood coffee table with a matching end table at a used furniture for a great price of 45.00 for both pieces.The two pieces are fabulous,but the problem is the paint job of a bright peach thats terrible!I figured at the time,I could repaint them to match my taste,but after getting them home I’ve noticed now that the paint over the stain is not sticking and gumming and peeling off and it looks like they’made numerous nail holes all over on purpose.How can I fix this?Stripping would take forever,so what would you suggest?Please help!

  9. Meg says:

    I am ordering some right now! These are fabulous pieces and I cannot wait to get it. As soon as I do–I am off to the races! The problem is–I can’t decide which of the amazing colors to try as I love them ALL!

  10. Ashley says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could share where you purchased the glass drawer pulls you have on the pink and white dresser you painted? I absolutely adore them!


  11. Christina says:

    Hello! I am new to furniture painting, but I am really looking forward to trying this paint! Can someone please tell me how many pieces does the 32oz bottle usually cover?

  12. Shelia says:

    I have just found your site and have been reading about projects painted with Velvet paint. I want the color used by Mandie at Altar’d on a piece of furniture she painted in 2014. The caption says it is opulent with a Velvet glaze. The picture looks like paint is a bluish gray (more blue than my sample of opulent). Do you know if she mixed opulent with another color to achieve this blue hue?

  13. Teresa says:

    Where do u find this paint?

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