5 Fun (and Creative) Craft Projects for Kids…

five fun and creative craft ideas for kids {The Creativity Exchange}



For those of you with kids (or Grandchildren), finding creative ways to keep everyone busy in the summer is challenging. I love to let my girl do her thing and just hang out, but I also like to mix in a fun (and creative)  project here and there that we can do together. Today I thought I would post a collection of five creative craft projects for kids that I have shared on the blog over the last few years.

All of these projects are great ways to teach kids about art and using their creativity.  I have found that the more I introduce my child to various ways of creating, she will run with it and take it to another level.  Not only is this fun for the kids but its fun for adults watching the kids explore their creativity!

Dog Silhouette- Dog Silhouette Art

So let’s jump right in to these projects..

I think my favorite kid project that I have ever done with my daughter is making silhouette art of our dog Ava:


Dog, German Short-haired Pointer
How to create a dog silhouette on canvas- Instructions
My daughter and I had such a great time making the silhouettes of Ava together and it’s a pretty easy project unless you have a dog like mine that will not sit still:

Crazy Dog


You can make silhouettes of dogs, cats or even your child. It’s just a really cool way to create fun art with the kids!

dog silhouette 024
Another one of our favorite craft projects that my daughter and I made were these fun octopus beach bags using screen print paint and the free printable stencil that I shared:




You can also do this project on a t-shirt and you can use any kind of image your child would like.  I show in the tutorial here how to find images for your projects and step by step instructions for how to screen create easy screen prints without a screen.

If you have a little girl or several girls, these DIY button rings that I shared a couple months ago are easy and always a big hit:

Kid's craft idea- turn buttons into blinged out rings {The Creativity Exchange}


The best part of making the button rings is shopping for just the right blingy buttons.  I shared in that tutorial here where to find for the best bling!

Of course, cardboard box projects are easy and inexpensive ways to keep the kids creatively occupied and a few years ago, I shared a project for making a cardboard “Under the Seas” puppet theater:


Cardboard "Under the Seas" Puppet Theater {The Creativity Exhchange}



"Under the Sea" Cardboard Puppet Theater. {The Creativity Exchange}

I cannot tell you how much fun the girls had making their mermaid paper puppets and putting on shows.  You can find the details here and I also shared suggestions for more cardboard box projects for both boys and girls.

Lastly, another favorite project that my daughter and I made together were these foam sticker letter canvases:

Creating fun kids art by spray painting foam sticker letters on a canvas {The Creativity Exchange}


You can have your child create the canvases using foam stickers and then all you have to do is spray paint them white or with a color for a awesome dimensional art piece!  You can see more examples and find the instructions here.

I hope you see something here that looks like a fun project to do with child this summer! If you have a fun kid project/craft idea, I would love for you to share it with us in the comment section. We are always looking for fun things to do!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and have a fantastic weekend!!




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  1. Mary Ruth says:

    I have you on my subscribed list, and I always enjoy the posts you send out to everyone! Your descriptions are easy to understand and no ‘bait’ posts that take forever to find what exactly are you saying! LOL

    Thanks for the great posts and DIY encouraging projects!

    • Cyndy says:

      I’m so glad to hear that Mary Ruth! I know exactly what you’re saying and have unsubscribed from blogs that do the “bait” thing. That’s exactly why I try and be as descriptive as possible and I’m so glad that you are enjoying my posts. Thanks for you kind comment and stopping by!

  2. Mary Ruth says:

    Why didn’t I think of this before? I just clicked on your P for Pinterest… and am off to view your boards there! 🙂

  3. Julie Austin says:

    Very cool ideas, Cyndy. Glad to see kids using their creativity in a way that doesn’t always involve a TV or iPhone screen. Loved the blurry dog pix. That is SO true!

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