Laundry Room Organizing Revamp Project

Laundry room revamp and ideas for creating tons of additional storage. The Creativity Exchange


Laundry room revamp with wire shelving for extra shelving. The Creativity Exchange


A couple of weeks ago, I did a huge laundry room organizing project  for the book (the whole laundry room is not in the book). My long-term plan for my laundry room was to build floor to ceiling cabinets all the way around the room but I did this quick revamp and I loved how it turned out. In fact, I was so pleased with the extra storage I was able to create when I was finished that I’m probably just going to skip the cabinets after all.

We actually installed the wire shelving years ago and we went with Rubbermaid’s shelving system that Lowe’s carries.  Home Depot may carry it as well.  I know that Lowe’s has a huge aisle with lots of different brands, but we went with the Rubbermaid at the time because the width of the shelves and rounded corners really maximized every inch.

Wire shelving in the laundry room up at the top of the ceiling. Creates tons of extra storage. The Creativity Exchange


If you’ve never installed wire shelving before, it is really easy! Even if you have shelving in these areas, if you are not maximizing the space up around the ceiling, this is a great way to carve out tons of extra storage.

The tracks are nailed into studs and then you use the triangular brackets to begin laying out your shelves:

Use wire shelving in laundry room, closets or pantry way up high to create storage. The Creativity Exchange

On the top shelf, I used the shelving that had the narrow rods for hanging clothes.  I have seen several different brands that also have large rod attachments as well.  I didn’t need much in the laundry, just something to hook to hang dry:


Laundry room revamp project with lots of organizing ideas. The Creativity Exchange


Laundry room revamp. The Creativity Exchange


I found these awesome linen/cloth laundry baskets at Lowe’s that are the perfect size for the top shelves. The have hand openings on each side so I can pull them down easy:

Cloth laundry baskets for storage. The Creativity Exchange


For the shelving I needed on the wall, I also found all of the storage pieces at Lowe’s as well and I’m using them for extra cleaning supplies and tons of little stuff that needed a home:

Laundry room revamp with tons of storage ideas. The Creativity Exchange


Instead of having the shelves go all the way down to the floor, I slid in this small half open shelving piece that I picked up at Target:


Laundry room organizing ideas. The Creativity Exchange


Just a few changes and we were able to carve out tons of additional space and dress up our laundry room just a bit.  If you’re looking to create more storage somewhere, wire shelving is a great solution and as you can see, it can be dressed up with pretty storage baskets.

I just smile now every time I walk into the room.  Every little but helps to make doing the laundry a little more pleasant, right?!

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10 Responses to Laundry Room Organizing Revamp Project

  1. Alison says:

    I love the laundry room, great idea to put the dryer sheets into a glass jar! We are going through a laundry room re do as I speak!! Is your rug navy or black? I am looking for one just like it in black…where did you find it??

  2. It turned out wonderful. I love all of the storage that you have. I really like that rug too.

  3. Sharon says:

    I love it!

  4. Mila Powers says:

    Love what you did in your laundry room. The rug looks great but it’s that flamingo picture that just pops and puts it all together… at least it does for me since I have a soft spot for flamingos! Can’t wait to get your book when it comes out!

  5. Nice! I’m all for extra storage – especially in my laundry room! I am totally digging that rug too! Where did you find it?

  6. Paula S. says:

    Love the flamingo art! Can you tell me the paint color for the walls? It looks close to what I am trying to convince my husband we need in our main rooms – Behr’s Light French Gray.

  7. Margaret Taylor says:

    Your laundry room looks great! I, too, would love to know the paint color!

  8. Marlene says:

    Ditto Margaret’s question – love the paint color – would love to know what it is.

  9. Maggie S says:

    Another vote for the name of the paint color

  10. This is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention functional.

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