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Gallery walls can showcase your favorite family photos or pieces of artwork—and often can be stunning works of art themselves. Today, we’ve pulled together some creative gallery walls that show you can design gorgeous galleries, whether you have a large wall to fill or just have room for a smaller accent gallery wall.

Tip: As you gather the frames you want to use in your gallery, arrange them on the floor first, before you put anything up on the wall. You can adjust your design much easier on the floor and save yourself the headache of moving anything after it’s up on the wall. You’ll have fewer erroneous nail holes to deal with, too!

Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Walls

If you have a large blank wall you’re not sure how to decorate, a gallery wall might be perfect to fill the space. You can use larger, uniform-size frames or mix and match frame sizes and shapes to create a unique and eye-catching floor-to-ceiling grouping.

This gallery wall—or rather gallery corner—wraps around two walls and features treasured family photos in similar black frames with white mats. What a beautiful way to display these memories.

Corner Gallery Wall

via Instagram user nicoledavisinteriors

This gorgeous gallery is a real mix, with varying content—photos, drawings, objects, etc.—and sizes and shapes of the individual pieces.

Black White and Gold Gallery Wall

via Airows

This office isn’t a huge space, but the height, scale, and lightness of the pieces in the gallery wall make the room feel larger.

Office Wall Gallery

via Instagram user kellydeckdesign

This gallery wall features favorite family photos, all black and white and the same size, for a lovely, uniform display.

Black and White Gallery Wall

via Ivory Lane

This gallery wall, displayed on thin photo shelves rather than hung directly on the wall, has a major wow factor. I love the combination of sizes, shapes, and scales of the frames and images as well as the three-dimensionality that results from layering some of the frames.

Photo Shelf Gallery Wall

via Instagram user annikavonholdt

What a great idea for a kids’ room. You could re-create this look in your child’s room with pages from his or her favorite book, images centered on a favorite item or theme (like these airplanes), or even your little one’s own artwork.

Kids' Room Gallery

via Berry

You certainly can use color photos in your gallery wall, but the uniformness of multiple black-and-white photos is eye-catching, as shown in this gallery wall featuring family photos.

Studio McGee Gallery

via Studio McGee

Accent Gallery Walls

If you don’t have a large wall upon which to create a gallery wall, you’re not out of luck. You can design a gallery wall even in smaller spaces. Get creative and see what you can come up with in the wall space you have.

I never would have thought of putting a gallery wall on a stone wall like this, but I love the look. The darker stone makes the lighter pieces of art pop.

Vertical Gallery Wall

via Loombrand

Because they’re tucked away a bit, hallways sometimes can be forgotten spaces design-wise. But they needn’t be. Hallways are ideal for galleries.

Hall Gallery

via Julia Ryan

Stairways often are home to gallery walls, usually of family photos through the years. This stunning stairwell is hung with architectural photos instead, showing you can create a gallery wall with anything you like.

Stairway Gallery

via Welke

Many of the gallery walls we’ve shown so far are hung on light or white walls, but this gallery looks really lovely on a dark wall. The lighter matted images really pop off the navy paint.

Foyer Gallery Wall

via Southern Weddings

This compact gallery wall proves you don’t need a lot of space to design something beautiful.

Tightly Stacked Gallery

via Design Indulgence

This classy-looking gallery features a combination of black-and-white pieces in different-size and -color frames.

Travel Themed Gallery Wall

via Tumblr user richesforrags

There’s something about square photos. This fun gallery is made of architecture-related Instagram images.

Instagram Gallery Wall

via Anna with Love

This small gallery of black-and-white images in simple white frames got a bit of glam with gold corners. By adding the gold corners to all the frames, the gallery has a more cohesive feel, even if the size and shape of the frames differ.

Gold Frame Corner Gallery

via A Beautiful Mess

You can design a creative gallery wall to fit just about any wall space you have available to showcase your favorite family photos or pieces of artwork. Where can you fit a gallery wall in your home?

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