Master Bedroom Paint Color Inspiration {Friday Favorites}

Bedroom- Interior Design- Paint Colors
Happy Friday friends and welcome to another Friday Favorites!

If you happened to have missed it on Wednesday, I shared a new feature on the blog called “Room Revamp of the Month”.  Each month, I will be updating a room in my home and sharing the projects and sources that I’m using throughout the month.  This month, I am updating my master bedroom and today I’m trying to make a decision on the new color palette for this space.

Several {but not all} of the images I’m posting today will have the paint color listed directly below the image. You can also click on the image to follow the link to more information about a paint color or the designer of the space.


Benjamin Moore Linen White

Choosing a new color palette is the hardest part of the process for me. I think it’s probably challenging for a lot of people for different reasons.  It’s particularly difficult for me because I pretty much love everything. I can find something that resonates with me in every design style and see the possibilities with almost any fabulous paint color. Choosing a color palette for me is like asking my 8 year-old to choose a favorite flavor of ice cream and only eat that flavor for a couple of years!


Palladium Blue- Benjamin Moore- Interior Design

Source: Bower Power Blog

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue


When it comes to choosing colors, the only thing that really works for me is to focus more on what my head is asking me and a little less on what my heart is telling me.  Loving a paint color is really important but the more important element is thinking about how I use a space and how I want to feel in that particular space-day after day.  The funny thing is, when I think about paint colors in a more practical day-to-day and ask myself a few questions, I can element about 2/3rds of the choices.


wall color is Benjamin Moore Sparrow

When I ask myself how do I want to feel in this space, the answer is easy and simple- I want calmness, soothing, zen… This is another reason choosing a color palette is hard for me because I know that the colors on the wall and throughout the space are exactly what will give me the feeling I want for the space. I don’t want to make a wrong decision and be stuck with a bad color in my little cocoon.   In my kitchen, living room and entry way, it will be harder for me to determine what I’m looking for but in my cocoon/bedroom, it’s easy, I want to feel elegantly calm.


Bedroom- Color Palette- Friday Favorites

Source: Home Bunch


Bedroom- Interior Design- Paint Colors

Source: Aubrey +Lindsay via Decor Pad

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Narrowing down that color palette is a lot easier for me when I look back through my favorite images that I have pinned on Pinterest and through magazine pages that I have saved over the years.  When I look through everything, I can clearly see that I pretty much pin and am drawn to a particular color and palette.   Sometimes we don’t realize that the images that we have pinned or saved over the years can be our greatest resource in determining what we are drawn too and what we like.

If you just take a look back through your boards and files, you will be amazed by what you can learn about yourself and what you subconsciously like. Here are a few of my favorite images that I saved over the years:


Bedroom- Interior Design- Paint Colors

Source: Sarah Richardson Design via Decor Pad

Para Paints Trendsetting Style


Bedroom- Color Palette

Source: Houzz/ Zin Home



 Benjamin Moore Clay Beige


Master Bedroom, Color Palette, Paint Colors, Interior Design


paint colors- Interior Design- Bathroom

Source: Hirschfields

Benjamin Moore Nightingale


Paint Color Ideas- Interior Design- Bedroom

Source: The Nster via Decor Pad

Benjamin Moore Comfort Gray

Can you see that I have a trend in colors that appeal to me?

If you still have difficulty choosing a color palette and pinpointing what colors you like and how you want to feel in a room, I highly recommend talking with an interior designer.  You may not realize it but most interior designer’s are happy to simply help you through the process of choosing a color palette for a space.  You don’t have to a hire a designer for the whole project but rather just the part of the process of choosing colors and its money well spent if you need someone to walk you through the process of determine what colors you would like.  The designer will give you an hourly fee and in some cases, it would just be a couple of hours because designers know colors and they have seen paint colors on walls and are a the best resource for choosing colors.


Paint Colors- Master Bedroom- Interior Design

Source: At Home in Arkansas

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

There are so many resources online for finding interior designers but my two favorite places are Decor Pad and Houzz.  You can look through images and rooms that you like and find a designer whose style resonates with you.  Many of these designers offer online design services, especially if your just looking for paint color help.


Legacy Bedding- Neiman Marcus

Source: Neiman Marcus


I have my work cut out for me this weekend.  I have to make a decision on my final color palette and paint colors.  The good news is that I have a general idea of my colors and I think it’s going to be something like this:

Interior Design- Paint Colors- Sherwin Williams


For narrowing down my general color palette, I’m going to use my little tips and tricks for choosing an exact paint color that I shared a couple of months ago.  I should be able to find exactly what I’m looking for by looking closer at undertones and eliminating shades.  If you need a little help for narrowing down paint colors, you can check out my tips and tricks by clicking the image below:


How to Pick a Paint Color- Tips for Picking a Paint Color
Have a fantastic weekend friends!


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4 Responses to Master Bedroom Paint Color Inspiration {Friday Favorites}

  1. Patty V says:

    amazing colors, makes me want to paint my bedroom with one of these gorgeous palettes

  2. Cyndy says:

    It’s hard to decide which one is my favorite! I love them all! Thanks so much Patty for stopping by and pinning on Pinterest! Have a great weekend friend!!

  3. amy says:

    Of course the bedroom color I love is the one you dont have a color for. Its the bedroom in the bedroom inspiration color board. If you had to guess….what color do you think it would be? Both wall and trim. Many thanks!

  4. Mia says:

    Can you tell me what the colors are in the very first picture, the inspiration colors? I love all of them, but the names are too small to read…. thanks!!!!

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