Fantastic Free Resource for Coordinating and Picking Paint Colors

I must start by saying that I was not compensated in any way for this post, even though it sounds like an infomercial!

I have found one of the best resources for choosing and coordinating paint colors. It’s been out for awhile and I haven’t posted anything because I felt sure that the DIY blog world would be all over this, but I haven’t seen anything on it. Maybe its been mentioned and I’ve just missed it, regardless, you guys need to know about it!

Sherwin-Williams Paint and HGTV have teamed together to create HGTV HOME Color Collections, which are color collections that have been coordinated together into different design/decorating styles in eight different gorgeous brochures:

Sherwin-Williams now has these large brochures in their stores that have beautiful pictures showing rooms with the coordinating paint colors that are displayed within each design style brochure. Here is a picture of one of my favorite brochures called “Livable Luxe”:

Each one of these large brochures are rooms and furniture pieces painted in the coordinating paint colors shown in the back of the book:

I know we have seen these before from various paint companies but this is really different. The middle section of the brochure gives us different paint combinations from the color choices shown painted on multiple rooms. This really helps if you are painting more than one room! Take a look:

The great thing here is that the color combos are really out of the ballpark! They are simply gorgeous and perfectly coordinated. Of course it helps to have the talented design folks at HGTV coordinate and picking the colors for you! Seeing the color combos sparked some new favorite colors and combinations for me like Tricorn Black! I would have never considered painting a room black until I saw this:

I love the decor placement and room designs in the brochures as well:

When they started this a few months back, there were six brochures and now it appears there are eight! I hope they keep new ones coming out regularly! Here are the eight brochures right now:

Such a fantastic resource and I have already used them for picking colors for a large remodel project I worked on. You can also access the brochures online at Sherwin-Williams here but looking at them in person really makes a HUGE difference as the photography and colors are so clear and gorgeous!

So many great paint and room ideas and really outstanding color combinations if your looking for some help and inspiration. Again, you can pick them up for free at your local Sherwin-Williams.

I really do sound like an infomercial don’t I? Oh well, hopefully this will help and inspire some of you with a new paint color or two! Let me know if you pick them up and which style is your favorite!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and a fantastic labor day! As always, thank you so much for your comments, emails and notes! It means so much to me to hear your feedback!


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6 Responses to Fantastic Free Resource for Coordinating and Picking Paint Colors

  1. This is really great! I know my hubs and I just picked our color scheme for the home from one of these. I also found great help with Dutch Boy's Color Visualizer… you can buy a CD, but I used one for free at my local Menards. You can plug in the actual color codes of the paints you are looking at and see the results in sample rooms. You can also upload your own photo, but I didn't do that. Made the decision between pale turquoise and butter cream on the walls easier once I actually saw it on walls. Now, listen to me! I sound like an infomercial too! Ha! I love looking at these for inspiration. Have a great week!

  2. Hi Cyndy, thanks so much for sharing this! I keep seeing the HGTV paint all over HGTV and have been meaning to stop and check it out! You must have ESP! I'm a new blogger & recently moved into my family childhood home …we are starting from scratch with painting ect. so I will be out tomorrow getting these 🙂 Thank you for the motivation! Have a great night ~

  3. Had to stop back by and let you know I linked up here in my newest post about picking my kitchen colors : ) Hope you come check it out-

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I love Sherwin Williams and these brochures will go a long way in helping my clients visualize new colors. I can't wait to go into my local store to pick them up!

  5. I had no idea this was available! Great info for a new blogger like me, thanks!!!

  6. The Exchange says:

    Yes, a great resource for decorators guiding clients through choosing the right colors. Seeing the colors on a wall or on multiple walls gives a better feel for the tone and depth of a color. If you pick them up, let me know which one is your favorite! I am torn between Coastal Cool and Livable Luxe! Thanks ladies!

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