Halloween Goody Bag on a Stick!

We have several Halloween parties that we are planning for next week. I needed to come up with an eye popping Halloween centerpiece, yummy sweet treats and Halloween goody bags that six year olds would love… So I decided to figure out a way to roll all three of the above into one, so I pulled out my cooking skewers. Seems normal right?

Nothing different here. Same items I pick up every year for my daughter’s class goody bags including the usual spider rings, popcorn ball, goofy glasses and boxes of Chicklets (my personal favorite as a kid). Here’s a picture of all of the items that I had to work with:

I pulled out my cooking skewers and just started skewing the goody bag items. One by one I either pierced the corner of the candy wrapper or I pierced the center of the item. For the last item on the skewer, I used something that would stay securely on the skewer such as Laffy Taffy (I pierced through the candy itself). I then cut the sharp end of the skewer off to keep things safe. (you don’t need the sharp end of the skewer to stick in the pumpkin).

For my daughter’s class party, I covered the skewers with clear treat bags, tied with ribbons and will display all of them stuck in a pumpkin.

For our little neighborhood Halloween party, I will not cover them and will also display them sticking out of a pumpkin.

I just thought these turned out so fun and I can think of so many ways to do these “favor sticks” for other holidays and birthdays. Down the line when I do these again, I will add a little paper flag at the top of the skewer with a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. A lot of fun creative possibilities here.

I’m done with Halloween projects and am going to be posting some home DIY projects shortly. Thanks again for all of your sweet comments, emails and notes! I am so appreciative of your encouragement and feedback!



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4 Responses to Halloween Goody Bag on a Stick!

  1. kim says:

    these are so sweeeeet!!!!

  2. Amy says:

    This is so cute! and edible! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i love the whole "kabob" of it all, but i really love that you stuck them in the pumpkin! i can just imagine this at a wedding or something (with something else stuck in the pumpkin). what a great idea!


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