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Happy Friday Friends and welcome to another Friday Favorites!

There are some really amazing wall treatment trends that are popular in design right now and I thought it would be fun this week to take a closer look at what’s out there.  These unique wall finishes can turn a basic wall into a work of art and I love to see such a wide array of ways to impact a space in such a creative way.  There are many options out there right now for unique wall treatments that you can either do yourself, or find a professional to do it for you.

Keep in mind that there are many different types of treatments being used today but for this round up, I wanted to share just a few of my favorites:

Plaster/ Venetian Plaster Treatments

Plaster wall treatments are really popular right now and you can’t open up a Restoration Hardware catalog these days without seeing some form of plaster treatment on the wall of almost every page.  Plaster is a great treatment because you can add a little depth to a white wall through the various shading in the textured treatment.

Plaster can be very subtle like this:


Restoration Hardware- Bedroom

Source: Restoration Hardware


or plaster treatments can be created to be heavy and aged with glazes to look like an very old wall:



Plaster can also be done in subtle colors as well like this hint of blue:


Source: Segreto Finishes


Try to imagine this space below without the plaster treatment. Imagine how this space would look with plain white walls and ceiling.  The space just comes to life with the depth, shade variation and texture of the plaster treatment:


Wall Treatment-Plaster wall

Source: Houzz


You can either do your own plaster technique {if you’re adventurous}, or you can hire a paint professional to do it for you. There are several plaster painting products on the market including one made by Valspar. For more info about doing plaster yourself, you can check go here.  Check your local paint store if you want to find a decorative paint professional to do it for you.

Painted Molding 

Painted molding on walls is my obsession right now.  It’s such a beautiful look and again, it really makes a basic wall jump out with the added dimension:



wall treatment- molding

Source: Organized Design



Entry Way

Source: SRGambrel


Striped Walls

If you’ve been hanging out around Pinterest or in Blogland for awhile, you’ve probably seen all of the gorgeous stripped walls that people have been creating.  Horizontal, vertical, narrow or wide, anything goes and this wall treatment is a fantastic way to impact a space:



Striped Wall- Wall Treatment

Source: Feasby and Bleeks


Striped Wall- Bathroom

Source: Live, Love, DIY


Striped Wall- Wall Treatment Trends

Source: Tumblr


Of course don’t forget to think about the possibility of adding a chevron stripe for a great impact wall:


Chevron Wall- wall treatment trends

Source: Apartment Therapy


There are many DIY tutorials Pinterest for doing your own striped wall.  In the right space or on one impact wall, I think it’s a great way to add another beautiful layer to a room.

Paintable Wall Paper Treatments

This is another great way to add depth and dimension to a wall.  I wrote a post a few months ago about using paintable papers and I have used them in my own home and I just love the look:

Source: Designer Wall Coverings



Source: Unknown


If you’re interested in seeing more paintable paper options and how to use them, you can check out my post all about paintable papers by clicking the image below:


Paintable Textured Wallpaper

Stenciled Wall Treatment

Stencils have come a long way!  Today there are so many amazing stencils on the market that really can turn a plain wall into something extraordinary:


stenciled wall- wall treatment trends

Source: House of Fifty






I have stenciled several walls throughout my home and it does take some work, but it’s well worth it with the right stencil. For more information on where to buy the stencils and tutorials, you will want to visit Royal Design Studio. They have an amazing selection of stencils that will simply inspire you.

There are so many more types of beautiful wall treatment trends that I didn’t touch on today but if you’re looking for a little more inspiration, you should check out the talented painter/designer Regina Garay’s Pinterest Board found here and her decorative painting business website and blog Fauxology found here. Regina creates some of the most spectacular wall treatments and she regular pins the work on Pinterest of other decorative paint artists.

If you’re not quite ready for a unique wall treatment but love the look, you may want to consider wallpaper.  There are tons of papers on the market that give the illusion of the these treatments.   I did a post a few weeks ago sharing some beautiful wallpaper trends that may inspire you. You can find that post by clicking the image below:


Wallpaper Trends- Wallpaper


I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and thanks for hanging out with me today for Friday Favorites. If you missed last week’s favorites, “Tips and Tricks for Choosing Paint Color”, you can go to the post below:


How to Pick a Paint Color- Tips for Picking a Paint Color



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5 Responses to Favorite Wall Treatment Trends {Friday Favorites}..

  1. Amanda Eck says:

    love this Cyndy. I still love the classic stripped wall I hope it never goes out of trend.

    • Cyndy says:

      Thanks Amanda! I love the stripes too! I especially love those wide stripes. I am really in love with the geo-molding treatments on walls. I think I’m going to do it in my dinning room. I know it would be a ton of work but I think it looks so amazing! Thanks again Amanda!

  2. Hi Cyndy!

    You are spot on with Venetian plaster being trendy & popular today! My husband has a decorative painting & faux finish company in Manhattan and Venetian plaster has been the number 1 finish requested! I love that you can achieve a high end look with so many variations with texture, color and sheen.

    (I agree with the stripes too! Love those! and venetian plaster stripes works nice too!)

  3. Brandon R says:

    Hoe wo I get my walls to look like RH? What’s the technique called? Is there a tutorial?

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