Hello Spring! Front Porch Revamp

Front porch revamp from The Creativity Exchange


Front porch revamp. Creative porch and patio ideas from The Creativity Exchange

Front porch revamp  The Creativity Exchange



Front porch revamp   |The Creativity Exchange



Mix rocks, moss and solar lights to create pretty zen planters    The Creativity Exchange

Happy Friday friends! The weekend is finally here!

Each year, I have so much fun fluffing my front porch during the spring.  I look forward to it all year long because it’s a small space and it’s a little bit of everything for me.  I love the challenge of transforming old and tired pieces into something fresh and new with spray paint and adding pops of color in fabric and flowers.


Easy tricks for updating front porch or patio from The Creativity Exchange


I finally tackled the front porch last week after a bad storm and I have to say, I think I’m going to work out on the porch all spring and summer.  I’m really excited with how everything came together.

Some of you guys may remember my front porch revamp from last year:


Front porch revamp {The Creativity Exchange}


I really didn’t change much color-wise this year and stuck with the navy/indigo and tan colors.  I kept all the furniture pieces the same color because I picked up a fun navy chevron outdoor rug from Target for $59.00 that worked perfectly with everything I already had:


Navy chevron patio rug from Target.  Front porch revamp from The Creativity Exchange


I gotta tell you guys, Target really has hit it out of the ball park this year with their outdoor patio collections.  I think everyone else in my town agreed because everything was flying off the shelves!

I did manage to get the last three pretty navy striped pillows for $14.00 each and these fabulous ottoman squares at Target for $39.00 each:


Front porch revamp   The Creativity Exchange


Front porch revamp ideas from The Creativity Exchange


Those ottomans are so awesome and they are designed to where I could recover them down the line.  If you buy pieces that you can spray paint or recover year after year, it really pays off down the line and I always try to buy things that I can update each year.

I loved the bright green/yellow in the stripes of those navy pillows, so I carried that bright green throughout the rest of the porch.  I spray painted my  my cast iron candle stick to match in high gloss for fun:


Easy tricks for updating front porch or patio from The Creativity Exchange


All of the chrome painted metal pieces that you see all use to be old and rusted.  I spray painted them in chrome and I couldn’t believe how pretty they turned out:


Spray paint old metal patio planters with chrome spray paint   from The Creativity Exchange


Garden container pots mixed with rocks, moss and solar light. The Creativity Exchange


On Monday, I’ll be sharing all the details/tutorials for all of the patio paint projects. If you’re interested in how I spray painted all of the rocking chairs and bench, you can find that post here from last year.  After a year, those rocking chairs look like I painted them yesterday.  They have held up really well.

On the other side of the porch, I just moved my old rug and kept the rocking chairs the same:


Front porch revamp| The Creativity Exchange


On Wednesday, I shared the tutorial for my easy mixed moss wreath that I made.  I made it in less than 30 minutes and all the shades of the green just pop with the rest of the greens on the porch:


DIY Mixed Moss Grapevine Wreath {The Creativity exchange}


DIY Mixed Moss Grapevine Wreath {The Creativity Exchange}

Front porch revamp   |The Creativity Exchange


I still have a few more flowers that I want to plant but the flowers that I did plant so far, really are so pretty.  I picked them up at Home Depot.  I decided to throw mix in some rocks and moss balls in my big container pot.  I also love to put solar lights in my pots and at night, all of my pots are lit up:


Mix rocks, moss and solar lights to create pretty zen planters The Creativity Exchange



We spend a lot of time on our porch hanging out and it’s so nice to tackle it after the long winter.   I think I have a Corona there that is calling my name:


Front Porch Revamp Project from The Creativity Exchange



Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope there is something here or an idea that can help as you fluff your porch or patio!



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9 Responses to Hello Spring! Front Porch Revamp

  1. Kellie Smith says:

    Really pretty Cyndy! I’m ready for a sip and see on that porch! (-:

  2. Gorgeous, I love your porch and the seating area is stunning. Great colors. Love that wreath too. Hugs, marty

  3. Target’s outdoor stuff this year is the bomb! Love the rug – quite similar to my new office rug – again with the great minds! Love how your outdoor space is color coordinated with your Corona. Or was that your inspiration? 😉

    • Cyndy says:

      Ha! I was wondering who would be the first to notice! Should have known it would be you! I sat down to have a Corona on the porch and I was like, whoa… Must have been a subconscious thing. Ha!

  4. debbie says:

    It all looks lovely. I love the chrome look too and the indigo is fab. I hope I can find some of the garden seats like yours from HD. I must go to Target too. That green cast iron candle stick is pure luv and I want 1st dibs if you ever decide to sell it. Do you remember where you found it, please? The bright green with the indigo and the putty colored furniture looks so relaxing. When is the party??? Did you get your daughter’s room finished?

    Take care.

  5. Jane says:

    Your porch is gorgeous! I wish I had a front porch!

  6. Stacey says:

    Your porch is wonderful! Your pillows and rug go together perfectly. I bought new pillows for the patio at Target this year too. Couldn’t agree with you more – they have a great outdoor collection this year. Your plants are some of my favorites.

  7. This is absolutely lovely! You’ve inspired me to start on our front porch except that I probably should wait until everything is not covered in a layer of yellow pollen!

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