Favorite Sweet Treats and Printables from Design Eat Repeat

Favorite sweet treat recipes and printables from Design Eat Repeat


Happy Friday friends! I’m taking a break today from all of my projects to tempt us all with some amazing sweet treats and printables from one of my favorite bloggers, Melissa from Design Eat Repeat:

Melissa Fallon from Design Eat Repeat



Melissa is not only an amazing blogger but she is Graphic Designer and baking addict. She has interned in the Food Department at Better Homes and Garden, designs blogs and websites and did I mention she’s a baking addict? Ha!  Melissa does it all and she is a fantastic photographer too!

I’m featuring Melissa today not only because I love her recipes and printables but because I am thrilled to introduce her to you all as a new Creativity Exchange monthly contributor! Yay!!   I haven’t had a lot of time for sweet treats or printables lately (and we need more of that, right?), so I asked Melissa if she would consider contributing and tempting us on a monthly basis!  I’m excited that she agreed!  If you’re not familiar with Melissa already, let me just show you a few of some her projects/recipes:

I’m dying to try Melissa’s Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookies:


via Design Eat Repeat


Those just sound out of this world!

I also want to try these Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter and Almond Cookies (oh my!!):


via Design Eat Repeat


Also on my long list of Melissa recipes to try is her Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream:


via Design Eat Repeat


Since Melissa is a Graphic Designer, her printables are incredible!  One of my favorites are her fabulous free printable recipe cards:



via Design Eat Repeat


I think these printable cards would be so sweet to attache to a homemade gift with the recipe!

Last but not least, I just adore Melissa’s free printable kitchen print:


via Design Eat Repeat


So much goodness Melissa and I am so excited to have you as a monthly contributor and we cannot wait to see what else you come up with girl!

If you want to see more of Melissa’s recipes and her other projects, you will find Melissa on her beautiful blog Design Eat Repeat here.

Ok friends, I’m off to the beach to hang out with my girl for her sprint break.  Here room revamp is coming together and I am so excited to show some of the fun stuff that we have done next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. That printable is adorable. Thanks for sharing, Melissa. Your recipes made me very hungry. Can’t wait to try some of them.

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