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Hello I’m Jenny from Evolution of Style. For today’s Paint it Monday, I’m doing a “color spotlight” and focusing on a paint color that we all know and love – Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.  It’s incredibly popular, and for good reason – it’s not only beautiful, it’s incredibly versatile.  It changes with the light from a beige hue to a lovely gray, and works with any color in the color wheel.  Perhaps one of the most perfect neutrals out there, suitable for any room in the house.

It’s the perfect backdrop for pops of color in these family rooms, allowing the furnishings and accessories to take center stage, while creating a calm and welcoming mood at the same time.

Revere Pewter can also evoke a more contemporary vibe in a room, especially when paired with cool grays.


Did I mention that it’s a gorgeous cabinet color too?  


And of course, it makes for a deliciously tranquil bedroom.

And it pairs perfectly with this gorgeous wallpaper too.

But you can punch it up with some color, and it works great in a kid’s bedroom.

What do you think of Revere Pewter?  Do you have it in your home?

Jenny from the blog Evolution of StyleJenny is the author of the blog Evolution of Style and is a corporate drop out, marathon runner, married mother of three + one giant black lab rescue dog. She is passionate about her family and home, and she loves a great DIY challenge.

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30 Responses to Color Spotlight- Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

  1. Beautiful images. It is amazing how different one color can look when paired with different styles of decor. Very versatile color indeed!

  2. maurie says:

    The first image by Martha O’Hara Interiors is NOT Revere Pewter – it is Northern Cliffs…I only realized that because I have loved that house for a long time….so I knew the color 🙂 Just incase someone bases a purchase off the image. I love BOTH – so probably couldnt go wrong with either!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I so wanted to try this color in my master bath, but it kept going to a silvery blue color, did not stay in the gray/beige/brown tone I was hoping for. Maybe something to do with the beige/goldish tile? I had my heart set on it. Ended up going with Amazing Gray, a little deeper than I was hoping for and sometimes takes on a silver sage undertone.
    Love the ideas I find here.

  4. sandyc says:

    Thanks for the guest blog, Jenny. Don’t have grey but do love it – in fact if I could get them to paint the exterior of my little duplex this color instead of the cool grey white with cold battleship grey brick trim, I’d be a very happy camper. My home is one of 3 on our street with a neutral-to-warm grey roof. On a street in sunny Arizona with mostly yellow beige, vaguely Spanish-style/bungalow homes with variations of brown composition roofs, my home looks like something from the 1940s dropped onto our street by mistake; the other 2 homes fared much better.

    I enjoyed your blog and I think you are an absolute master at choosing so many wonderful pics to exemplify your point. Forget about overwhelming HOUZZ; I’ll look to you first when I want to see a color a work.

  5. Marilyn the nurse says:

    I love this color, have it in my office at home and also in our den. It really looks very different in different light. Some times beige and other times light grey, etc. I would recommend it it everyone!

  6. Kim says:

    I do love that color and that last photo is actually mine that the houzz photographer took before I changed that room and it was guest room, but for some reason they call it a kid’s room. I have that color in my master bath on the walls and cabinets. Such a great color.

  7. Alesha Hill says:

    what color trims are you using with revere pewter? thanks!

  8. Wow Jenny that is quite the round up of Revere Pewter photos and the varied spaces show just how versatile this color is. I used it in the new home of my parents-in-law and it’s amazing how it works with white, cream, and colors. My favorite go-to color that I recommend most to paint clients.

  9. Carrie says:

    I have a 1970s home with poplar trim that has turned orangey over the years. It’s not tacky, even though I felt a collective cringe when I wrote that. Our home has been kept current partly due to the fact that I am a paint-a-holic. Since 2006, the flow of my kitchen, dining, living room has been the SW Ivoire stick of colors. I recently painted my kitchen Grey-Beige from Olympic. I swear it looks pink to me. Now I’m looking for something neutral for the living room. The rooms are not open to each other but you can see one from the other. The trim will remain the honey color until I’m dead so any suggestions? Couch is saddle brown leather. I have looked at 100 pics of Revere Pewter but I don’t know if it’s wasted eyesight if it is not paired with white trim.

    • From the photos in this round up, there are a few that show Revere Pewter with wood trim, and it still looks fantastic. I think that’s one of the reasons I love this color so much – it really works in so many different decorating situations.

  10. Amy says:

    We just bought a home with wood trim and I think I want to do the whole downstairs in Revere Pewter. But I’d like the ceilings to be white, off white or cream- just to keep things light downstairs (it gets pretty shady in the afternoon.) I read that bright white doesn’t look great with wood trim. Any suggestions on colors that would go well with Revere Pewter? Thanks!

