Cousin Frank’s Amazing Kitchen Remodel {Before & After}…

Amazing before and after kitchen remodel -The Creativity Exchange
amazing kitchen transformation {Before and After} The Creativity Exchange


My cousin Frank recently completed one of the most amazing remodel projects that I have ever seen. I’m not just saying this because he’s my cousin and because I think he hangs the moon either.  I really am completely stunned by the transformation.  What is even more amazing is that he did most of the work himself. I am so proud of him and I couldn’t wait to share his project with you.

Before I show you the before and after pictures, I wanted to share something special with you.  For those of you who have followed my blog for awhile now, you may remember me talking about my next door neighbor, “Crafty Jane”?  Well.. Last year, I introduced cousin Frank to Crafty Jane and they just got engaged!! Yay!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am and here is a picture of Frank, Jane and her daughter Hazel right after we helped Frank set up a surprise proposal for Jane and Hazel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio:


frank, jane and hazel


We are so thrilled that Frank, Jane and Hazel found each other and are going to be a family!  The ironic thing here is that Frank introduced me 17 years ago to my husband and I introduced him to his bride to be!  Isn’t that wild?

Ok, back to Frank’s before and after pictures.  These are the before pictures.

This is looking into the kitchen the before.  Notice the big wall:



This picture was taken in the kitchen looking towards the living/entry way:


fw 1


This was taken after he pulled everything out, had the walls floated and he installed the recessed lighting.  Frank saved money by doing most of the work himself and only brought in professionals on projects that he wasn’t comfortable doing himself.

Notice all of the paint colors on the wall.  I helped Frank narrow down his paint choices, which was not an easy task finding just the right warm gray.  One of the smartest things Frank did was to use moving boxes to determine his new layout!  So smart:




This picture was taken while Frank was installing the cabinets:


fw 2


and here is Franks finished kitchen today…. {drumroll….}:


Amazing before & after kitchen remodel (The Creativity Exchange)
Amazing before & after kitchen remodel -The Creativity Exchange


Amazing DIY Kitchen Remodel {The Creativity Exchange}Amazing before and after kitchen renovation.


Isn’t this insane??  Can you believe it?  I knew the transformation would be amazing but I still can’t get over it!  Removing that big wall to open up the kitchen made the biggest impact.

Frank finally decided on Behr Clay Beige as his wall color, which is one of my favorite neutrals out there and it’s a light gray with a touch of warmth and a lot of depth:


via Home Depot

via Home Depot

amazing kitchen transformation {Before and After} The Creativity Exchange


Frank purchased pre-made cabinets from Clig Studios and he decided on the Dayton style and he choose white.  What was so cool is that Frank worked directly with Cliq designer to determine measurements, precise layout and all of the little details and then the cabinets were ordered, delivered and were perfect.  Frank installed them himself:


Kitchen before and after {The Creativity Exchange}
Amazing before and after kitchen remodel {The Creativity Exchange}

Frank purchased the gorgeous cabinet hardware from Ikea and the style is the Lansa and they were 2 for $6.99! It pays to really shop around to find the best deals.

Frank decided on Crescent Hardwood Flooring for his new Brazilian Walnut Maringny Collection {engineered Brazilian hardwood floors}.  Again, he shopped around and looked for closeouts to find the best pricing. 


Amazing before & after kitchen remodel {The Creativity Exchange}


One of my favorite elements of Frank’s new kitchen is the beautiful granite that he picked out.  He decided on the Blue Ice Granite that came from Boeker Counters in Houston.  I have never seen granite in this color.  Talking with countertop specialists and asking about slabs that they are willing to deeply discount is another way to save money.


Blue Ice Granite
Amazing before and after kitchen remodel -The Creativity Exchange


Another great addition to the kitchen is this Moen faucet that has an automatic hand sensor!! Yes, an automatic sensor!! Oh my, I had no idea that they even made these for residential and I can’t wait to get one for my kitchen!



Moen Faucet with Automatic Sensor


Frank did a ton of research on his new appliances and said that every piece was top of the line but that he took his time to find the best deals and closeouts.  Frank decided on a Jenn Air cabinet depth refrigerator from Sears that he picked up for $1,200.  His wine cooler was a closeout from Home Depot and he picked it up for $250.00:


Kitchen before and after {The Creativity Exchange}


Frank also found more deals including a Kenmore Elite slide in range was another closeout for $900.00 and the convection microwave was also Kenmore Elite was on closeout for $450.00.  The stainless steel Jenn Air dishwasher also on closeout for $525.00! Yep, Frank can find a deal anywhere!


