Choosing Bathroom Paint Colors for Walls and Cabinets

Choosing Bathroom Wall and Cabinet Colors {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange


I have had a lot of bathroom paint color questions lately. It seems like everyone I talk to is either revamping their bath or in the planning process. I thought I would share some of color inspiration and tips for choosing bathroom paint colors that will look amazing in your home.

I pulled together a palette of some of my favorite bathroom wall and cabinet colors to help you with a starting point.  Today’s palette are some of the most popular wall and cabinet colors right now for bathrooms and a good place to help you get started as you choose colors:

Favorite bathroom wall and cabinet colors {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange

The bathroom is the hardest room in a home to choose colors for because most of the time, there is no natural light and it has the worst lighting in the home.  Dangerous combination for choosing paint colors!

I don’t usually get adventurous or venture off the beaten color path when it comes to bathroom colors because of the poor lighting situation.  If you’re lucky and have tons of natural light, you can try new colors and have so many more color options.  However, for those of us without any natural light,  I recommend going straight to some of the tried and true colors that the builders and designers seem to use over and over because they have a history of working well.

 **Paint color name and brand is below each image in today’s post


Decorator White by Benjamin Moore


The most important thing is to always choose your paint colors in the space that you’re going to paint.  This is especially important with bathrooms because of the problems with lighting.  What may seem like the perfect color at the paint store can look totally different in your bathroom.


Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams


The best place to start in choosing bathroom colors is your flooring and countertops.  If you’re doing marble or something similar in your tile, picking up on either the darkest or lightest color of the veining really can make a bathroom pop:


Solitude by Benjamin Moore




Pigeon Gray by Benjamin Moore


I personally like to see a strong contrast in a bathroom.  In other words, having a dark or light color on the wall and then doing the opposite of the wall on the cabinets (lighter or darker).   I think this contrast is a great way to compensate the eye for the bad dark lighting in the space:


Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore


Another trick to ensure that your cabinet colors are the exact same undertone as your wall color is to use the same paint card.  For instance, you can use either the lightest or second lightest color on the card for the walls and use the darkest or second darkest color on the same card for the cabinets.  This is a really easy way to ensure that the colors will really work well together:


Cabinets are Fieldstone Gray by Benjamin Moore and Wall is Palace White by Benjamin Moore


Cabinets are Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore


Cabinets are Gettysburg Gray by Benjamin Moore 


Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore


Houzz is a fantastic resource for finding paint color inspiration.  Designers and builders upload their projects onto Houzz and most of the time in the question section, they will post the paint colors for the space.  You can begin to build an idea board and pick up the paint cards of the colors that you like to test out in the bathroom itself.


Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

I hope you see a color that jumps out at you today.  If you need more color inspiration, be sure and check out my Pick a Paint Color board on Pinterest here, where I have more than 350 colors pinned.

Thanks for stopping by today and if you happened to miss last week’s Paint It Monday, where I shared a easy recipe for a gray wash/stain for old baskets, you can get to that post by clicking the image below:

Recipe for transforming old ugly basket with a gray paint/stain wash. {The Creativity Exchange}




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32 Responses to Choosing Bathroom Paint Colors for Walls and Cabinets

  1. Gorgeous inspiration photos Cyndy! Our bathroom is on my list for this year once I take down the dreaded wallpaper – I’m trying to psych myself up for that, which is difficult. I’m having to live with the tile that I have in there now, which I don’t love, and I’m trying to figure out a paint color that will work it (and that I’ll also like). It’s a tricky one. Still on the fence as to whether I’ll paint the cabinets in there. Lots to think about!

    Repose Gray is gorgeous, and I’m bound and determined to incorporate Chelsea Gray into my home somewhere. I absolutely love that color every time I see it!

    • Cyndy says:

      I love Chelsea Gray too and I agree with you Jenny, would love to work it in somewhere! Repose is awesome and I have been using it a lot in my home and its really versatile. Perfect light warm gray. Thanks girl!

  2. If you chose these colors do you get the bathroom with it? They are all gorgeous. As always I love the colors you have suggested.

    • Cyndy says:

      Oh I so wish I could get a new bathroom girl! I have the hugest master bath, which would look incredible if I could revamp it. However, large bathroom = $$$$ Fingers crossed I win the lottery. Thanks for the note sweet friend!

  3. Diane says:

    All are shades of gray and all appear to have a window or two. I literally have NO natural light. And I ruined my marble floor when trying to clean the grout. It’s now etched and looks like a grid! I took down the horrible ’70’s wallpaper and have the prepped walls. I’ve sort of gotten used to it..;) Am thinking of Sea Salt or Palladium Blue with white cabinets and will add beadboard. It will be boring but fresh, I hope.

