Why Behr Paint Blues are My Favorite Blues

Favorite Behr Blues {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange



I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend! Welcome to another Paint It Monday!

Over the last six months or so, I have found myself going straight to Behr Paints when I’m recommending a blue paint color.  The reason for this is that Behr (by far) has the largest and widest variety of blues and the blues are always spot on, very rich in depth and very dependable.  Just look at all these gorgeous blues in the Behr fan deck:

Why Behr Blues are the best blues {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange

For some reason (I would love to know why), there are never any crazy hues jumping out with Behr blues like some of the other paint lines.  Behr just really does the blues right and there is something unique about the blue pigmentation that just really stands out. I’m not sure if it has to do something with their base color or if they just really nail each color but if you’re having trouble finding just the right blue, I highly suggest taking a look at Behr.

If you want to zone in on Behr blue, you can checkout their website  under their color selector page, which is great for going right to a specific shade. This color selector page is found  here  on the Behr wesbite.  Notice how you can scroll up if you want to see more blues with green or down, for blues with more purple.


Behr Paint Color Picker {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange

source: Behr Paints


So today, I wanted to share just a few of my favorite Behr Blues that I pulled together into a color palette for you to see the variation in shades:

Favorite Behr Blues {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange



Before I go into the colors more in depth, I do have to warn you.  Blues in general (especially light blues) are very tricky because of the variations in the lighting in a space. Please, please, if you’re interested in one of these colors, paint a large sample board (on poster board) first before diving into the color.  These blues are meant to be great starting points to close in on the perfect shade of blue in your space with your lighting.

My favorite blue in today’s palette is Behr “Prelude”, which is a gorgeous mid-tone blue/gray mix.  Really, just the perfect balance:


Prelude by Behr 

I also absolutely love Behr “English Channel” shared here on HGTV “Rate My Space” and it’s the perfect mix of a navy and indigo:

english channel by Behr Paints {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Roomzaar


I have seen “English Channel” in various lighting situations and it always looks gorgeous.  If you’re looking for a darker indigo/navy color, English Channel is for sure a great color to check out!

For a blue with a hint of green, one of my favorite’s is Behr “Smokey Blue”.  This would be a fantastic color for a piece of  furniture as well:

Behr Smokey Blue. Favorite Behr Blues {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Home Depot



For a very light blue almost white, I also love this “Cumberland Fog” that I found on this adorable blog called Penelope’s Oasis here:

"Cumberland Fog" by Behr Paint {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Penelopes Oasis



For another very light blue, I love Behr “Little Dipper”:

Little Dipper by Behr. Very light blue {Paint It Monday} The Creativity Exchange

Source: Home Depot

Next time you’re at Home Depot, just take a peek at the huge color selection of blues from Behr. Again, there is no other paint line that has as many blues as Behr in such a wide array of hues.
Do you have a favorite blue that you love in your home? We would love to know! We would love it if you shared it in the comment section.
Thanks so much friends for stopping by and if you happened to miss last week’s Paint It Monday, “Choosing Bathroom Wall and Cabinet Colors”, you can get to that post by clicking the image directly below:
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10 Responses to Why Behr Paint Blues are My Favorite Blues

  1. I’m going to have to pay closer attention to Behr’s blues. I’m such a Benjamin Moore loyalist, that sometimes I forget that there *are* other colors out there! English Channel is gorgeous!!

    • Cyndy says:

      Yes Jenny, you should pick up a fan deck. You will appreciate and see what I mean about the pigmentation and color. I used Behr in my master 50/50 Rhino and Stone Fence and its one of the prettiest blue gray colors I have ever seen. I’m not sure if they use more grey in the base to diffuse some of those crazy hues or what. It’s like a blue with a purple undertone is subtle rather than purple jumping out. If that makes sense. I can’t speak for the other Behr colors though… I don’t know much.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I love Behr blues too. The English Channel is one of my favorites. I used it in my built in cabinets. I also love Neptune Blue as well. It’s kind of a royalish-navy blue.

    • Cyndy says:

      What a gorgeous color for your cabinets Kathryn! I would love to see it. Is it on your blog? I will have to check out Neptune Blue as well. Not sure what it is about Behr and blues but they do it beautifully! Thanks for stopping by Kathryn!

  3. Lisa says:

    Cyndy, I always appreciate your paint color recommendations and this blue guide is a great resource. Recently I painted a dining room for a client and we went through probably 10 paint samples before we found one she really loved. Lighting really does affect colors so much. I will have to look into the Behr line – some of those gray blues are so pretty!

  4. Colleen says:

    French Silver is another great Behr “blue”. Love it in our master! Our windows face north and it has a soft lightness in sunshine with a deeper cozy feel under lamplight.

  5. Chris says:

    “Nurture” is one of my favorite Behr blue colors. It appears blue, green and gray depending on the time of day. I painted my bedroom this color and it is so soothing and yet very sophisticated. I also painted my master bath this color and I painted my vanities Martha Stewart’s “Sharkey Grey”- the combination is very pretty.
    My LR is painted BM’s “Van Cortland Blue” above the chair rail and bright white below. I believe that Behr’s “English Channel” is very close to the BM color.

  6. Karen says:

    We went with Behr ‘Flint Smoke’ in our master br. We love it & always get compliments and asked what color it is when people come over

  7. Marjorie Clark says:

    I am wanting to paint the exterior of my home but having a time of it. I definitely will use Behr paint and Blue Color but then lost. I want something around the shade we all call “country blue”. Most I see have a green tint or grey. Can you suggest something. Thank you

  8. Marjorie Clark says:

    I may not understand if I am putting my post in correctly. I am Marjorie Clark and wanting to paint the exterior of my home and will use Behr paint. Could you show me some samples of colors you think would work well for me. Thank you again.

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