Choosing Interior Door Styles and Paint Colors: Trends

Interior door color is Sherwin Williams Dovetail.

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed but in the last year, there has been an interior door revolution going on.  Interior door colors and styles are no longer your basic white doors with traditional raised panels. We’re seeing doors become statements and focal points in spaces more than ever and I am in love with the look! If you need help choosing interior door styles and colors, today’s post will for sure inspire you!

I wanted to share some great door colors/styles that I saw when I was in Salt Lake for the Parade of Homes. If you missed my recap of the SLC Parade of Homes, you can see it here

Dark gray interior doors.

The great news is that interior doors are a fairly inexpensive way to instantly update a space/home. Almost every new home that I toured a couple weeks ago in Salt Lake had gorgeous statement interior doors. Most of these spaces had neutral/white walls, so the colorfully painted doors really stood out and looked amazing. 

I am about to replace all the doors throughout my home, so it was so helpful for me to see all of the styles and design ideas.

Interior door styles and colors.

Before I jump into all the images, I wanted to share this door style cheat sheet that I found on Pinterest.  It’s a great resource if you’re considering new doors for your home.  Lots of beautiful possibilities!

Interior door styles. Cheat Sheet

I wasn’t able to get all the door paint colors in my images below.  If I was able to get the info, it will be listed.

One of the first homes that I toured had these beautiful simple modern doors. I’m not sure what the technical name is but I’m calling them modern shaker style.  I loved the clean modern lines and I especially love that they painted them in a rich color.  The color is Sherwin Williams Dovetail. 

Door color is Sherwin Williams Dovetail.

I loved the double doors at the end of the hallway. Notice that the walls are white and the doors are the focal point. So beautiful! 

Interior door color is Sherwin Williams Dovetail.


I also noticed that many of the homes used more modern squared door hardware, which I loved. It’s a great updated combination!

Interior doors are painted with Sherwin Williams Dovetail.


Even if you have traditional doors, just painting them a beautiful neutral color will instantly update them!

Gray painted door and trim.

I wasn’t able to confirm the door color with the builder David Weekly Homes but the color is VERY close to Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

Gray painted interior door.


I also saw a lot of doors painted rich dark colors like dark gray/browns and almost blacks.  Almost blacks that have a gray undertone are a great alternative to traditional black.  The gray in the undertone diffuses the bold black into a calmer/subtle black like these doors painted with Sherwin Williams Black Magic in home #13 built by JCraft Homes.


Interior door painted with Sherwin Williams Black Magic

I loved the dark brown gray rich color on the doors in home #11 built by Hardrock Homes. The color is listed as Kwal paint in the color Brainchild. Kwal is a specialty paint owned by Sherwin Williams. By the way, this color is almost identical to Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.

Interior door painted with Kwal paint in the color Brainchild.

Interior doors painted with Kwal paint in the color Brainchild.

By the way, I also saw a lot of these five/six panel type doors and love the look. Another updated door style to consider!

Interior door painted with Kwal paint in the color Brainchild

I especially loved the interior front door in the Silverhawk Enterprises home that was painted with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. A navy is a great color to consider if you’re not into gray, black or white interior doors.


Door painted in Hale Navy Benjamin Moore.

Also in the Silverhawk home, they really mixed up door styles and colors throughout the home and it looked so amazing! 

I especially love this barn door going into the laundry/craft room. I wasn’t able to confirm color but I think it’s Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray.

Interior sliding barn door.

I loved the door styles on the 2nd floor of this home and the color is Benjamin Moore Super white.

Interior door color is Benjamin Moore Super White.

So as you can see, so many designers and builders are really using doors as focal points for rich colors and updated door styles.  So many possibilities! Which style is your favorite?  

If you want to look through all the different types of door styles, I found this site here for ordering doors that’s another great resource for seeing what’s out there in styles. 

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6 Responses to Choosing Interior Door Styles and Paint Colors: Trends

  1. Dorothy Lee says:

    This is a really helpful, great article. Thank you for your professional presentation. My husband and I renovate homes in a small college town and it’s my job to design the interiors. Doors are always on my list.

  2. Kari says:

    What paint finish is used on the doors? Sorry if you listed the info and I missed it.

  3. Debbie says:

    I really like the idea of painting walls a pretty white and painting the doors a color. If you change your mind on color, could paint a door much faster than walls, right? I am interested in the most popular flooring you saw. Was it hardwood and tile mostly? I would love you to blog about the flooring if you have enough pics to do so. We will soon be putting in new flooring and I am so confused as to what I want. Thanks for sharing all this great info.

    • Cyndy says:

      Hi Debbie! Yes! I got lots of flooring pics and was lucky to get the spec sheets from the builders as well! So I have all of the types/brands and lots of pictures to share with you guys. I was just thinking about what I should post next and you just answered my question! LOL! By the way, I mainly saw tile wood finish planks and engineered. Just one or two had hardwoods. 🙂

  4. Tanya says:

    Hi Cyndy,

    As always, a great informative post! I am obsessed with painted doors on blogs and Pinterest, but haven’t taken the leap. I painted my bedroom Repose Gray and have had it in my head that my closet door would look great in Black Fox since it goes with Repose Gray, gives you that black-ish look, but isn’t a true black so maybe not as stark as black would be. Do you have any thoughts? I love the dovetail door…maybe going one up would be better.

    Thanks so much,
    PS I still read your blog, I am just crazy busy with work, so I don’t post as much as I would like (I have to scroll quickly through). Just wanted you to know people are reading even when not posting!

  5. Laura Graham says:

    I love your posts, especially this one on painted doors! My home is filled with warm earthy tones, not grays. Any suggestions around neutral door colors that are not in the gray tones?

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