Use these Creative Christmas Decorating Tricks this Year

Christmas tree decorating tricks


Christmas Tree Decorating Tricks.


As you begin to think about Christmas decorating this year, I wanted to share some easy and creative Christmas decorating tricks that we used over the years when I was a department store visual designer and merchandiser.  These tips will not only save you a lot of time and money but they can make your Christmas trees, wreaths and decor really look amazing!

Ribbon Trick

I’ll start with one of my favorite tricks that I still use every Christmas and that’s the ribbon trick.  The ribbon trick is an easy way to work your ribbon into trees, garlands and wreaths.  No more wrestling with ribbon or trying to figure out what to do!

So, notice how I worked the ribbon into these trees and wreath below:

Christmas Tree In Champagne Bucket.

Christmas Tour of Homes {Day 4} The Creativity Exchange


Dining room Christmas tree in Champagne bucket {The Creativity Exchange}

The trick is to buy wire ribbon and begin either at the top of the bottom of the tree/wreath/garland. This will only work with artificial trees (or you can do this on live trees by using wire).  

Begin by slipping the ribbon deep into the tree and find a branch next to the ribbon (hidden deep) and use the branch like a clamp and fold over the little branch and squeeze to hold the ribbon.

I pulled the ribbon out of the tree below to show you how I use the branch as clamp:

Quick trick for how to beautifully work in and layer ribbon in Christmas trees and wreaths. The Creativity Exchange

Now that the start of your ribbon is clamped and hidden, pull your ribbon out to the front of the tree and begin working it down and then every so often, pull the ribbon back deep into the tree and clamp again. 

Quick trick for how to beautifully work in and layer ribbon in Christmas trees and wreaths. The Creativity Exchange

So, you want the ribbon to basically disappear into the tree and come out elsewhere near where it went in.  This way, it looks like the ribbon is worked in and out of the tree. Make sense?

How to work ribbon into Christmas trees

How to work ribbon into a Christmas tree.

I shared a detailed tutorial on the ribbon trick a couple years ago here, if you need more instructions.

Adding Dimension

One of the reasons department store Christmas trees look so beautiful is because we do several things to add dimension.  The added dimension really helps to make colors pop and the tree look magical.

Of course, an easy way to add dimension is by working in sprigs, stems and things like berry sprigs.  A quick trick for how to work stems/sprigs into trees is to slip them in at the angle the way they would grow on a tree and don’t push them in all of the way. Just push them in enough that they will stay.  This gives that added dimension.

Christmas tree in champagne bucket- 12 Days of Christmas Home Tour {The Creativity Exchange}

Another way we add dimension is to hang or wire ornaments deep into the tree, not just on the surface of the tree. When you decorate your tree this year, try hanging lighter colored Christmas balls deep into the tree first before you decorate the rest of your tree.  You’re tree will look amazing with the added lighter color and dimension. Take a closer look at the tree below, notice how some ornaments are deeper into the tree.

Christmas tree decorating tricks

Also, if you have sprigs and stems that are really thick, you can simply pull them apart for just a couple berries or a sprig here and there. 

The Ornament Hanger Trick

Another favorite trick that we used in my visual design days is to use an ornament hanger like wire. You have so much more control and can hang deep on the branch and wire the ornament to the tree. This trick really works best on mantle garlands, wreaths and smaller trees. You can also simply make a loop to hang the ornament deeper in the tree.

Use Christmas Ornament Hanger as Wire.

Just take the top part of the hanger and wrap it around a branch. The trick is to wire it deeper on the branch into the tree, so you can see the wire.

Use a Christmas Ornament Hanger as Wire.

It’s hard for me to show you this precisely but you will notice as you look at all the trees below, very few of my ornaments are hanging from a branch.  Instead, I used the hangers as wires deeper into the tree, so the ornaments are more “worked” into the trees.

Christmas tree in champagne bucket- 12 Days of Christmas Home Tour {The Creativity Exchange}

Christmas Tree In Champagne Bucket.

I also use the ornament hanger as wire to secure larger things like signs or a large wood santa below:

How to work ribbon into Christmas trees


Miscellaneous Tricks

We use to create a lot of top of the counter type Christmas arrangements and one of my favorite displays was this nutcracker “popping out” type of arrangement.

How to make an easy nutcracker arrangement.

How to make a nutcracker arrangement.

The way to make the nutcracker arrangement is to cut a floral brick to fit the inside of an urn or container and rest the nutcracker inside on top of the floral brick.  Next, simply fill the urn with greenery. It works best if you cut with wire cutters enough greenery from an artificial pine garland. Just fill and then layer.  When the greenery is up to the nutcrackers chest, you’re done. You can also add sprigs of holly or berries.

Other top of the counter arrangements we would make is that we would use large punch bowls, champagne buckets and garden urns for smaller trees and arrangements.

Christmas Centerpiece using fresh holly, pointsettia and top hat tree topper. The Creativity Exchange Christmas Home Tour


Creative ways to use and decorate with champagne buckets...

Use what you have around your yard for filler like these cedar branches I used in this punch bowl centerpiece.

Creative ways to decorate with champagne buckets and where to find them.

Table Christmas tree in Champagne bucket {The Creativity Exchange}


One last trick.  Double or even triple up on inexpensive pine garland to make it extra thick.  Just connect by using branches as wire and wiring together.  Think about mixing two or even three kinds of pine/needles. 

I hope one of these tips helps you as you begin to decorate for Christmas!  Let the decorating begin! 🙂








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    This is BEAUTIFUL !!❤️❤️❤️

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    Very helpful tricks and I’m now in the mood to pull out the boxes of decorations and get started. Thanks for the motivation. Your examples are lovely.

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    Cyndy, this is great! Would you also be willing to do a more detailed post, or video, on decorating a tree & the steps you take? Just an idea! ☺️


    Where have you found these champs buckets, they are so beautiful!!

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    I always love your ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

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