Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray: Color Spotlight

Wall color is Wedgewood Gray


Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray. Color Spotlight.

Shades of Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

I’m so excited about today’s Color Spotlight because I’m highlighting one of my all-time favorite paint colors; Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray.  I can’t wait to show you just how gorgeous this color is and some creative ways to use it.

Wedgewood Gray has been one of the most popular paint colors out there over the last few years because it’s one of those all-star paint colors that looks amazing almost anywhere it’s painted (interior, exterior on furniture, etc..). 

Benajmin Moore Wedgewood Gray

Wedgewood Gray balances the beautiful fine line of green, blue and gray.  Here are all the shades of Wedgewood Gray to give you a better feel for the color. Quick tip: if you want to see the undertone of color, look at the darkest color on the paint color strip.

Shades of Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray

Before I jump in and show you room inspiration, I do have to tell you that Wedgewood Gray is a chameleon color. A chameleon color can greatly change colors in certain lighting situations and in an ideal situation, Wedgewood will look like a beautiful green, blue and gray on the wall. However, too much natural light can make it appear blue or gray. Too much artificial light can make it lean more green. So, it’s VERY important to test this color first on poster board to see what it would do it your space.  

Below is really one of the best examples of Wedgewood Gray.

Bedroom wall color is Wedgewood Gray Benjamin Moore. Nagwa Seif Interiors


Wedgewood Gray has so much depth in the color and again, if you have a great space of a mix of both natural and artificial light, you’ll get that amazing green/blue color that has made Wedgewood such a popular color.

via Nagwa Seif

In certain lighting conditions, Wedgewood Gray will lean a little more green and as you can see below, it’s still a beautiful color!

Wall color is Wedgewood Gray

If a lot of natural light will be hitting the wall with Wedgewood Gray, it will lean more blue than green but again, as you can see below, it’s still such a beautiful color!

Wall color is Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray.

via Nagwa Seif

Another way to use Wedgewood is on cabinetry and doors. Isn’t this island so beautiful! 

Island color is Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray.

via Remodelaholic

A sign of great all-around paint color is when it looks amazing on walls, cabinetry, doors and even outside on the exterior!  

Exterior paint color is Wedgewood Gray Benjamin Moore.

via Revival on Vance

So as you can see, Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray is just one of the most beautiful colors out there. 

If you’re curious what the difference is between Wedgewood Gray and other popular combination green/blue/gray all-star colors, I created a color card collage below to help you better compare these beautiful colors.

Comparing popular blue, gray and green paint colors.

Also, just to help you guys, below I have made some notes of color comparing from my experience using these colors for clients. So as you look at the colors above, you can read my notes below:

  1. Beach Glass Benjamin Moore: More muddy and muted than Wedgewood Gray. 
  2. Rain Washed Sherwin Williams: One shade lighter/very slight less blue than Wedgewood 
  3. Healing Aloe Benjamin Moore: Less blue/one shade lighter than Wedgewood
  4. Palladian Blue Benjamin Moore: One shade lighter than Wedgewood (not on same color strip)
  5. Tradewind Sherwin William: Significantly less green than Wedgewood
  6. Sea Salt Sherwin Williams: Tad more gray/slight less blue than Wedgewood
  7. Wales Gray Benjamin Moore: Less green/more of a muted muddy color to Wedgewood
  8. Quiet Moments Benjamin Moore: One shade lighter/very slight less blue than Wedgewood
  9. Woodlawn Blue Benjamin Moore: Very slight less green/one shade lighter than Wedgewood
  10. Rain Sherwin Williams: Significantly less green than Wedgewood
  11. Pale Smoke Benjamin Moore: One shade lighter than Wedgewood on the same Benjamin Moore color strip.

Once again, all these green/blue/gray paint colors are chameleon colors so it’s very important to test on poster board in the space to see how your lighting affects the color because trust me, it will affect it. Hopefully it will be for the good!

Have you used any of these colors in your own home?  I would love to know what you think in the comment section. 

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7 Responses to Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray: Color Spotlight

  1. pmm says:

    Thank you for this excellent comparison! I have been looking at similar colors for our reno so appreciate the caveat about them being chameleon colors.

    I think I am leaning toward the BM Pale Smoke after seeing your pictures and reading your assessments. I want to make sure the color is not too feminine since we may be putting the house up for sale. Do you think these colors are fairly gender-neutral?

  2. Cathy says:

    We used SW Sea Salt & it’s one shade darker, Comfort Gray, in most of our house. Received many complements on the color. Have liked how it’s a neutral, yet has some color! And the blue undertones are great for someone that loves blue things. Thanks for the chart at the end comparing the BM and SW shades!

  3. Angela says:

    I love Wedgewood Gray! I used it in my last house for our music room above the chair rail with BM White Dove for the trim and below the rail. We had mainly natural light in that room and I loved how it leaned towards blue. Now I am searching for a place to use it in my new house 🙂

    I also used Beach Glass in our children’s bathroom and it looked divine. Such wonderful colors.

  4. Lori Miller says:

    Hi Cyndy – I have been reading your blog since you started. I always trust your suggestions and have tried many of your DIYs. I love the blue/green gray of Wedgewood. We have an entry way that does not have much light and I would love to lighten it up with some paint – (its currently red). Any suggestions?

  5. Sherri says: the Wedgewood color. I used it in a bedroom and would like to do a desk to compliment. In one ofbthe passing pictures, there is an entrace way what is the darkgrey used onbthe bench? or do you have other suggestions?

  6. Tracy says:

    I have Quiet Moments throughout my house and love it! It’s tranquil and looks gorgeous with light or dark furniture.

    I’m looking for a soothing and cozy exterior color for my low country style house. I love the colors you’ve suggested. It would be nice if you did a few blogs of exterior colors.

  7. Carol Cialella-Mosel says:

    Would you be able to use wedgewood gray with cream trim?
    What does the color really look like??

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