Room Revamp of the Month {Master Bedroom}…

I’m starting another new monthly feature on the blog called “Room Revamp of the Month”. I am on a big mission in my home to try and revamp/update one room a month. It’s beyond time for a fresh new coat of paint and I need to update the colors, fabrics and furniture pieces in my home.  I’m not doing anything really major, but I am planning on changing paint colors, updating light fixtures, revamping some furniture pieces and doing smaller projects. My goal is to work primarily with the existing furniture pieces that I have, do most of it myself and keep the costs down to a minimum.

Throughout each month, I will be tackling a new room and sharing room inspiration, specific paint color ideas and palettes, sources for lighting, fabric and accessories and furniture revamps for the room that I am focused on for the month.  If you’ve been wanting to update a room or two in your home as well, this would be the perfect time to join me on this mission.  If you’re not quite ready, you can follow along and wait until I’m done and then hopefully have the inspiration {and sources} for tackling your own space at a later time.

So this month’s room revamp that I’ll be working on is my master bedroom. This is what the room looks like now:


Master Bedroom


I really do love my bedroom and love the room color (SW-Latte) but after 8 years, it’s time for a change and I’m looking for something fresh and new. The painters painted my ceiling the same color (I requested white) and I have never fixed it.  It has always driven me nuts and I can’t wait to get that ceiling white or at least off white.

For this room, my plan is to replace the carpet, change the wall color, keep the existing furniture but maybe revamp nightstands and bench. The only thing that I cannot do is paint the Century bed..  I’m afraid I would regret doing anything to it years down the line.  I also plan to revamp the lamps, find new fabulous bedding, add a chair {or chaise} and add some beautiful wall decor.

One of my favorite things in this room are these large blue greek key pillows that I picked up a couple of years ago.  I would like to see if I can make them work with the new decor:


Greek Key Large Pillow


I also love my zebra bench but I am ready to change the fabric and do something totally different:


Zebra Bench


The funny thing about that bench is that more than 10 years ago, when the zebra pattern first came out, I loved the pattern so much that I purchased a large table cloth from Neiman’s and used the fabric for the bench.  Zebra design had not made it to upholstery fabric at this point, so I used the tablecloth instead.  It has held up really well and now I always look at higher end stores for table cloths for possible upholstery projects.  You can always find odd shapes and amazing patterns at great prices.

So, I have already ordered my carpet, which will be installed in less than two weeks! I thought about having wood floors installed and using a large rug but I decided against it because of the expense.  Even though I’m not a big fan of carpet anywhere else in my home, I do love having it in my bedroom, especially when it’s cold outside.

So, step #1 is done!!  I have decided what’s going to stay, what’s going to go and what I’m going to revamp.  I have ordered the carpet and my next step is to quickly come up with a wall color so the painters can do their job before the carpet gets installed.

Making a decision on a paint color also means that I need to come up with a color palette and a “somewhat” loose plan.  If I can just decide on a color palette, everything else will fall into place.  This is the hardest part for me!  I like too many colors and pretty much love every style.

Look for some major master bedroom color palette inspiration on Friday Favorites this week.  If you’re thinking about revamping your master bedroom, hopefully you’ll see something on Friday that will inspire you as well.  I hope I can inspire myself too so I can make a decision this weekend!

All this month, I will be sharing the revamps and source information on this room transformation with you. I would love for you to jump in and share your suggestions as well.  I am open to anything and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas along the way!

I would love to hear from you and hear what you think about this new feature.  Whether you’re interested in doing this with me or just following along, I hope my sharing of this process will make things a little easier for someone looking for total room revamp inspiration.

Have a fantastic day friends and I will be back with tons of bedroom color palette inspiration for Friday Favorites.  If you missed last week’s Friday Favorites, “Fall in Blogland“, you can get to it by clicking on the picture below:


Fall Inspiration- Fall Decorating



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11 Responses to Room Revamp of the Month {Master Bedroom}…

  1. Camille says:

    oooo, what a fun project!!! Picking the color pallette is the HARDEST part for me! I’m decorating my daughter’s apartment (she got such horrible hand me downs – I’m NOT salvaging those!) now with freebies and Craigslist finds. I finally got her pinned down on color and fabrics last week-end…so the fun begins! I have so many ideas running through my head that I jot them down as I think about them and will narrow it down as it comes into play. I just ordered the paint for the tops of her furniture. eeeeeeekkkk!!! Took forever! lol I look forward to following your project!

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you Camille! Yep, choosing paint colors and palettes are so hard. It’s so true that once you nail colors, the ideas just keep coming. I am so glad that you’ll be following along Camille and please jump in at anytime if you have an idea or suggestion!

  2. Jeri Redd says:

    Oh I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting to do something like this but I have no sense of style and picking colors is the hardest part. I like so many and then I can never decide. I’m wishy washy! I can’t wait to follow along!

  3. Amanda Eck says:

    I cant wait to see what you come up with. LOVE those Greek Key pillows.

    • Cyndy says:

      Thank you Amanda! I’m not sure those pillows are gonna make the cut. I hope so but they are a really unique shade of blue/green/gray/ . Thanks girl!

  4. Priss Edwards says:

    I am looking for a Comforter/Bedspread in the color that you have now! We girls are never satisfied, are we? Replacing my red/green (not christmas colors)with Brown/Turquoise/Green! Can’t wait to see the final makeover!

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