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Happy Friday friends and welcome to another Friday Favorites!

If you’re following along with me, you know that I am doing a “Revamp of the Month” and this month, I am updating my master bedroom. I have been sharing the progress along the way and will be sharing all the DIY projects and product source information that go into this room revamp. Many of you have told me that you are joining me along the way and revamping your own bedrooms and I am so excited that we are doing this together!

Last week on Friday Favorites, I shared bedroom color palette inspiration. At the end of that post I mentioned that I had “loosely” decided on my new colors. I finalized my colors and here is my final color palette:


Behr Paint Color Palette- Interior Design- Paint


I ended up having Home Depot mix Stone Fence and Rhino together for my wall color. The color Snow Leopard is now on my ceiling and the the Behr Ocean Pearl will be the paint color for my furniture revamps. The bedroom was painted this week and I am so thrilled with how beautiful the color turned out. I am still doing touch ups and have the room turned upside down, so I’m not quite ready to post pictures yet but I will soon when the room is in a much better state!

The next thing I need to do is make a final decision on my bedding. I have purposely not made any firm decisions on fabric patterns until I get my new bedding in the room. Seeing the room with the paint on the wall, new carpet color and bedding will help me see what fabric colors and patterns would help pull the room together. Sometimes when I have purchased fabrics before I have seen a room near completion, I have regretted that I didn’t wait. As hard as it is to wait on deciding on fabulous fabrics, I’m focusing right now on what I want and need for bedding.

If you have looked at bedding over the last year, you have probably noticed a big change in bedding trends. Move over thick velvet and silken patterned bedspreads, there is a new trend in town.., white, white and more white.

If you look through any design magazines today, you will notice that almost every bed is covered in white duvet covers and white pillows or warm toned coverlets:



Source: Houzz/ Chalet Interiors


Coastal Living Bedroom

Source: Coastal Living via My Home Ideas


Peacock Alley Bedding

Source: Peacock Alley Designs via Opulence of Southern Pine


Courtney Giles Interiors

Source: Courtney Giles Interiors via Decor Pad


While there are still plenty of other beautiful bedding options out there today, white crisp bedding has become a huge trend. Coverlets and Belgian linens are also popular today in bedding and I love this look as well:


Coverlet- Neiman Marcus

Source: Neiman Marcus


Coverlets- Bedding- Neiman Marcus- Interior Design

Source: Neiman Marcus


Belgian Linen- Restoration Hardware- Interior Design

Source: Restoration Hardware


Bedding- Interior Design- William Sonoma

Source: William Sonoma


For my master bedroom, I am torn between two different types of bedding; the crisp white duvet cover or the beautiful dyed linens or Belgian linen. I love the look of brightening up a room with whites but the comfort of linen really appeals to me. I will have to make my decision this week and next to the wall color, it’s going to be the hardest decision for me to make.

There are so many fantastic resources for inexpensive bedding online. My favorite place by far for price and quality is Overstock.com. This week, I have gone to all of my favorite resources for inexpensive yet beautiful bedding and this is what I found that appeals to me.

If you can believe this, this gorgeous bedding made by Hotel Collection {same brand at Bed, Bath & Beyond} is selling for $59.00 and up! Such an unbelievable deal:


Overstock.com- Bedding- Interior Design

Source: Overstock


Here is another great deal from Overstock.com:


bedding-overstock-interior design

Source: Overstock


I also love these coverlets at Overstock.com


Bedding-Interior Design

Source: Overstock

For a basic plain duvet cover, Target online is a great place to pick up an inexpensive duvet cover. I love this basic white one that is only $29.00 for a queen size:


Source: Target


If you’re looking for a beautiful solid color matlelasse coverlet, Target online has great deal starting at $99.00 and they have a large color selection:


Source: Target


If you’re looking for something with a little more pattern but still inexpensive, you might want to check out West Elm. West Elm always seems to have beautiful bedding at really great prices! I love these:


Source: West Elm


West Elm also offers layered bed looks that you can mix and match and great prices:


Source: West Elm


Overstock, Target Online and West Elm are my three favorite sources for inexpensive but gorgeous bedding. If you’re looking for bedding, take a look around at these three stores and I bet you can find something that you love, for a great price! If you’re looking for more inspiration and bedding sources, I have been pinning some of my finds on my Pinterest Board “Bedroom Ideas” that you can check out here.

Did you see something that you liked? Do you like the white bedding trend? I’m on the fence. I’ll have to think about my choices over the weekend. Once I make my decision, I will be on to my favorite part of the process; fixtures, accessories and fabric!

Have a great weekend friends and thanks so much for hanging out with me for Friday Favorites. If you missed last week’s Friday Favorites, “Master Bedroom Color Palette Inspiration”, you can go to that post by clicking the picture below:


Bedroom- Interior Design- Paint Colors


I have a lot of projects coming up that I have been doing in my bedroom and I can’t wait to share them with you next week!


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  1. Rosanna says:

    where is the bedding from in the top left hand side of your first image? It’s bronze/tan and black mix. This is the look I want to go with in my guest room and this bedding would be perfect!

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