  11. Jennifer Landry says:

    We are redoing a house we just bought that once had the Chinese drywall. We were wanting to use a neutral color throughout the whole house. I think I am definitely sold on the Revere Pewter. The house was gutted but they left the brick on the floors in the kitchen and living room. It’s the Old Chicago brick. I want to paint the cabinets because they are an oak color wood and not my style. What color would you suggest on cabinets with the Revere Pewter on the walls and the Old Chicago brick on the floors? I would love to hear your advice. Thanks in advance:)

  12. Lindsay says:

    We love revere pewter! We have just painted our hallway revere pewter with dove white board and batten. Our house is pretty open concept, so we are wondering how much to flow with it into other rooms. Our kitchen has dark cherry cabinets, light cream/brown/yellow backsplash tiles and granite is dark brown/cream with some black and yellow tones. Do you think revere pewter would work in the kitchen? Or, what are coordinating colors for revere pewter? Thank you!:)

  13. Sue says:

    I’ve recently had a south facing bedroom painted revere pewter and love it. Just finished a north facing bedroom in same but it looks much cooler and blueish. I would like to warm it up. Can I paint a different similar warmer color on top? Was planning to do my whole house in revere pewter but now having second thought. Also I’ve bought a lot of paint! Can I add some color to make it less blue?

    • sharon says:

      I would love to have this answer! I too wanted to use RP in all rooms, however it looks far to blue/silver. Need this color but warmer for it to work in my north facing rooms. Incidently we have just made a huge mistake purchasing carpet that looked cream in the shop but is now a horrible pinky beige in our house…too late to change it!

  14. Becky says:

    I would love to know the answer to Lindsay’s questions about other rooms you can see into from a revere pewter painted room, and also am painting kitchen cabinets dove white will revere pewter work with that or what would a nice coordinated color be? Thank you!

  15. Erin Reasoner says:

    I would like some help with Revere Pewter…I just painted my upstairs hallway and master bedroom and its beautiful…problem I am having is I have a closed in stairway with a landing that turns to the front of the house at the entrance..i have had this beautiful brown beige in my whole downstairs (looks a little like a leather color) and I want a color to transition from the revere pewter to a darker beige.. I do love the beige color downstairs ….can someone please help with my deleima…sorry probably spelled that wrong…thanks

    • Cyndy says:

      My trick for transitioning in the situation that you described is mixing two colors together and adding 50% white. So, it sounds like a 50/50 mix of revere pewter and your downstairs color lightened 50% with white (because of the dark stairwell), should come very close. I would try a sample just to be safe. Good luck and please come back and tell me what you think! Thanks for your note Erin!

  16. Janet Teehan says:

    Cyndy-I want to use Revere Pewter in my home. Unfortunately, it’s turning “muddy” on the walls even in my South facing room. Any suggestions on how to tweak this paint color to get it to look like the above photos? I will be forever grateful for your help.

  17. Kris says:

    I painted my kitchen and breakfast room revere pewter. I love it and it looks great with teal blue accent pieces. I get a lot of compliments on the color.

  18. Robin says:

    I beyond love this color. I’ve used it in 3 diff spaces in my home now. Yippeeee! Looks great and makes me so happy. Thanks for the awesome post and pics.

  19. Bobbie K says:

    Hi Jenny, I have benjamin moore northern cliffs in bedroom , what carpet color is better for that? A warm gray or a tan/ beige? Thanks!

  20. Mel H says:

    I painted my first floor in Revere Pewter hoping for the exact color everyone keeps describing… A true greige. It seemed very silvery gray as we painted on a gray cloudy weekend and into the evening. I thought as the following day arrived it might appear more greige, but it didn’t. As we painted further it seemed to take on a blue gray hue. I could really use some encouragement and advice as to how to pull out the warm tones to get more of a greige. I do not want to repaint but do not like the blue. Help?

  21. RC says:

    I am wondering if Revere pewter gray would go well with beige trim? :/ The window trim and doors in our condo were all painted the same beige (very similar to Pittsburgh Paints 512-2) and has been very difficult to find a color to contrast it. My goal is to achieve beachy- our couch is a sandy linen color- and the floors are a light pine hardwood. This is very challenging- any suggestions?

    • Cyndy says:

      If you want to contrast beige trim, I would recommend going very light (almost white) with soft color. The combination and contrast would just be beautiful. I would steer you away from Revere and encourage you to take a look at Silver Drop from Behr. Silver Drop is a fantastic lighter color with the same undertones as Revere. I hope that helps! 🙂

  22. RC says:

    Oh, it’s beautiful, thank you!! I will get a sample and let you know how it goes- fingers crossed! 🙂

  23. SUZANNE says:

    Does revere pewter work with maple cabintes (stained cherry-mahogany) with grey/black granitt? Revere is perfect for the rest of the house but I want it to have a blue under tone the kitchen not green? I know Grey owl would def look more blue against the red but can those two colours (revere and grey owl ) be painted in adjoining rooms?

  24. Lisa Hudson says:

    Beautiful, I’m in the process of choosing a wall color for my home, I liked the Revere Pewter, but didn’t really add it to just of you choices until now, it’s at the top of the list .

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