Pretty Interior Door Paint Colors to Inspire You!

List of beautiful paint colors for painting interior doors.

There are two things that I’m obsessed with when it comes to home design and of course, you guys already know I have a thing about paint colors.  My other obsession is interior doors.  Combine the two and I’m in design heaven! Today I wanted to merge my two dream worlds and share some of the prettiest interior door paint colors to inspire you to see the possibilities.

Over the last couple of years, veering off the traditional all white track and painting interior doors a non-white color has really surged.  I know many of you have started doing it and love it but for the rest of you, let me just tempt you to dip your toes in the waters and see the pretty possibilities. (If I can confirm paint color, I have listed it below the image).


Gray painted interior door

via Elizabeth Kruegar Designs

If you’re not quite ready to do a bold color or a dark black, a nice (and safe) compromise is gray. Just look at how amazing these gray doors look.

Door color is Benjamin Moore Granite. Sherry Hart Designs.

Benjamin Moore Granite via Sherry Hart Designs


Door color is Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone

Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone via Kate Marker Interiors

You’ll also notice that you do not have to paint your trim the same color as the door.  In fact, the white trim mixed with a different door color works and is beautiful!

Door color is Behr Classic Gray

BEHR Classic Gray via Monika Hibbs



Gray painted doors

via Coats Homes

If you’re not ready to paint your interior doors a different color, you can test the waters by painting the interior side of your front door just to see what you think.

Benjamin Moore HC-166 Kendall Charcoal

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal via The Inspired Room

If you have sliding doors in your home, they too look amazing in gray!

Sliding door color is Benjamin Moore Classic French Gray.

Benjamin Moore Classic French Gray via CVI Design


Almost Black

Almost black doors look so amazing and the trick is the “almost” black part.  True black is very strong and can be harsh and while there are some circumstances and homes that a true black looks fabulous on interior doors, I always try and steer my paint clients away from a true black.  Just by taking the edge off the black by choosing an almost black with a gray or brown undertone makes all the difference because the black is softened and diffused. 

Here are some pretty almost black interior door colors.

Door color is Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron via Timeless Paper


Door color is Benjamin Moore Dragons Breath.

Benjamin Moore Dragons Breath via Maple Leaves Sycamore Trees


Door color is Sherwin Williams Black Fox. Honey We're Home

Sherwin-Williams Black Fox via Honey We’re Home

If I can’t talk you out of doing an almost black, choose a black that at least has a neutral/gray undertone, which will help diffuse and soften.

Door color is Benjamin Moore Black Onyx

Benjamin Moore Black Onyx via Urrutia Design



I know blue sounds a little more daring for interior doors but stick with me here because the right shade a blue can look amazing and neutral. 

Brittany from Addison’s Wonderland recently painted all of her interior doors a mix of 50% Sherwin-Williams Stardew and 50% Sherwin-Williams Uncertain Gray.  The color turned out absolutely stunning!

Door color is half Sherwin Williams Stardew and half Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray.

Sherwin-Williams Stardew/Uncertain Gray Mix via Addison’s Wonderland

Some other pretty blues to consider.

Benjamin Moore 711 Boca Raton Blue

Benjamin Moore Boca Raton Blue via Hardrock Construction

If you have sliding barn doors or French doors in your home, you can add some drama by painting them a pretty blue.

Painted blue sliding door

Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue via Mahshie Homes


Painted french doors. Via Centsational Girl

via Centsational Girl

Here are all the colors together plus a few more:

  1. Decorator’s White   Benjamin Moore
  2. Eider White   Sherwin-Williams
  3. Classic Gray   BEHR
  4. Yarmouth Blue   Benjamin Moore
  5. Boca Raton Blue   Benjamin Moore
  6. Gunmetal   Benjamin Moore
  7. Cape May Cobblestone   Benjamin Moore
  8. Granite   Benjamin Moore
  9. Kendall Charcoal   Benjamin Moore
  10. Black Fox   Sherwin-Williams
  11. Wrought Iron   Benjamin Moore
  12. Onyx   Benjamin Moore

Lots of great colors here to put on your radar! Hopefully I have convinced you to dip your toes in the colorful water! Maybe?  There is no rule that says that you have to paint all your doors in your home the same color. Maybe start with your master bedroom and paint closet/bathroom doors to see if you like it? I always tell my clients, it’s only paint! If you hate it, you can always change it. Geez… I’m really pushy today, lol! You know I just want to you smile when you see the pretty colors in your home! 😉

By the way, if you’re interested in popular (and gorgeous) front door paint colors, you can find lots of inspiration by clicking on the image below.

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Thanks for stopping by today friends!






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11 Responses to Pretty Interior Door Paint Colors to Inspire You!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi, in your article you state there is no rule all doors must match. My front door, which is a rich mohagany door, opens up to 2 sets of doors on either side of the hallway. Would it look astecally pleasing to keep my front door as is, and paint the rest of my interior doors one of the shades of grey you recommended? Thanks so much

  2. Tammara says:

    Very timely article! I’m planning to paint my interior windows black and was looking for black that isn’t deep and dark. I painted one using BM Wrought Iron, but it shows as gray in my kitchen so I need a deeper black, off to the store. Thanks again!

  3. Could you run by here and demonstrate exactly what you mean about painting these inside doors. Probably a couple of demos would be enough for me to catch on to the idea. LOL Virginia

  4. sherry hart says:

    Thanks for including my house:)

  5. Shawna says:

    Oh no, you’re missing the paint brand and colour for the very last pic from Centsational Girl!

  6. Jill says:

    What finish of paint do you recommend?

  7. Tanya says:

    Another excellent post on paint! Thank you, Tanya

  8. Sherri says:

    Hi Cyndy
    Love your blog and I’m a fellow paint enthusiast myself! I haven’t ventured into painting doors anything other than the standard white. Do you have a recommendation as to the sheen of paint to use on a door?

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