    • Cyndy says:

      You cannot go wrong with either of those colors. The are all-star paint colors and work so well in so many various lighting situations. Just be sure and test color on a poster board in the space just in case. I am sick hearing about your marble floors. Ugh! It will all come together and I would love for you to send me a pic when you’re finished Diane!

  4. Ashley says:

    I just want to say — thank the heavens for you. Choosing paint colors is impossible for me and you just made it so much easier. I look forward to looking back through your “Paint it Monday” posts for more ideas.

    • Cyndy says:

      What a kind note Ashley! I am so thrilled to hear that my paint posts are making decisions easier for you! You made my day and thanks for taking a moment to tell me!

  5. Jcalla says:

    Love “Paint It Moday”. Color seems like it should be easy but when you get to the shop and are confronted by so many choices…well, I usually come away empty handed. All the bathrooms shown are beautiful and modern but mine in a 50’s bathroom (still in good shape). The walls are salmon/peach with a row of black tile trim and the floor is the same colors in a mosaic tile. Nice big window for plenty of light. Would love some recommendation for something to make the space fresh and bright with a slightly modern edge. Thank you for all your great ideas. We’ve started on our own peg board project and its coming along great.

    • Cyndy says:

      These colors in my bathroom palette would all work in your bathroom. All the more reason to try and choose a modern/updated color because nothing updates a space more than offsetting the old bones of a bathroom with a fabulous updated color. Love that you have light too (I’m jealous!). So thrilled to hear about your pegboard project! Keep me posted and I would love to see a picture when your finished. Thanks so much for your note!

      • Jcalla says:


        Just read your reply. Thank you for your response. That really does help quite a bit. I can see that grey just might be the the color family that I’ve been looking for! I plan on giving it a try. I’ll be sure to take before and afters. Thanks again for your great ideas!!

  6. Christine says:

    Oh, for crappy monitor resolution. I have most of the colors you’ve featured in samples, sitting right here in front of me on my desk.
    On my screen, almost every single one of them has a blue-to-purplish tint to them. Even Gettysburg Gray, which is a really lovely blue/gray/green color. Depends upon what it’s next to.

    I have 6 different gray/greens on my kitchen cabinets. In indirect light, every single one of them is gorgeous and I think I’ve GOT it. Then… the natural light and everything turns turquoise. Absolutely not. I mention this only to reinforce how amazing it is that light does change things so dramatically. Paint samples are a must. If you don’t use ’em, turn ’em into chalk paint, right? [LOL]

    But, I always enjoy your recommendations or features. It’s just plain eye candy.

    • Cyndy says:

      Yes, grays are the hardest!! They are really influenced by the light more than any other color out there! The only way to nail it is to get the colors on a poster board in the space with the light. You will zone in on the color instantly! Thank you so much Christine for your note and I would love to know what color you ultimately choose! Good luck!

  7. patty says:

    love your site! need help choosing a color scheme for our master bath. we have white tub and sinks-but with hunter green (ugg) tile accents around tub and on the floor. Help!

  8. Denise says:

    Cyndy…I love the gray….and I love Benjamin Moore Solitude. I do have a beautiful ski light in my kids bathroom with a surround tube and white cabinet but having a very difficult time trying to pick a color and style. I don’t want to spend a lot of money…but the bathroom needs a face lift. I have periwinkle color with an Ikea tile mirror. Need to either repaint the tile of the mirror or get rid of it. HELP!

  9. lkdeli says:

    Love your site – so helpful! I have a 25×7 empty space for a main bath and add space to a master closet. It is a Cape cod house, I like subway tile, bead board, walk in shower, double sinks. Do I use a freestanding tub? Vanities? Pedestal sinks? White tiled floors or wood like tile?? For resale do you think a tub is important? Will use one of the great bathroom colors. Two windows are there now but that could change. Would really appreciate your opinion. I would love to pick your creative brain. Thanks.

  10. Jennifer says:

    So happy to see this on Pinterest! I have just painted my master bath Ben Moore’s Sterling color. Trim is freshly painted Dove White. I have four large windows. What is a great paint color for my cabinets? Thank you so much!

