Easy Cheese and Fruit Tray

How to make a gorgeous fruit and cheese tray in minutes {The Creativity Exchange}

With the 4th of July coming up in a couple of days, I thought it would be a great time to share this super easy cheese and fruit tray that is perfect for parties and gatherings. It takes minutes to make and is always a hit and always looks so pretty. Everyone loves fruit and cheese, so if you’re in charge of bringing an appetizer or a fruit tray this 4th of July, this would be perfect.

Keep in mind, you can switch out any of the fruits or cheeses for whatever you like and you can make this tray as large or as small as you need. For my tray, I used a pineapple, strawberries, grapes and two different types of cubed cheeses. My friend Debbie, who showed me the tricks to making this tray, does it on an even larger scale and has added cubed salami and pepperoni and other fruits as well.

Here’s what I used for my smaller tray:


Fruit Tray- Cheese Tray- Fruit and Cheese Tray


After I washed the fruit. I cut the pineapple in half:


Sliced Pineapple- Fruit Tray- Recipe


The top part of the pineapple is the decoration and the bottom I sliced into bite size wedges. I then placed the pineapple top in the corner of my tray:


Fruit Tray- Pineapple- Recipe


I then stacked and wrapped the grapes in the other corner and wrapping behind the pineapple.  I added the strawberries stacked in the middle and the pineapple wedges in the other corner.  I left two open spots for the cheese cubes:


Fruit Tray- Cheese Tray- Recipe


I finished the tray off by placing the two different types of cheese cubes (marble jack cheese and cheddar) in the two open spots:


Cheese and Fruit Tray- Fruit Tray- Recipe


It’s such an easy and quick way to create a beautiful appetizer.  Not only do the parents love it but you can be certain the kid’s will munch on it as well.  There are all sorts of variations that could be made with this too!

I hope you guys have a wonderful 4th of July!  I’ll be back for Friday Favorites and if you happened to miss last week’s Friday Favorites “Five Gorgeous Wallpaper Trends”, you can  go to it by clicking the picture below:


Wallpaper Trends- Wallpaper


Happy 4th of July friends!!



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  1. hayley says:

    That looks so delicious, you have made this look so easy. Thanks for the share. Hayley x

  2. A very attractive arrangement, and I love the tray, too! Looks yummy, now that you’ve shown us how, I’m going to try this out on my family soon. Thanks for sharing. (Found your link at Savvy Southern Style) Hugs ~ Mary

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