Painted and Framed Sea Fan Collections…

Sea Fans, Painted Sea Fans, Framed Fans


Sea Fans, Painted Sea Fans, Framed Sea Fans



sea fan, blue sea fan


I have this thing about about sea fans.  They’re just so beautiful to me and seeing them framed on a wall reminds me of seeing them snorkeling at the bottom of the ocean, waving back and forth in vibrant colors.  In fact, I adore them so much that I have been dyeing them beautiful colors for over two years now and I have them framed in several places throughout my home.

Sea fans are so elegantly coastal to me and when they are dyed or painted, they can infuse a pop of color into a room in such a dramatic way. Since there are no two sea fans alike, they look amazing framed next to each other in a collection like these spectacular framed sea fan collections that I have found online:


Sea Fans, painted sea fans, framed sea fans

Source: Haus and Home


Sea Fans

Source:Haus and Home/ Phoebe Howard


Sea Fans, Framed Sea Fans

Source: Decor Pad


Framed sea fans, Sea fans

Source: No Minimalist Here


The best thing about sea fans is they are inexpensive and run about $4.00-$12.00 each and you can buy them easily online here.  If you’re planning on visiting the beach, look for them in shell stores as well.

Framed fans can work in any decor depending on the style of framing. I can see them in a white washed frame for a shabby look or rather a sleek modern frame  for a contemporary look. My framed indigo blue colored fans are framed in more traditional in style:


Sea Fans, Painted Sea Fans, Framed Sea Fans

Two years ago, I shared a tutorial on how to dye sea fans with RIT fabric dye that you can find here.  Dyeing the sea fans is my favorite technique to add color because it gives the fans the most vibrant and organic look. However, last week, I stumbled on a quick spray paint technique that gives the fans the beautiful color but with a minimal/plastic look sheen, as an alternative to dyeing the fans.

Here are the two different techniques shown side by side for comparison:


Sea Fans, Dyed Sea Fans


There are subtitle differences but it’s not that significant. The color seems much more vibrant and organic to me with the dye but framed and up on a wall, I’m not sure the differences would be as noticeable.

The spray paint technique is pretty simple but the key is to only use a satin paint. The gloss finish gives the fan too much sheen and makes it look plastic. The second important thing to do is to spray the least amount of paint possible and from the furthest distance. In other words, the second the fan starts showing that it is covered in color, stop spraying! It’s really takes about 10 seconds for an average size fan. The more spray paint, the less organic the finish looks.

Here is a close up of my spray painted fan:


sea fan, blue sea fan

Not bad, huh?

After I spray painted my three fans, I picked up a large mat at Hobby Lobby and cut the mat to fit my three frames. I also had to use wire cutters to cut the big stump off of the end of each frame so I could frame it:


Framed Sea Fans, Sea Fans


I used ready made frames from Hobby Lobby and attach the fans to the mat with a very small amount of hot glue. Just enough to keep it in place. I then put the sea fans on the mat in the frames and while it’s a tight fit, I just close the back of the frame the best I can. Sometimes I have to add a couple small little nails to hold the backing on:


Sea Fans, Framed Sea Fans


If you’re interested in dyeing the fans, you can find the tutorial here for dyeing them.

I am in the process of dyeing a large collection of fans in a gorgeous light turquoise color that I will post when I get them finished. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to add color and something spectacular to wall. So many possibilities!

On a side note, this summer I will be opening my online store and one of the items I am planning to sell will be dyed sea fans in various colors.  I hope to have the store launched by mid to early summer and it will be connected with this website.   I am so excited about it and I will keep you posted.  I know the “Shop” tab at the top of my page that has been up for almost a year has everyone wondering.  Yes, it’s finally going to happen!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and be sure and check back Friday morning for Friday Favorites. This week I am sharing some amazing furniture revamps and tutorials that I think you all will love and hopefully be inspired. See you then friends!


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11 Responses to Painted and Framed Sea Fan Collections…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a sea fan that we found on the beach and the shadow box to put it in. I love the idea of dyeing or spraying paint them for an added bit of color.

  2. Sherry says:

    Cyndy, Thanks for including a picture of the sea fans I created for our home. I use a natural dye that I formulated to give the fans a very brilliant color and there is less flaking. These are sold in my Etsy shop.

    • Cyndy says:

      You’re welcome Sherry, they are just beautiful in your home. I haven’t had any flaking problems with either the Rit dye or spray paint. Glad that you found a dye mix that you like. Thanks for stopping by Sherry.

  3. I love framed sea fans! They are beautiful! I love your idea of coloring them your self! Nice work!

  4. M.G. TROWBRIDGE says:

    I am looking forward to your online store this summer. I’m not very crafty – if something can go wrong it will when I do a project. I love you sea fans!!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Your fans look wonderful! I found several fans on the beach in the Abacos this year, but they have lost their color and are black. Will they still accept the dye or do they need to be white-ish?

  6. Susan VanderWall says:

    I’ve wanted a sea fan for some time and happened to find one at Home Goods. It is already dyed a blue color but I want white. Can I re-dye it white or should I use spray paint to get the color I want. Thanks for the advice!

  7. Kara laspada says:

    I love the way the dyed fans came out. Thank you so much for all the information. Your website is exactly what I was looking for to help me with my are project. I just have one question. When I clicked on the link where you say I can order the sea fans It brings me to a website where I cant find out how to order them. If you can help me with this that would be amazing. Thank you!

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