2016 Free Printable Calendar: Artist Collaboration Project

2016 Free Printable Calendar Created by 12 Different Artists.


I am so excited about today’s post because it’s a very special project and collaboration that I have been working on with some seriously amazing artists. Over the last few months, 11 other artists and myself, have teamed up to share our art and create a beautiful 2016 free printable calendar (desktop) for us all to use and enjoy (the calendar would also be a great last minute stocking stuffer).


2016 Free Printable Calendar Artist Collaboration.

Over the years, I have created many printable calendars but this last year, it occurred to me that my annual calendar would be a really great way to introduce and share some talented artists with you.

One of my goals this next year for the blog is to feature artists more frequently and inspire you with their creativity, as they have inspired me.  In addition to the calendar, you’ll be seeing more on the blog each month from each of these ladies in our new “Artist Spotlight” feature.

Before I jump into the directions for printing the calendar, I want to highlight and thank all of the artists that participated. Below are their websites and Instagram handles, so you can  head their way to follow and support them and see more of their amazing work;

Janurary-  Christina Baker  (on Instagram: Christinabaker1)
Februrary-  Kerri Rosenthal  (on Instagram: artkr)
March- Mari Orr   (on Instagram: meandering_mari)
April-  Cyndy Aldred  (on Instagram: thecreativityexchange)
May-  Amira Rahim  (on Instagram: amirarahimart)
June-  Megan Elizabeth  (on Instagram: Artbymegan)
July-  Julia Contacessi   (on Instagram: fineartcontacessi
August-  Lesley Grainger   (on Instagram: lesleygrainger)
September-  Gee Gee Collins  (on Instagram: geegeecollinsart)
October-  Tracey Kafka  (on Instagram: tkafka_art)
November-  Kate Clarkson  (on Instagram: kateclarksonartist)
December-  Mari Robeson   (on Instagram: Marirdesign)


Directions for Printing

1)There are two months on each printable sheet. After you print out each set, you will need to cut each month out (along the gray line) and you can use any type of small calendar holder or plate holder to display the calendar like this:

2016 Free Printable Calendar January and February

2) You will need to have Adobe installed on your computer to print the calendars and if you do not have it, you can download it free here.

3) The calendars really look best printed on white smooth 8.5″ x 11″ card stock or even heavier weight smooth paper for art prints (found in the art section of craft store).  These calendars are for personal use only.

4) Below are the images of each set of printables and to get to the file to print, just click the blue hyperlink directly below the images of the sets that you would like to print.  When you click on the file, you will go right into your PDF reader to print.

Be sure and uncheck to “shrink to fit” box if it’s checked after you hit the print button.

2016 Free Printable Desktop Calendar. January and February.
2016 Free Printable January and February Calendars


2016 Free Printable Artist Collaboration Calendar. March and April
2016 Free Printable March and April Calendars


2016 Free Printable Calendar Artist Collaboration. May and June.
2016 Free Printable May June Calendars


2016 Free Printable July and August Calendars. Art Collaboration
2016 Free Printable July and August Calendars


2016 Free Printable Calendars. Artist Collaboration Sept. and Oct.
2016 Free Printable Sept. and Oct. Calendars


2016 Free Printable Calendars. Artist Collaboration. Nov. and Dec.
2016 Free Printable Nov. and Dec. Calendars

2016 Free printable calendar. Artist collaboration.


2016 Free printable artist collaboration desktop calendar. February features artist Kerri Rosenthal.


2016 free printable artist collaboration calendar. May is artist Amira Rahim.


Free printable 2016 artist collaboration calendar. July is painted by Julia Contacessi

I am just so amazed by how beautiful this calendar collaboration turned out and I cannot thank these ladies enough for sharing and being a part of this project. Please go and visit these amazing artists and follow along!  You’ll be amazed and inspired!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 friends!



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12 Responses to 2016 Free Printable Calendar: Artist Collaboration Project

  1. Lesa Bell says:

    Just beautiful Cyndy! Thank you sharing these talented artists (including you) with us. Lesa

  2. Amira Rahim says:

    Cyndy, this is fantastic. Thrilled for the year ahead. Happy New Year!

    • Cyndy says:

      I am SO thrilled that you are a part of it Amira! It turned out so amazing and you guys are just so inspiring! Thank you and Happy New Year friend 🙂

  3. Karen Hoppe says:

    What an awesome variety of artwork, beautiful!

  4. Zizzari Mack says:

    Thank you so much for your creativity! I look forward every week to your posts.
    Happy Hoildays.

  5. Cesy says:

    Gracias! Son bellos

  6. Cara says:

    What a gorgeous collection of artwork! I would love nothing more than to have these hanging in and brightening up my work office! However, I have tried unsuccessfully to download the file through your link (my computer keeps saying I don’t have the Adobe Reader software, even though I just installed it twice). Could you PLEASE email me thePDF file? I would love to print these as 8.5 x 11″ individual files. Thank you!

  7. rachel says:

    This is the most beautiful calendar I have come across online. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Silvia Melgar says:

    I came across this on Google and was SO happy to see beautiful art pieces collaborated in a calendar. I absolutely love this! Can not wait to print this and put it on my desk. Thanks so much for sharing this and thank you to you and the artists for the art!

  9. Jessica says:

    Thank you for this beautiful calendar!
    Can t wait to put it on my desk!

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