Jeff Lewis Paint Colors are Now at Home Depot


Jeff Lewis paints are now available at Home Depot

Source: Jeff Lewis Color



You know I’m a serious paint geek when I get so excited that I stop everything I’m doing to share breaking paint news with you! Jeff Lewis Paint is now at Home Depot!

A year ago, I wrote a post about how much I loved the paint collection that Jeff Lewis Color came out with in partnership with Dunn-Edwards paint. When I wrote that post, Jeff Lewis Color was only available in something like five states.

Thanks to a reader’s email this morning (thanks so much Lise), I found out that Jeff Lewis announced that his paint collection is now available at Home Depot.  I went and checked out Home Depot’s website and sure enough, it popped up right here!  I wasn’t able to find any additional information or details like is it in stores at this moment?  DId he add any new colors, etc.. Once I find out more, I’ll let you guys know!  By the way, I have never tried the paint, so I can’t talk about the quality but I can tell you, the color collection looks to be incredible!

So today, I thought I would repost my original post below from a year ago, where I talked about the collection and my favorite colors.  Once I get more information and finally get to try it, I’ll be back with the details.


Jeff Lewis Color Agave Now Available at Home Depot {The Creativity Exchange}

Source: Jeff Lewis Color via Home Depot


Here is my old post from January, 2013;

I have waited a long time for this day!  Jeff Lewis Color have finally come out and just as I suspected, he hit it out of the ball park.  Yep, it’s official, I’m a paint groupie. I’ve been stalking Jeff Lewis’ website for the last few months for this day to come.   In fact, this is exactly how I feel today:


Jeff Lewis Paint

Ha!  Only Jeff Lewis could come up with an ad like this! “Idiot-proof paint”! Well almost…

So why am I so excited?  Jeff Lewis is a designer known for his eye for amazing paint color picks and beautiful design work.  If you’ve watched his show Flipping Out on Bravo, you have seen Jeff in action and know that he comes up with absolutely gorgeous and livable paint colors in every project that he touches. I mean serious drool-worthy colors!

I have searched for a couple of years now for any morsel of paint color information that Jeff has used on his projects, but I haven’t been able to find a thing. Jeff’s paint line has been a long time coming. I know that there are several of you who too are also obsessed with paint and I think you guys are gonna love this!

I started watching Flipping Out to see Jeff’s design work but I was sucked in instantly by his quirky personality and wonderfully sarcastic OCD dark side:


via Jeff Lewis Design

via Jeff Lewis Design


Um yes, it helps that he is so adorably drool-worthy himself.

On the show, Jeff mainly does renovation work for medium size homes and because of this, it is so interesting to see how he overcomes the same issues many of us face in our homes including;  improving the flow of a room, layering design elements, opening rooms up and making rooms appear larger.  Jeff is forced to get creative with limited spaces and he has a gift for zoning in on just the right paint color as part of the solution.

Here are a couple of pictures of Jeff’s work {via Jeff Lewis Design}.   I purposely picked smaller spaces to show you how Jeff’s choice of rich paint colors give these spaces depth and layers, giving these rooms a much larger feel:


Jeff Lewis Design Jeff Lewis Design


Jeff Lewis DesignJeff Lewis Design


Jeff Lewis DesignJeff Lewis Design

To see more of Jeff’s projects, be sure a check out his website and gallery, which is full of inspiration, beautiful colors and creative design ideas.

Ok, so long story short and what I’m really trying to say here is, Jeff is really the ideal person to come up with paint colors and I need a paint intervention…

So on to the paints!  Here is a picture of the fan deck that just came out:

image via Jeff Lewis Paint

image via Jeff Lewis Paint


Just look at these colors:

Jeff Lewis Paint Fan Deck

rich in depth but calm and tranquil. A great balance and all livable colors..

The colors are seriously off the charts.  I knew the colors would probably be good but they are really incredible and so worth the stalking wait.  The colors each have a lot of depth but they are subtle and calm neutrals {from what I can tell without a fan deck} that look like they were designed to all safely work/play off of each other.  It’s hard to tell on the computer but it appears that they all have the same undertones as well, which is why they look like they would all work beautifully together. Brilliant!

Jeff Lewis Color called Skinny Dip now available at Home Depot {The Creativity Exchange}

Source: Jeff Lewis Color via Home Depot

Jeff partnered with Dunn Edwards Paints to create this product and while I have never tried Dunn Edwards, I have always heard great things about their paints.  So I don’t think this is just another pretty color and I think it’s probably a great paint too.  But again, I haven’t tried the products.  If you have used Dunn Edwards in the past, please tell us your thoughts in the comment section. I hope to be trying it very shortly to come back and tell you what I think.

dunn edwards

So there appears to be 32 colors in Jeff’s collection and I already have a list of favorites.  Well, I pretty much love all of them but I have three colors that are at the top of my list:


image via Jeff Lewis Paints

image via Jeff Lewis Paints


I love the blue/green calm feel of Aloe and I can so see that in a bathroom or a bedroom. And that Salt Water is so rich,  I can just picture it in a small powder room or an entry wall.  Salt Water looks like it would be a gorgeous furniture color as well.  Clay looks like a color that Jeff would use in a living/great room and I also see it in a dining room, entry way, or even on cabinets with white walls.  I can’t wait to look at these colors more when I can get my hands on a fan deck. I need a fan deck {deep breaths}…


**Updated on 3/19/14 Jeff Lewis Color is now available nationwide at Home Depot here.



Jeff Lewis Paint


You can see all of the 32 colors in the collection on the Jeff Lewis Paint website here. I am so, so curious to hear what you guys think about the colors and which colors are your favorite!

As soon as I’m able to get more information, I will let you guys know!  If you see it at your Home Depot and try it, I would LOVE for you to let me know what you think!



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8 Responses to Jeff Lewis Paint Colors are Now at Home Depot

  1. Those colors are fantastic! I can’t wait to get over to Home Depot and see the colors in person. I would have to say the Aloe is number 1 on my list. Thanks for sharing-I am a true paint junkie!

    • Cyndy says:

      Ha! Hello fellow paint junkie! I ran to our Home Depot tonight and it wasn’t there and the paint guys didn’t know anything about it. Except, they did say that Ralph Lauren paint was coming in? I’m going to email Home Depot for more info. Thanks Michelle!

  2. Sheri White says:

    Thank you Cyndy. We are in the process of building a new home and I’ve been struggling with paint colors. This is the answer I needed. I am loving the line. Going to Home Depot today on my way home from work. Woohoo. 😀

    • Cyndy says:

      Yes, Jeff’s colors are really extraordinary and very safe! However, I know nothing about the quality of paint and haven’t tried it yet. If you do try it, I would love to know what you think! Thanks so much Sheri!

  3. These colors just scream “Cyndy” to me! They are beautiful!

  4. Jen says:

    From what I’m reading online, they are testing it online first to see how sales are before they carry in store. I’d be interested to know if your other commenters found it in store. Looks like they will ship it to your store for free if you order online.

  5. Lisa says:

    Cyndy, I can’t wait to check out this line! I have heard good things about Dunn Edwards paint.

  6. Kim says:

    Has anyone been able to find them at Home Depot?

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