DIY Bunny Print Projects Using a Free Printable…

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The minute I saw this free printable from the Graphics Fairy, I knew my daughter and I would be doing some Easter crafting:
Bunny Printable


You can click the bunny image above to go directly to file at the Graphics Fairy to download the free printable.

We loved this little bunny printable so much that we ended up making three different projects with this printable {You will find specific directions for each project at the end of this post}.

We started things off by making an stencil of the bunny and painted it on a canvas pillow using screen print paint. We simply inserted the bunny image into Word and then printed it out on an 8.5 ” x 11 ” adhesive label sheet and cut out the design to make our stencil:


Bunny Pillow, Screen print pillow, DIY Screen Print, Screen Print


A little trick that we did is that we took the stuffing out of a Halloween bat screen print pillow that I made for a guest post on Tatortots and Jello and painted our bunny on the other side. So the bat is on one side for Halloween and the bunny is on the other side for Easter:



For our second project, we simply used the exact stencil that we used for the pillow (we let it dry first) and then we used the same technique and screen print paint (washable) and painted it on to a t-shirt for my sweet girl:



This print would be cute in any color! As you can see, we just love this little guy in turquoise!

For our last project, I already had the image up on my computer and I thought it would be adorable if I added my daughter’s name for a place mat for Easter brunch:


Later this week, I will get the place mat laminated so she’ll have it for a couple of years!

So on to the instructions!

Screen Print Pillow and T-Shirt Print Tutorial

1) Download the image from  The Graphics Fairy here.

2) Open up a new word document and click the tab “insert” and click on insert picture and find the bunny file and insert the image. Keep the size as is or drag the top or bottom to increase/decrease size. I also switched my page layout to “landscape” since the bunny is wider than tall.

3) Print the document/image onto an 8.5″ x 11″ large adhesive label {available at any office supply store}:


Bunny Printable


4) After you have printed your document, attach your document to a second large adhesive sheet {for extra safeguard}

5) Using a small pair of sewing scissors for precision, carefully cut out the bunny. Don’t worry, you can cut in from the side to start cutting and just line it up perfectly when you attach to fabric and it will work. Tape your fabric or t-shirt down to a counter top. Gently pull fabric and tape. Not too tight that the fabric is really stretched out:




Bunny Stencil


6) Remove the adhesive back and attach stencil to your fabric. Use a credit card to slide over edges to make sure that they are good and attached!

7) I love to use Simply Screen-Screen Print Paints (available in the fabric paint section of craft) stores. The great thing is, screen print paint stays exactly where you brush it on and after it dries and is heat set with an iron, it’s washable! In my opinion, screen print paint looks so much richer and better than fabric paint as well. It just looks like its been professional done.

8) I mixed two Simply Screen colors together for our pretty turquoise:


Simply Screen, Simply Screen Paint


9) With a wide acrylic paint brush, I brushed on the paint sort of thick to be sure and cover all of the fibers:


Screen Print Painting


10) With screen print paint, it takes 12-24 hours to completely dry. After two hours, you can carefully remove the stencil:



Bunny T-Shirt, Screen Print T-shirt


11) After 24 hours, use a thin cloth over the print to heat set for 20 seconds with a hot iron (no steam).

For even more step by step instructions and details for using this technique, you can see a previous post that I did on creating geometric pillows here that I go into much greater detail.


Bunny Pillow, Screen print pillow, DIY Screen Print, Screen Print


bunny t-shirt, bunny screen print


Instructions for Place Mat

1) Download the bunny image from the Graphics Fairy here.

2) Open up a new word document and click the tab “insert” and click on “insert picture” and find the bunny file that you saved and insert the image. Keep the size as is or drag the top or bottom to increase/decrease size. I also switched my page layout to “landscape” since the bunny is wider than tall.

3) For my place mat, I wanted to use a legal size paper (8.5 x 14), so I went into “Page Layout” and clicked on “Size” and changed the setting to legal size.

3) Click on the image and then change the color to your desired color. (on my computer there is a box that says “color” to change the image color. I also go to the picture tool box that says “Picture Border” and I scroll down and click on the box that says “No Outline” or “No Fill”, this will get rid of the border. I also adjust the size of my bunny.

4) If you want to add a name, click on “Text Box” and then click on “Draw Text Box”. Draw your text box in the area that you want to add a name {hold down left click and scroll your pointer down and then over}. Click back to “home” and choose your font, size and color and add a name.

5) Check “print preview” before you print to make sure that everything is lined up the way you want it.

6) Print!

I know there are so many other fun projects that can be done with this sweet bunny as well! Keep in mind that any of these projects can be done for any holidays and you will find every fabulous seasonal/holiday free printables by looking at the Graphics Fairy’s archives! Thank you so very much to the incredible Karen at the Graphics Fairy for not only sharing these amazing free printables/images with the world but also sharing her passion and creativity with us!!

By the way, if you are obsessed with free printables as much as I am, you may be interested in checking out my Pinterest “Free Printables” Board here where I have pinned almost 350 of the internet’s most awesome free printables. Yes, I need an printable intervention!

Have a wonderful week friends!



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