  11. Cyndy,
    Paint colors are so fun to play with as they can change a room with one stripe. I noticed one with the ceiling and top wall blue with a deeper neutral b painted the below. This reminds me of an old porch, where they painted the ceiling blue to feel cooler. If you have no windows it is not natural light but most likely refreshing.
    color creative post,
    Karen Marie
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads

  12. Ginger says:

    I just found your site and enjoyed reading through it. I am trying to pick paint color for kitchen with stainless steel appliances, dining room with rail, hallway, family room with red brick fireplace, a guest bathroom between family room and kitchen, laundry room, and lastly living room. I would like the colors to flow. My furniture is all traditional. I have paint chips all over the kitchen table and I just can’t make a decision. Any suggestions for the entire flow of rooms would save me from all the frustration I have been going through. Thank you. Ginger

  13. carleda says:

    I’m so happy to have fallen upon your site. Love your suggestions but am not really a fan of grey for my basement 3/4 bathroom and washer/dryer area. There is no light and is small and tight. I’ve read in such a space it’s a good idea to paint the ceiling the same color. My fixtures are all white and the tile is white with black grout. Having that in mind, I think I could just about choose any color but I don’t want it to look cold being in the basement. Would it be outrageous to use an energying color or a pretty warm yellow or aqua with grey in it? However I want to maximize the space by not enclosing it more by the color. Do you have any additional suggestions?

  14. Robyn says:

    our master bedroom is painted a medium silver sage. I will be painting our master bath, which is a nuetral white, soon and need help on choosing a color for walls. There is a large north/west window and west outside door entrance window in bathroom. Crownmolding and wood trim, and porcelains are all white. Could you suggest a paint color to refresh and modernize?

  15. Kathleen Baker says:

    Great ideas and things to think about. I’ve painted our master bathroom 4 times and finally just settled. We are now remodeling our basement and light is a big obstacle. Good things to think about before going to the time store and paint store.

  16. Sue says:

    Do you recommend semi gloss for bathroom vanities? I’m thinking of using pigeon grey like in the image above with a polished Carrara marble top. Thanks!

  17. carol britt says:

    Help Cindy , all of these looks are beautiful ,however I live in an old house that has it’s original tile in the bathroom. The old tile is in good shape but an odd color like a pinkish tan. I would love to have ideas on how to work with this color to make my bathroom look fresh and updated. It has one small window and the very large cast iron tub,white toilet ,and sink. Walls are wrapped with this odd color but can be painted above the tile. The best I have come up with so far is painting the walls almost the same color as the tile and using brown accessories to help the tile not look so pink! I would love your ideas!

  18. Barbara Hinterkopf says:

    I’m in the middle of remodeling the master bathroom.
    Do I need to paint the cabinet the same color as the wainscoting?
    Using white subway in the shower with calcutta or carrera mosaic floor,
    calcutta or carrera countertops
    still undecided on the floor
    like the pigeon grey cabinets….what do you recommend for the wainscoting and walls? The room has lots of natural light.

  19. Ctyler says:

    So confusing. I have tousette grey tile with a hint of navy blue. Distressed grey vanity with carrera top and mirror. I wanted to use either a very light yellow or lite mint green. Behr paints. Help

  20. Kay Levin says:

    I have beige ceramic tile floors beige walls vessel sink and countertops that are marble with lots of tan shades little specks of blk and cream the cabinet is Brown I want to change that color accent colors teal light shade dk brown help pkease

  21. Adrienne says:

    I don’t understand why people like Gray and blues, they are very depressing colors. I wish this trend would go away.

    • Lisa says:

      It’s quite the opposite for me – I repainted my living room, entrance, and hallway SW Repose Gray and find the color to be very soothing. Previously they were SW Netsuke (sort of yellow-beige). I hated it, but obviously the previous owners liked it. Luckily my husband doesn’t care what color I choose, so long as they aren’t neon ?

  22. Pam Long says:

    I have white cabinets and a wall of white closets and a gray speckle counter. I’d love to tone down the white but it scares me to paint all the white….any suggestions? I want to stay neutral to be flexible in rugs,shower curtain and window treatment.

  23. Margot Troolines says:

    Sorry, but I have to agree with Adrienne above. I think you have lovely taste in the ways you mix and match shades, and keep things very clean and classy. But, gray over gray over gray? Sure it’s a neutral, but living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s the last color I want to see in my house! Hope you don’t see these comments as a personal reflection on your taste, because they are not. But, I too am anxiously waiting for the gray trend to pass away!

  24. Denise says:

    My biggest problem is…..what color do you paint so your makeup looks normal when you walk out the door ? The color of the wall affects the coloring on our faces and how we apply our blush. Is it just me that has this issue ?

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