Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple Slices and Wedges

Chocolate covered caramel apple slices and wedges.


Chocolate Covered Apple Slices and Wedges.


I LOVE a good chocolate covered caramel apple but they are just so hard to eat and I only want a little taste (or two).  Also, when it comes to the big full size apples, you always get more apple than chocolate caramel good stuff. Not good!  I want a better chocolate to apple ratio! 🙂

So, to satisfy our chocolate and caramel covered apple cravings, we found a solution to our cravings and all those larger apple issues by simply using apple slices and wedges instead. This would be such a yummy and fun dessert “make your own” to set up for Thanksgiving or for a holiday party with chocolate dipping and different toppings.

Chocolate covered caramel apple slices.

If you have ever had a Mrs. Printable’s chocolate covered apple (so incredible), this melting chocolate that I have found seriously tastes as good as the Mrs. Prindable’s! The melting chocolate that I found (at Hobby Lobby in the cake baking section) is called Choco Maker Simply Chocolate.  The chocolate is not only incredible, it comes in a microwavable container that you simply microwave and dip your apple slices right in the container (brilliant!!):

Choco Maker White, Milk and Dark Chocolate for dipping or fondue.


I used the milk chocolate for our apples and the vanilla.  I found it at Hobby Lobby but I would also think that it would also be available at Michael’s as well.  This is the same product but in a bag if you want to order it online here (the container version is not on Amazon and I couldn’t find it online for you guys). If you can’t find this brand, I have tried the Walmart brand as well and it’s really good.

This really isn’t a recipe because it’s really just dipping the chocolate and then drizzling chocolate and melted caramel on top but I wanted to show you how we cut the apples to get nice slices and wedges for dipping into the chocolate.

We used four green apples and we were able to get 16 apple slices and eight wedges to dip. 2 lbs of chocolate would be more than enough for 4-5 apples cut up to dip.  So if you want to make more (or less), you can adjust your apple:chocolate ratio based on what we used.

For the apples, we cut the apple like this:

Chocolate covered caramel apple wedges and slices.

We cut as close as we could to the core to get nice slices and then we discarded the outermost very then extras. Once we had our four slices, we then cut our wedges, leaving the core and seeds.

Next, we patted the apples good and dry with paper towels and then we dipped the slices and wedges into our chocolate:

Chocolate covered caramel apple slices and wedges.


Chocolate covered caramel apple slices and wedges. The Creativity Exchange


Then we laid them out on wax paper:

Chocolate covered apples.


It took about 30-45 minutes for them to completely cool and be ready for the caramel and white chocolate toppings.  On a side note, if you want to make these and give them to friends or want them to last longer than a few hours, after the slices have completely cooled, melt a little more chocolate and add a little spoonful under the slices after the have cooled to completely seal the bottom (the spoon or candy dipper doesn’t allow for a solid chocolate bottom when you slide onto the wax paper).  If you can completely seal the apple slice with chocolate, you can store these for a couple days in the fridge 🙂

After the chocolate cooled with first drizzled with melted caramels ( I melted caramels but next time, I will just use caramel sauce).

Chocolate covered apples slices


Chocolate Covered Apple Slices and Wedges.


We also topped a few wedges with butterfingers, crushed peppermints, crumbled Hersey’s Cookies and Creme and pecans.  The toppings will stick best if you add them right after the white chocolate while it’s still hot.

Chocolate covered caramel apple slices with crushed peppermint.


Chocolate covered caramel apple slices and wedges.


These look like they would take a long time but the didn’t and they turned out so good and every apple had just the right chocolate:apple ratio! 🙂

As we head into Thanksgiving week, if you’re looking for any last minute Thanksgiving appetizers, fall table decor ideas or more sweet treats, I shared all my favorites in the post below (click on image to go to post).

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5 Responses to Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple Slices and Wedges

  1. Di says:

    This year, I’d love a new treat that has no memories attached..:/
    These look delish..but In some pix, the pieces look round and flat, in others more like wedges…did you cut the circles in half? I’d probably use tongs to dip and get full coverage. (And is a standard apple slicer not a good idea?)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Cyndy says:

      Thanks Di! Our family wanted to have both slices and wedges and the diagram I show above shows how I cut apple to get both apples and wedges.

      Your right, an apple slicer would work too but it was just as easy for use to use a knife. Tongs would be a great idea but again, you would still have areas wherever the tongs are used that the chocolate would not attach. Thanks for your questions and for stopping by!

  2. Laura says:

    Your apples look “sodalicious” ~ I’m wondering if you took the skin off?
    I just have to make these!! Thank you for sharing how to make them.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. crystal says:

    How many days can these slices last in the refrigerator?

  4. Donna Glass says:

    i made choc covered apples b4 i saw this post but my choc came off my apples and they were weepy maybe it was because i didnt dip again after they were cool the first time and the back was not covered they were still good but a horrible mess

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