Creative Office and Desk Organizing Solutions

Creative office and desk organizing tips and tricks


Creative office and desk organizing solutions.

Creative desk and office storage solutions.


I realized this last week that I have never shared much over the years about my office and desk area in our family/craft/office space.  I thought since many of us are looking for ways to get organized going into the new year, I would share some of my favorite creative office and desk organizing tips and tricks. Hopefully, something here today can help you come up with some creative solutions that can really make an impact.

On a side note and/or speaking of my office, we are so excited that our office/craft/family room space is being featured in Better Homes and Gardens Storage Magazine’s Spring issue that just came out;

Storage Magazine

My office/desk area is in our upstairs multi-purpose space that is a family room/craft/play/office room.  Even thought it’s small at 250 sq. feet, I designed it to fit many needs.

office and craft room multi-purpose space done on a very tight budget.


Office/craft room revamp project {The Creativity Exchange}


My desk and “office” area is off to the right;

Creative office and desk organizing tips and tricks

For those of you who have never seen all of the details of how we transformed this space, if you’re interested, you can get to that post here.

Finding the Right Desk

Instead of designing a built-in desk for the wrap-around-counter, I decided it was cheaper and more beneficial for me to find an existing desk with tons of overhead storage/paper slots and drawers to really maximize the wall space.  I knew if I could find one, I could paint it and connect it to the rest of the wrap-around to make it look continuous. I was lucky that my friend was selling one at the exact same time and it was perfect.

Office/Craft Room Revamp {The Creativity Exchange}


Creative desk and office organization solutions. The Creativity Exchange


While a hutch desk isn’t terribly glamorous, it does maximize all that wasted wall space and these days, you can find desk hutches really get detailed with the overhead and base storage. Plus, as you can see, you can paint it to fit your decor. So, if you’re in the market for a new desk, this style of desk goes a long way when it comes to organizing the office area with all the custom storage.

If you already have a desk, look around to your walls and adding wall office storage pieces is also another way to create more storage.

Bulletin Board Tricks

I’m a huge fan of bulletin boards but I use mine creatively -not just for papers -but for desk storage and accessory storage as well.

Creative office and desk organizing solutions.



If you get the larger/fatter thumb tacks you can store anything on them like scissors, tape, clipboards, etc.. The things that you use daily for quick access.


Creative office and desk organizing solutions and tricks.


For heavier items like office storage pieces (like this one below from Ikea), you can use stronger upholstery tacks, hammered into your bulletin board to hold these larger containers for more storage. Really, with these heavy duty tacks hammered in, there is really nothing you cannot store or hang from them.

Creative office and desk organizing solutions


Creative office and desk organizing tricks


By the way, if you’re curious how I covered my bulletin board in fabric with the upholstery tacks, you can find that post here.

Creative Desktop Storage

I love to use garden urns for storage in a lot of places throughout my home because they are pretty and hold a lot of stuff.  I also use them on my desk to store all my notebooks.

Use garden urns for storing notebooks and calendars on desk.

garden urns work in the office for so many things and I also use it on the top of my desk to store extra supplies.

Creative office and desk organizing tips


Another quick trick is to look through your junk closet and see what extra accessories or home decor items are just collecting dust like ceramic bowls, baskets, etc.. If you can clear the clutter in your junk closet and use these items for organizing your office, you’re doubling your efforts!

I also love to use clear acrylic boxes around the house for everything because again, they are pretty and you can spot items instantly.  On my desk, I use them to store business cards, binder clips and other little stuff.

Creative organizing solution for office and desk


Wall Pockets

Creative organizing solution for office and desk.

My theory is you can never have enough wall pockets because there are always files, notebooks, calendars to organize.  The more creative you can get in finding locations for them, the more storage you can create.  I have plastic wall pockets down the hidden side of my desk, on the inside back of cabinet doors and I also added one to the inside of my desk for my calendar and quick access to things I use daily.

Desk Drawer Organizing


If you’re interested in some shortcuts and tricks for organizing and maximizing desk space, I just wrote an article over at Better Homes and Gardens Mag here sharing all of my tips, if you’re interested.

Creative organizing solution for office and desk


I couldn’t find accessories identical to mine to share for online sources but I found items very similar below, if you’re interested in shopping for some key pieces (affiliate links used).

Creative office and desk organizing solutions with a lot of storage


  1. TPS mint 3-drawer filing cabinet • CB2 • $159 2.
  2. LumiSource Master Office Chair,White • Lumisource • $165
  3. Cargo Atheneum File Box • $17
  4. Printer’s Office Suite • Pottery Barn • $2,799–3,499
  5. Room Essentials® Room EssentialsTM Task Organizer – Clear • $14.99
  6.  Whistle while you work tackle box • Kate Spade • $32
  7.  H&M – Ceramic Plant Pot – Gold-colored • H&M • $9.99
  8.  White File Sorter • Poppin • $20
  9. Mixed Company Wall Shadowbox Bulletin Board • $14.99
  10.  Allegro SOHO Expandable Cylinder Vanity Acrylic Organizer • $14.99
  11. Torre & Tagus Tall Corsica Ceramic Crackle Two Tone Oval Pot – White – Torre and Tagus • Torre & Tagus • $17.99
  12.  InterDesign Kitchen and Bathroom Drawer Organizers 6 Piece Set, Clear • InterDesign • $14.50
  13.  Wildon Home 4-Drawer Kirnwood Fold Out Organizer and Craft Computer Desk • Wildon Home • $129.95
  14.  Format Stacking Boxes Set Of 3 • CB2 • $29.95
  15.  Household Essentials 3-pc. Lined Wicker Utility Basket Set • Household Essentials • $62.99
  16.  Deflecto deflect-o® Unbreakable Docupocket Single Pocket Wall File, Letter, Clear • $7.79
  17.  Torre & Tagus Tall Corsica Ceramic Crackle Two Tone Oval Pot – Blue – Torre and Tagus • Torre & Tagus • $17.99
  18.  SimpleStructure Tab Paper Sorter • $23

I sure hope there is something here today that can help you if you’re looking for ways to better organize your office and desk.  It has made a world of difference incorporating a lot of these solutions!

Thanks so much for stopping by today friends!



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