How Modern Farmhouse Exteriors are Evolving

Modern famhouse two story home exterior with porch.


Modern farmhouse exterior design two story.

Modern farmhouse exteriors have really come a long way and have evolved so much, especially in just the last 12-18 months.  When I was in Salt Lake City during the Parade of Homes Tour this last year, I was absolutely blown away by how builders are taking design elements of traditional modern farmhouse exteriors and creating a whole new trend in home design.

Of course, just like anything in design/architecture, styles always evolve and one of the reasons I went to Salt Lake City was to see for myself this evolution that I had been noticing at a distance. Salt Lake area builders/architects have been leading the way the last couple of years in home exterior trends. The Salt Lake area is also experiencing a huge home building boom and is one the fastest growing areas in the U.S. area right now. 

Modern farmhouse home exterior design

Today I want to share with you some of my pictures of home exteriors from my Salt Lake trip.  I drove around to see many of the new homes going up in the surrounding areas of the city and what I saw just really amazed and inspired me. I also talked with many builders, architects and designers throughout the Parade of Homes tour to learn more.

I hope you’ll be inspired today as well! 

Contemporary Home With Modern Farmhouse Elements Utah

In order to give this post some structure, I want to show you first some of the more traditional modern farmhouse exteriors that I saw and then show you how this design style is evolving. 

One of my favorite traditional farmhouse exteriors that I saw was this amazing two-story home. When I drove by this home, I pretty much gasped when I saw it. It is absolutely stunning! 

Modern famhouse two story home exterior with porch.

The white board and batten, the black window trim and the metal elements on the roof are all key elements usually found in modern farmhouse. 

Modern farmhouse home exterior design

Here’s a wide angle shot that really gives you a better feel for this home.

Modern farmhouse two story home exterior with porch

When I think of farmhouse exteriors, I immediately think of a beautiful porch and entry and of course, this home has it in a big way!

Modern farmhouse exterior front door and porch

Here’s another more traditional modern farmhouse that I came across. This ranch style farmhouse is absolutely beautiful and I would give anything to see the interior!

Modern Farmhouse Ranch Style Exterior

Instead of traditional white board and batten, this home had a shiplap style siding and I bet it was done in fiber cement because of the extreme cold weather/snow in the Salt Lake Area. Also notice the beautiful elongated window style. In a way, it sort of reminds me of an old school house. So beautiful! 


This two-story modern farmhouse that I saw on the Parade of Homes tour built by Park Capital Homes has traditional farmhouse elements but notice how this home has incorporated the more modern windows and white trim (vs. black).

Modern farmhouse exterior two story full size shot

Modern farmhouse home exterior.

I thought the beautiful angles of the roof line are just breathtaking and the traditional/modern mix is just perfect! The inside of this home was incredible as well.

Modern farmhouse exterior two story full shot

This home was also one of the first modern farmhouse homes where I started noticing brick/rock mixed in a modern farmhouse exterior. You can see at the entry where they mixed painted white brick with board and batten, which was a brilliant way to add texture/architectural detail.

I LOVE this mix! 

Modern farmhouse exterior lighting and porch

This home had the traditional modern farmhouse lighting but in modern matte black finishes, which I love as well! Notice how they painted the garage windows.

Modern farmhouse exterior lighting

I saw a lot of the stone/brick mixed with the modern farmhouse exteriors on the tour and when I drove around to look at new homes. This stone/brick mix is something new that I haven’t seen before in modern farmhouse exteriors and really, it’s more of mix of traditional and modern farmhouse style. I love the look!


Modern Farmhouse Exterior Style with Stone

Modern Farmhouse Home Exterior Mixed with Stone

If someone had described this mix of white board and batten with warm stone without seeing an image, I’m pretty sure I would say it wouldn’t look good.  However, it does! It’s a gorgeous combination, don’t you think?

Modern Farmhouse Door Exterior Shot Elevation Homes Utah

Here is another new home on the market that I saw with this beautiful mix.

Large Modern Farmhouse Two Story Ranch

Large Modern Farmhouse Two Story Ranch Close Up


Now let me show you some modern exteriors that I saw that incorporated elements of modern farmhouse design. 

This home was being built in a new neighborhood and it was absolutely incredible in person!  

Contemporary Home With Modern Farmhouse Elements Utah Full

Notice that this home is for sure is more modern leaning and it’s also a stucco and stone mix.  However, this design has many of the traditional modern farmhouse elements; quartered windows, black window trim, metal roof mix and farmhouse style awnings. Isn’t it an amazing combination?

Contemporary Home With Modern Farmhouse Elements Utah

The Magleby Construction built home was another one of my favorites that incorporated a twist on modern farmhouse design.

Modern farmhouse by Magleby Communities.

There were so many jaw dropping design elements in this home but my favorite part is the garage doors! 

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Garage.




Modern Farmhouse Exterior Garage Close Up

The JCraft built home on the tour is another more modern leaning modern farmhouse. 

JCraft Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Many of the builders and architects that I talked with told me that the combination of the influence of Salt Lake being a mountain city (rustic mountain design style) and so close to California (modern/coastal/California style) greatly influences home design in this area. The merging of these two design styles is where this new twist on modern farmhouse design is emerging. It’s so interesting and beautiful to see!

I cannot tell you just how inspired I was during my time talking with builders and drooling over the new homes while I was in Salt Lake! I love talking about architecture and exterior elements so much and don’t do that on that blog as much as I would like. Let me know if you are interested in seeing more posts like this on exteriors. I have a lot more to share from my trip (I took 5,000 images!), if you guys have the interest in seeing more.

If you want to see pictures of my favorite interiors from the Parade of Homes, you can see those here.

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3 Responses to How Modern Farmhouse Exteriors are Evolving

  1. Lori says:

    I love the farm house look! Please show more pictures.

  2. Lura says:

    Yes yes yes more please! My husband and I just bought land on a lake in Northern Minnnesota and I need ideas for modern rustic. The setting lends itself to more rustic but I love the coastal farmhouse style and am really struggling with all the different styles. We also plan to build small only 1400 square ft and 1 level. This is also challenging because it seems like the trend is either tiny or huge.
    Thanks for your help and awsome design eye

  3. Beth says:

    Beautiful, but have to say that they all look identical to literally many thousands of homes in the sprawling SF East Bay area – Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton, Dublin and on and on, that were built in the late 1970’s through mid 1990’s or so. Deja vu.

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