Amazing before and after kitchen remodel {The Creativity Exchange}


I am still just amazed every time I look at these pictures and see the transformation.  I am so proud of Frank that he took his time, did all of the research and maximized every square inch of this small kitchen to open it up and make it look huge.  Great job Frank!!!


Amazing DIY kitchen remodel with specs and product info {The Creativity Exchange}


I’m so proud of the job Frank did and I still cannot believe this is the same space! Just goes to show you that anything is possible if you just research, play around with layout and look for closeouts and great deals!

Thanks for stopping by today!





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23 Responses to Cousin Frank’s Amazing Kitchen Remodel {Before & After}…

  1. Tara says:

    Oh wow, what a transformation!! It looks gorgeous. We recently moved, and I immediately got the cabinets painted white before we unpacked (I did a post on it recently). In time, I’d like to get new countertops too. I’m loving this granite!!! Thanks for the information with the names and store here in Houston.

    • Cyndy says:

      I know, I was so surprised on the granite myself! I have never seen that color and it is amazing! Frank mentioned that he really liked working with the granite company in Houston and they were great with helping him find just the right design/colors that he had in mind. Good luck on your project and I’m gonna go check out your post on your cabinets! Thanks for stopping by Tara!!

  2. Boy Crafty Jane is a lucky woman!!!

    • Cyndy says:

      Yes she is! He’s a lucky one guy himself as Jane helped him quite a bit and she has been busy crafting pillows, art work and designs for his {their} home! It has just warmed my heart that they have each other now! Thanks Arlene!!

  3. Ruth says:

    Well I agree with Arlene – Crafty Jane must be extremely proud of her future “hubby to be”. The new kitchen looks absolutely amazing! Well done Cousin Frank! You have bragging rights!

  4. Just voted from him Cyndy! Great before and afters also I love that he reused the barstools – look totally different painted black! M.

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you, thank you Mandi!! I sure hope he wins and it would be so nice to recoup some of his expenses! We really appreciate it and thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Megan says:

    Absolutely stunning! It is showroom/magazine worthy in my opinion. I’m sure they are loving it.

  6. Sue Erickson says:

    Hi- Great Kitchen, Layout and the overall look is very appealing. I am a kitchen designer and I must say that he did a wonderful job. I like the detail of the cabinet above the stove pullout just a little to add interest withe the molding depths. The bar seating is perfect! The Granite is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing a beautiful remodel!

    • Cyndy says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sue! I will be sure and share your compliments with him. I just noticed the pullout since you mentioned it and it really was a great detail to add. Thanks again!

  7. Karen Seidlitz says:

    What a great job. I’m in line to do this and can’t imagine doing such a fabulous job as this. I have a personal question. What was the total cost of his kitchen makeover?

  8. Lauren says:

    One of the most fabulous kitchen makeovers I’ve ever seen! I love the countertops! Congratulations to all on the engagement 🙂

  9. Lee says:

    What a fantastic makeover, the area not only looks fabulous but also well designed with the perfect working triangle from sink to stove to refridgerator.

    I love the story about Frank and how he introduced you to your husband and now you have found him his love, how wonderful, congratulations to them both, I wish them a long blessed life together.
    Lee 🙂

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you Lee! Yes, it is so ironic that we both found each other’s loves. We are really close and I guess we knew what each other needed. I’m so excited for them! Thank you again!

  10. Vicky Craig says:

    I am so happy for Jane, Hazel, and Frank!! Thank you for sharing their news.

  11. Lori says:

    Wonderful renovation and wonderful story. Happily voted for Frank.

  12. Lois Summers says:

    Excellent job! That’s awesome.

  13. Mark says:

    Amazing kitchen transformation. I love the counters – they go so well with the cabinets and appliances. Makes me want to tear into my kitchen today. 🙂

  14. Carol says:

    Hey I went to vote for Franks makeover and couldn’t find it.

  15. Wow! That’s so beautiful! Your cousin did a great job with that kitchen! Two thumbs up with the transformation. This will be one of my inspirations for my kitchen remodelling.

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