Sherwin Williams Sea Salt: Color Spotlight

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. Color Spotlight.

It’s been awhile since I have done a Color Spotlight and today I wanted to talk about one of the all-time most popular paint colors out there- Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.   I know most of you already know and love this color but I wanted to share more information and tips for using this color.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. Color Spotlight

Wall Color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on shiplap

via Banks Design Associates

I wanted to talk in depth about this color because this is the color that I receive the most questions about from readers because while it’s a beautiful popular color, it is one of the most finicky colors as well.  Sea Salt is also a fantastic example for me to use to show you a couple great tricks when it comes to choosing the perfect color and the impact lighting has on a color. 

Door color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

via Gretchen Black

Before I jump into the details, I wanted to show you the Sherwin Williams paint color strip that Sea Salt is on because it’s one of the more popular color strips out there. Notice that Comfort Gray is on it too!

Sherwin Williams Color Strip with Sea Salt and Comfort Gray

Whenever I take a poll on the blog or my Facebook page with readers on their favorite paint color, Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is ALWAYS in the top three colors. One year, it was the #1 color readers picked. No surprise from me at all because it’s also one of the top colors that I recommend to my clients because it’s an absolutely beautiful green/gray/blue! 

In case you’re curious about the other colors readers picked as their favorites, you can see them below:

2014 Reader's favorite paint colors from The Creativity Exchange.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt..

via Diggs Design Company

For those of you not familiar with the color, it’s important to note that Sea Salt that it is a chameleon color. This color does change colors in certain lighting conditions and it can be a dramatic change. 

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt on Lower and Pointing by Farrow and Ball on Wall. Braun + Adams

via Braun Adams

Just to show you what I mean about the wide color swing, here is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in a space with no natural light whatsoever. Notice how the color leans more green with very little blue coming through.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

via Whitten Architects


Next, here is Sea Salt in a “mixed” space with an increased amount of natural light than the last space, which I think is the ideal situation for using Sea Salt. Notice that the color in this light has a tad more blue to it.

Wall color is Sea Salt Sherwin Williams. via Studio McGee

Below is Sea Salt in my client’s space that is filled with tons of natural light. See how the color now leans more blue than green.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt diluted with white 50%


Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Diluted with White 50%.

Here’s another all natural light look at Sea Salt. Again, you’ll notice more blue and the gray in the color.

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

via Starbuck Reality

While it’s important to always test paint colors in the space with the lighting you will use, it is especially important with finicky chameleon colors like Sea Salt. As you saw above, while all the changes in the color were beautiful, you will need to know what it will do in your space to see what the color will do in the lighting and if you like the results.  

Bathroom paint color is Sea Salt Sherwin Williams.


I recently worked with a client on choosing colors for her whole home and we sampled colors on all of her walls and compared with colors very similar to get the color we wanted for each room.

Choosing whole home paint colors.

The colors on the wall are:

  1. Sea Salt Sherwin Williams
  2. Pale Smoke Benjamin Moore
  3. Beach Glass Benjamin Moore

Lighting plays such a huge role with colors and of course, sampling a color is important but also, it helps to know the following when choosing a color:

  1. An abundance of natural light will cause a color to lean blue and lighter.

2. A lack of natural light will cause a color to lean warmer (green/yellow) and darker.

3.  A space that will have only artificial light (bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.), color will lean significantly warmer with deeper color saturation. Also color will appear a tad darker.

If you can keep in mind those three points above as you zone in on your perfect color, that will save you a lot of time and frustration for sure! 

Wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

via Amy Tyndall Design

From my experience working with clients, I have yet to see Sea Salt appear in a color that I didn’t like but whether green or blue/green or blue/gray, Sea Salt has never disappointed me! 

Here’s Sea Salt in a client’s bathroom.

Bathroom paint color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

I know a lot of you have used Sea Salt in your home and I would LOVE for you to share your thoughts in the comment section for everyone to see. Did you love it? What were your lighting conditions?

If you’re looking for more color inspiration and past Color Spotlights, you can find them here. 

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12 Responses to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt: Color Spotlight

  1. We recently chose Sea Salt for our master bedroom, and joining master bath. This color is amazing, restful, soothing, and like you said, a chameleon in its nature. That’s what I love about it! The light bulbs themselves have an impact on the color, as well. My bath leans more green than gray or blue, giving it a beachy, spa like feel, while the bedroom with more natural light, appears more gray with blue undertones. Crisp white trim in White Cotton is a great choice with Sea Salt.

    • Cyndy says:

      Your home sounds so beautiful Sharon with the changes in Sea Salt! I agree, I LOVE a beautiful crisp white trim like Decorator’s White with it! Just stunning! πŸ™‚

  2. Judy Reed says:

    I have Sea Salt in my master bath, and Comfort Gray in the adjoining master bedroom. I love them both, but have had trouble finding many coordinating colors in bedding and towels other than darker grays.

  3. Janet says:

    I use BM Healing Aloe and Quiet Moments which are the lighter colors on the Beach Glass color strip. I live at the ocean and wanted something subtle that would enhance the view of the mid atlantic ocean and not detract from it. Color is so important and I think the Chameleon colors do us a favor! Sea Salt is very similar to Healing Aloe and Quiet Moments. Really an outstanding choice for most cool color schemes.

  4. Susan G says:

    We built a new lake home last year and I loved Sea Salt so much that I ended up using it in our master bedroom, downstairs guest bedroom and my entire quilting studio. Each of these rooms gets a lot of natural light, but from different directions (E/NE, N, W/NW) and it amazes (and delights!) me to see how different the color can look in each area and at different times of the day and depending on the color(s) of the accessories in the room. Other Sherwin Williams colors in my color scheme: Agreeable Grey, Rain and Meditative – all beautiful lake colors.

    • Cyndy says:

      Oh your color palette sounds so dreamy! Isn’t it funny how the same color can look so dramatically different in each room. I tell my clients that you could use a color like Sea Salt through your whole home and it would look like a different color in each space while beautifully complimenting! Thanks for you note! πŸ™‚

  5. Jayme S. says:

    I fell in love with sea salt a couple of years ago when I was redoing my livingroom but decided to try some other samples as well. After about 12 samples painted all over my walls…. I went back to my original sea salt and all I can say is I’ve never been happier. Sea salt is the best color out there for a girl who’s a little afraid of color but still wants some color.

    • Cyndy says:

      You’re so right Jayme! Sea Salt is the perfect color for those who want to dip their toes in wall color but not dive in. By the way, I am so glad that you sampled to find your dream color. So many people do not test and don’t realize the impact of lighting on color. Thanks so much for your note! πŸ™‚

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